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charcoal and apple wood. You will be spoilt for choice with Australian Angus, Wagyu selections from USA and Japan, and true Japanese A5 Wagyu from Sendai Prefecture. These excellent meats are complemented by a range of produce and ingredients sourced directly from southern California. CUT also offers a pre-show dinner menu and bar bites. Take your drinks at the long marble bar with its inviting leather stools, or opt for the elegant and cosy lounge where plush armchairs and attentive service await. CUT’s hand-crafted cocktails are mixed to perfection using the highest quality spirits and ingredients. Alternatively, choose from the extensive wine list. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2023)
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17:00 - 22:00
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New York Sirloin Wagyu Beef Whole Roasted Lobster
Review (4)
Level4 2019-05-29
On a Friday night, without booking, luckily there’s table here at a awarded popular restaurant in town.Love how they decorated with big portraits of celebrities on the wall and back of menu.Fancy wine decanter that I will never understand. This wine from 2011 cost 585 plus tax, and I’m really not sure. Especially after the quick average climax and drop real fast like is been under the sun.Cheese puff and olive bread is both soft and warm your heart.Fresh salty, lightly sweet and crispy fin de claire oysters.Good matching with the blue cheese like cheese with avocado and the herbs! Nice seasoned crab cake with its own saltiness. Crispy on the outside, juicy and mouthful meaty inside. Mac and cheese taste a little dry to us, milky more then cheesy.Their lamb chop is amazingly grilled and seasoned on the outside, the lamb itself taste absolutely juicy, tender and got a lovely aroma. But the first time when it serve, is too raw like Is very hard to cut through with their steak knife. But then I made the wrong decision to send it back to the kitchen and ask for a sec more on the grill.The second time came out medium and after awhile with the own heat, it turns to medium well.Beside of the big portion of this desert, the kaya, coconut and pandan is just perfect.The service was very good here through the whole night, even we talk about our feeling of the wine and food. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
CUT Marina Bay Sands recently earned a star in the 2017 Michelin Singapore edition and we had elevated expectations of a great steak dinner (hopfully even surpassing that of Morton's in Singapore). The Place We were seated in a semi private enclave with just a single table at one corner of the dining room. I honestly don't know what to make of the decor except that it struck me as rather clinical, unlike that of Peter Luger Steak House in New York, which had a cosy and inviting feel to it. Complimentary Bread There were 3 rounds of complimentary bread; bread sticks, cheese puffs and an assortment of bread from a mobile tray. The sticks were nice - crisp with a strong cheese taste (tasted like goat cheese) while the puffs came across as light, fluffy and mildy cheesey. From the tray I had the pretzel (love the texture - soft, dense yet chewy but extremely salty!) and the onion bread (moist but a touch oily). So much bread to fill you up! Maple Glazed Pork Belly, Fuji Apple-Yali Pear Salad, Sesame-Orange Dressing This looked absolutely delicious with a sumptous fat to meat ratio of ~50%. Coupled with a rich layer of sweet maple glaze, it was a sure fire recipe for nausea. Thank god for the sliced apple and pear salad, though sweet, provided a nice refreshing crunch and much needed moisture. I personally think a tarter apple, ie. Granny Smith's, would work better though. Alaskan King Crab & Shrimp "Louis" Cocktail, Spicy Tomato-Horseradish This was a half sized portion because the chef split the original portion into 2 for sharing. Although I liked the crustecean combination of king crab and prawn together (with a medley of vegetables thrown in), it wasn't spectacular. I've definitely had better. Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Rhubarb "Moustarda" I liked how the surface of the pork chop was crisp (a wee bit to burnt though) while the meat (and fat) retained its tenderness and flavour. The meat was also well seasoned with a faint tartness (probably from the rhubarb). Decent but not as good as Gunther's rendition. Hokkaido "Snow", Tomakomai, Filet Mignon I had high hopes for this small piece (120g) of premium Japanese steak (heck you would too if it cost $245++) but unfortunately it was disappointing to say the least. Although the marbling was very good, the meat was a little too soft for my liking at medium doneness and it lacked the beefiness that I personally like. Cavatappi Pasta "Mac & Cheese", White Cheddar It was our first experience with cavatappi (helical tube/cockscrew shaped pasta) but it wasn't a good one. The dish came across as very oily with a mild white cheddar cheese taste. We gave up after a couple of mouthfuls. Bird Bird definitely does a much better rendition. Kaya Baked Alaska Ironically, the Kaya Baked Alaska was the star of the evening. Reminiscent of a durian shell with its spiky edges, this dessert was essentially coconut cake with pandan ice cream and coconut sorbet encapsulated within a meringue on a crumble base and quickly torched. Deliciously sweet and I love how all the flavours come together to remind me of Kaya. Served with a "side" of coffee crumble. Petit Fours And petit fours to end off our meal. No great shakes. Bill The both of us spent ~$508 for a rather dissatisfying dinner. Service was good but food in general wasn't great and I fail to see how or why CUT was awarded a Michelin star. At this price point, I am way more inclined to stuff myself silly at Gunther's.Final Verdict:Ambience: 6.5/10 (can get a little noisy and dark)Service: 7.5/10Food: 6/10 (7.5/10 for the Kaya Baked Alaska)Value for money: 4/10Overall: 6/10Address: B1-71, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay SandsContact: 6688 8517Opening Hours:Sun - Thurs: 5:30pm - 10:00pmFri & Sat: 5:30pm - 11:00pmWebsite: http://www.marinabaysands.com/restaurants/celebrity-chefs/cut.html continue reading
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We were at CUT to celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary. Hailed as one of the top steakhouses in Singapore, I was rather disappointed with the quality of food. Compared to other celebrity steakhouses serving tastier steaks at more reasonable prices, the premium we paid was definitely not value-for-money. Sides were not inclusive and came with an equally hefty price tag as well. Assortment of Bread This got to be one of the saltiest breads I’ve ever tasted. They had a wide assortment of bread rolls for our selection, but all tasted equally salty The breadsticks that were placed on our table were perhaps the most appealing choice. Tasting of New York Sirloin ($225++)3 different varieties of tasting portions served side by side, all doneness medium-rare.• (left) U.S.D.A. Prime, Illinois Corn Fed 120g• (centre) American Wagyu From Snake River Farms 120g• (right) True A5 Kobe Beef From Hyogo Prefecture 60gThe U.S.D.A Prime was chewy, rich and tantalising. The slightly charred surface added much flavour to the otherwise au naturel beef.The American Wagyu had a smooth velvety texture, juicy flavour and a rich aftertaste that lingered on the palate. The marbling however, was not as great as expected.The Kobe beef was a disappointment. It didn’t taste very fresh and lacked the bright colour and luster we were anticipating. The saving grace was the marbling of the beef which accentuate the smooth texture. The sides were pretty interesting and delicious. In fact, they were even stole the limelight from the stars of the meal!Potato Puree ($18++)The potato puree was exceptionally smooth and creamy with a hint of buttery herb and spices. Each bite literally melts in your mouth and was a delight to savour. Cream Spinach ($18++)The spinach was well blended and flavourful. I especially love the creamy texture and buttery fragrance of this delicately prepared side.An anniversary surprise to end our meal on a sweet note. The ice cream sorbet was silky smooth and light on the palate. A good way to wash down the heavy meal we just enjoyed And last but not the least, we were pleasantly surprised (again) when we were presented a trio of nougat-like treats to complete our meal on an even sweeter note. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-09
Ah, the famous CUT. The prices were really very 'cut' as well. The steaks were overall quite good, but a good 20% more expensive than say Bedrock Bar & grill, which had comparable if not better steak. The starter breads selection were surprisingly what wow-ed me. Good ambience, good quality USDA cuts, but not exactly worth the price. Service was also average, which shouldn't be the case if I'm paying $100 for my steak. We had the Sirloin steak and Ribeye, which were tender and juicy.For full review and more photos, please visit http://sethlui.com/food-review-cut-wolfgang-puck/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)