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Over the last 40 years, Jack's Place has carved out a special place in the hearts and appetites of Singaporeans through its popular steak houses, cake houses and professional catering service. Jack's Place serves contemporary western dishes and is widely popular for its succulent and juicy steak. continue reading
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Jack's Special Steak Ribeye Steak on Hot Plate US Harris Ranch Ribeye Steak
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I always have a thing for checkered table cloths . They kinda appeal to me One of my favorite steak house uses just that! Yes, I am referring to our local steak house , Jack's Place. My earliest memories of Jack's Place would be the outlet at Bras Basah Complex. It is the 2nd oldest outlet ! My aunt would treat me to lunch once awhile after school back then. Well known for its sizzling beef steaks on hot plates and array of food variety, Jack's Place has launched a new hearty U.S Premium Selection menu at 2 of its selected outlets: - Great World City & The Grandstand . Some bloggers and I were privileged to have tried some of the wonderful new dishes recently. Featuring 6 new dishes, which includes the finest Kurobuta Pork aka ' black hog' pork, USA Brandt steak cuts and trust me super delicious Char grilled baby Back Ribs Before I bring out the meats, here are two soups we tasted at Jack's Place. Cream of Shitake Mushroom Here's the all time fav.Lobster BisqueBeen simmered slowly to bring out that rich seafood taste! All soups come served with toasted garlic bread Meat lovers sit tight! You will fall in love with this Grilled Kurobuta Rack of Pork ($32) We were totally caught off our guard by how tender the meat was. It was a good lean cut. Moist and juicy with Jack's Place home made caramelized onion brown sauce coupled with mash potatoe and greens Always love how a real German pronounces the name schnitzel! I can never get it to sound authentic! But it's okay as long as I get to eat one! This kurobuta fillet uses meat from the pork neckand is coated with crushed biscuit crumbs and herbs and paired with arugla salad and roasted almonds. Kurobuta Pork Schnitzel ( $18.80)Perhaps try not to drizzle the lemon wedge on the crust as it may leave it too soggy Next up is yet another hot favorite! Fork tender slab of ribs! Shhh..don't tell anyone but I really love this! The Chargrilled BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($36.00) has been marinated overnight with paprika spice and drizzled with pineapple BBQ sauce ( not enough sauce in my opinion) . It is served with lattice fries and greens. The fries can be better served. It was tad cold by the time we ate it.. Jack's Place is quite synonymous with steaks! We definitely have to try the USA Brandt Striploin ($35.80) It is a 365 day grain fed beef striploin steak , marinated with home made garlic and paired with special black pepper sauce . While you are at it, you 'die die' have to try the baked potato! It's one of the few places that does justice to baked potatoes Here's another premuim dish for beef lovers. USA BRandt Ribeye cuts($36.80)This gets my thumbs up Love the tender meat that melts in my mouth A meal is not complete without some desserts , don't you think so? Can't go wrong with a banana split! I had this..coz I am a big mango fan! Mango Jelly DelightIf ice cream aren't your" cup of tea "perhaps you can have a slice of mango cake! And our meal is complete!The U.S Premium Selection is exclusively available at Jack's Place Great World City and The Grandstand outlets. Do check them out today! continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-20
Both my friend and I got the student meal for $8.65 (inclusive of GST and service charge). Each student meal coms with a main course, drink and ice cream!We were served complimentary garlic bread. I am not a fan of garlic bread so I found this average tasting. But still, it's sufficient to curb my hunger while waiting for the mains.I chose the Chicken Aglio Olio. The chicken skin has a nice crisp to it (I used my cutlery to feel it, didn't eat the skin though), chicken was marinated well, generous serving of bell peppers & mushrooms. However, I found it a tad too oily...Ended off the meal with this fantastic chocolate nuts ice cream! The nuts on it is so fragrant and addictive. Plus, the combination of chocolate and nuts can never go wrong so... Yes, I liked this ice cream a lot, even though it's not gourmet ice cream! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-09
I have a ex-class mates gathering in this western restaurant. The moment i enter in, I do not really feel that comfortable as the restaurant layout was quite squeezy and was abit warm inside as well even though there is air-condition here. I have bought their fish and chips which the fish meat is very fresh and soft. THe outer layer is also very crispy and not too oily. THe french fries was a bit lacking as it is too oily and salty. Side salad was quite simple and could have done better such as serving coleslaw or potato salad instead. NOt really that delicious, but still passable. continue reading
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Level1 2012-07-23
Fantastic succulent steak at value for money PRICES!!!! The flaming steak was brilliant please!!!! Goodness i would go there again!!!!So i went there with my parents, the service staff were very pleasant and welll mannered we all ordered steak and wine, blackpepper steak, jacks place steak and fillet mignion. all three dishes turned out well. we even asked for extra sauces and bacon to go with it!!!.Had a blast....Do hope the manager was more friendly though8/10! continue reading
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Level4 2010-12-16
First time trying their student meal. Not too bad but the portion is relatively small compared to the set lunch. There're 3 selections for students meal: beef pasta, bake rice and chicken chop. It's comes with the drinks and the ice cream. I also top up 1 dollar for the soup and bread. The soup of the day I tried was potato creamy soup. It's delicious and goes well with the garlic bread. I ordered the chicken chop with chips for the main course. The chicken is crispy but I found it's only flour and the meat seems like over-fried. The dessert is ice cream with nuts. At first I thought it's only a scoope of ice cream but they added nuts, whipped cream and put a cherry on it. The student meal costs me about $8.50 for lunch. continue reading
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