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Jamaica Blue first opened in Australia in 1992. Their vision is to provide superior-tasting coffee to their patrons and lift their spirits. Jamaica Blue also provides a selection of meals and snacks. They have a Lite Blue™ range, which is low in calories and fats. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-15
Of a more accessible location for brunch (finally!), this turned out to be better than expected! A comfy seating with full-length windows to allow ample sunlight in, I liked how it was bright enough unlike the typical dimly lit cafes around, great if you were planning to do some readings while sipping your cup of coffee!Jamaica Blue started off in Australia as a franchise model, and is grounded in two beliefs: sourcing the very best coffee and using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients. I like its ideology on how it's about stopping to savour the very moment, to rest and recharge over a cup of coffee. Isn't that one of the joys of visiting cafes?I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw this, two poached eggs fully covered with a thick layer of hollandaise sauce! Slightly over-poached on one side of it, the sauce managed to make up for it, or at least it was done to my liking. A rich creamy version with a slight lemon zest to it, it was the perfect dip to go with everything, though this might get jelat (or overwhelming) for some! I would have preferred more bacon and a slightly toasted baguette for that warm touch, though it's good enough at the sides where it's slightly harder for that varied texture! A pretty satisfying one for me!A smooth cup that was just right on its acidity, I liked how it wasn't too sharp though I would have preferred a more robust flavour to it. Toby's Estate has the perfect brew to my liking so far, if you're one to go for a stronger taste! This was a decent one in my opinion, and it's certainly a much bigger cup compared to the ones served up by usual cafes.Perhaps in line with its beliefs, it sets transparency on letting consumers know what they're eating, with nutritional values listed online (section on breakfast menu is still under construction).A classic cafe menu that might not have much to excite, it's grounded on getting its basics right. A decent spot for that fix of the day, it offers a comfortable ambience for some quiet moments and chill-out gatherings, topped off with a friendly and warm service crew. Though we've spotted some inconsistencies in the food quality like over-poached eggs or inadequate hollandaise sauce on Instagram, it's probably one of those places that's still got some work to do in terms of always delivering.Nonetheless, given the experience we've had, it's still a decent spot to visit especially if you're looking for brunch in the west! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
Needed a coffee after our meal, we walked into Jamaica Blue. This is the first time I am trying their coffee and I definitely want to visit again to try the other flavours. I ordered a Chai Latte. It was presented very nicely with a heart shape tea art. The coffee felt light and creamy. Chai latte was slightly spiced. The cup was very easy to drink and really very enjoyable. Thumbs up for the coffee here. continue reading
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We were looking for a place to just sit and chat after our meals one afternoon. Decided to settle at this cafe on the 2nd level. There were some students sitting around studying and we had two kids with us. The 3 adults all ordered tea in a pot $5 each and we also ordered a hot chocolate $6.10 for my god daughter.Well, tea being tea, it wouldn't go wrong unless it's not the flavor u like. Now, take a look at the hot chocolate below. It was in a pale choco milky shade! My god daughter took a few sips and left it there.. we were coaxing her to finish half of it as it was rather pricey.. we also wondered why is the color of the drink so pale unlike other hot choc. we took a sip each and realised it tasted horrible. It was more like milk with a drop of choco ! Well, we see no point in complaining so I decided to write it here instead. The price we paid doesn't equate to the quality of the drink at all. It was so disappointing. continue reading
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For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2012/10/jamaica-blue-cafe-star-vista.htmlHaving passed by The Star @ Buona Vista many times, we decided to visit the mall to hunt for new food places. We came across Jamaica Blue Cafe and was attracted by the warm ambience in the cafe. As you can see below, the cafe is rather small and cosy with warm lights and murals that make you feel like you're off for a getaway. It has an outdoor area where you can enjoy the cool night breeze.As the name suggests, it is a coffee chain that prides itself for serving fine and high quality coffee to its patrons. Jamaica Blue originated from Austrailia and has since made its ways to many other countries. I will talk about the type of coffee it serves in greater details below.As we were rather full from dinner, we decided to try the Scones ($5.9). It comes in a pair and served with butter and jam. I feel that the texture of the scones is good. My friend liked it as well. However, it wasn't something out of the ordinary and we felt that for the portion, the price we paid was rather high.Food variety wise, they do serve main courses as well ranging from $11 to $17 such as salad, pasta and feta fritters. They also serve handcrafted sandwiches and a variety of salads (about $12-$16). Besides that, for people who are fanatics of all day breakfast, they serve eggs cooked in whichever ways you like, either poached, scrambled or sunny side-up.The highlight of the cafe would be its coffee where you can choose the Signature Blend or Blue Mountain Coffee made in different styles (Latte, Flat White, Espresso, e.t.c). Price ranges from $4 to $6 for Signature Blend and $8-$10 for Blue Mountain Coffee. Like us, you might be wondering what's the difference? Basically Signature Blend comes from 5 different areas and each coffee type has their own distinct characteristic while Blue Mountain Coffee comes from only 1 place. For more info, you can visit their website.We tried their Signature blend White Vienna ($6.1). You can choose the regular or large cup with a difference of $0.60. We took the large cup. The coffee is aromatic and quite strong. I felt that somehow it tasted a little diluted. They recommend on the website that it is best served as an Espresso or Flat White. Maybe you could try that style instead. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-28
Knowing that my friends were going to be late for another 1 hour, I walked around star vista, hoping to find a place with available seats during the peak dinner hour. Luckily, i found this gem which was tucked quietly at a corner of Star Vista. I ordered a chai tea latte and a small slice of lemon yogurt loaf. The cake was appetizing due to the refreshing lemon flavour. The chai tea latte was quite sweet as compared to cafe latte. Will definitely pop by again in the future for small bites. continue reading
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