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Over the last 40 years, Jack's Place has carved out a special place in the hearts and appetites of Singaporeans through its popular steak houses, cake houses and professional catering service. Jack's Place serves contemporary western dishes and is widely popular for its succulent and juicy steak. continue reading
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Jack's Special Steak Ribeye Steak on Hot Plate US Harris Ranch Ribeye Steak
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Level4 2013-09-17
I went to Jack's Place for lunch a few weeks back. As I was caught up in a jam, I left it to my wife to place my order for me. I indicated that I wanted to have steak, so she got the steak for me. I am not very sure what is the sauce that was poured over the steak but it is quite tasty. The sauce is tangy and it went well with the earthly taste of the beef. The beef was cooked medium well and I am quite glad that the chef cooked it well such that there is no blood when I cut into the beef but yet the beef still retains its tenderness. The dish comes with potato wedges and vegetables. I think the broccoli could have been more as there are just two florets of it. The set lunch comes with garlic bread, tea/coffee and dessert of the day so it is quite comprehensive and affordable with my set costing only $13.90++. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-10
Jack's Place was one of the crowded restaurants on Hari Raya's restaurant and out of curiosity we walked up to its entrance and queried the server who was standing by the side of "Please wait to be seated" counter. We had learnt that the daily promotional meal of Jack Place is still valid on a public Holiday and decided we should have Jack's Place for lunch.Amazingly, we were guided to the same seat as our last patronage, enjoying the entire view of the restaurant for a while. Opted for its Couple Set A in its August Promotional Meal @ $49.00 for two sharing persons consisting of 2 soup of the day, spaghetti with chicken in tomato sauce, 2 desserts of the day, coffee/tea and a main course.Not long after we had ordered, the server came up to us again and apologized for the inconvenience mentioning we have to change to a bigger table as our set meal are rather big and not enough to place in just one table. Greeted by the minestrone soup (soup of the day) with the crunchy garlic toasts (1 piece each). The tangy tasting thick vegetables soup were appetizing and had actually prepared our stomach for the upcoming dishes.Spaghetti with Chicken was tossed in a generous amount of tomato sauce. The diameter from the strings of spaghetti was not to my liking and deemed to be overcooked, looking rather fat and soggy.Here's da boom to the our lunch! Ta-da, looking great isnt it?The half shell scallops comes in four and tastes alright.The striploin was cooked to our requested doneness, medium. Seems a little bit overcooked though. Not to disappoint as Jack's Place Specialty is its steak, these brown boring looking pieces turned out to be awesome after pouring the mushroom sauce over them.The usual service by Jack Place is that they will provide our lovely baked potatoes with Bacon bits, sour cream and spring onions.Fresh garden greens together with corn cobs were bright in colors and eye catching, being so outstanding among the "meat". Apart from these mentioned items on the main, the dory fish and chicken fillet was not photographed individually. *oops* Food preparation was quick to serve with and not greasy. To add on, service was rather quick with attentive servers. A wave of hands will result in an almost instantaneous response. It had finally came to our last dish, the desserts with tea and coffee. Given a few pieces of apricot on the chilled pudding, I find that the dessert is just normal. Total damage after 10% of Service Charge and 7% of GST sums up to S$57.67.Notes1) Set meals were available and comes with different variety daily (2) Although it was mentioned that portion to be shared by 2, it was rather big and we cant finish them, perhaps 3 pax will be just nice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-20
The place always seemed crowded when we walked past during lunch time whenever we were at Anchorpoint. Hence, decided to try it on a Friday.Getting a seat needed patience. We had a service staff who didn't talk to us, just motioned with his hand for us to wait. That's that. Anyway, managed to get a seat and decided to get one daily set lunch and one executive set lunch. Both sets come with soup of the day, dessert and coffee/tea. The executive set lunch had 5 main course to choose from (with varying prices) while the daily set lunch allows a selection out of 2 main courses.My friend had the ribeye steak (@16++) while I had the chicken chop set (@11.90++). The soup of the day was cream of spinach soup. The soup was alright and it fills us up pretty quickly. Next, was our main course. The waitress forgot to bring the sour cream and condiments for the baked potato and getting their attention would be challenging as they seemed shorthanded.The steak looked good. The portion with fats tasted best. Baked potato seemed to be slightly undercooked. I liked the chicken chop though the top parts were rather dry due to being seared for a tad too long. The thigh meat was tender and juicy at its meatier parts. It came with small potatoes that tasted yummy. Would rather they throw in coleslaw, salad or broccoli or baby carrots instead of the corn and big sliced carrots combo.Overall, service was a bit patchy but that was probably due to the large lunch crowd. continue reading
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Level1 2012-11-05
jack's place is an all time favourite if i want to have some steak. they have a wide variety of choices, form seafood to pasta or even lamb, dory, salmon, and most importantly steak! their sides are nice too, like i always order their oyster! it is fresh and really tasty. i feel that their fish category is not as good as expected. but i'm there for the steak mainly. good ambiance and good food! continue reading
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Level3 2012-07-07
I get the daily set meal whenever I go to Jack's Place to eat as I find it more worth it. There would be 2 choices to choose from each day. It was a saturday and the meal I chose was the Sirloin Steak with Tomato Pesto Sauce and I asked for my steak be cooked medium well. The set meal included a soup of the day, a dessert of the day and coffee/tea. As I do not drink coffee or tea, I added $1.20 to change my drink to a cup of Ice Lemon Tea. The soup was served with garlic bread.The garlic was nice, it wasn't too hard and it was quite tasty. The soup was creamy and with the garlic, it tasted wonderful.When the main course came, I regretted asking for medium well. The medium well felt like a well done. I should have asked for medium. Nevertheless, it was nice. Although it was a little tough, it was tasty and it wasted too salty. With the tomato pesto sauce on top of the steak, it was wonderful. As my mum didn't like the tomato pesto sauce, she gave hers to mine and I had more, which made my meal even nicer. There were vegetables and potatoes. The potatoes were a little oily, but it was tasty. The vegetables were well cooked, but I didn't like carrots, so my dad took them. Lastly, the dessert. It was sponge cake with cream and chocolate, white chocolate. The cake was soft, the chocolate was sweet and the cream nice. It was a perfect dessert and a perfect ending. My meal was enjoyable. continue reading
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