Modelled after coffee boutiques in the United States, Jewel Coffee offers homegrown specialty coffee alongside pancakes, pastas, salads and sandwiches. continue reading
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Review (11)
Level1 2015-03-10
There are a few other outlets in the CBD area, but this one's caught my eye. There've been many other reviews on this place, and hence, we went with quite a bit of expectation. There weren't many people around, quite a few couples and people with their laptops. There's a second storey which we conveniently forgot to explore (ugh) and swore to return to dine there again, because I fell in love with their Foie Gras Risotto ($23).We were seated at the large communal table, kinda weird for just 2 of us. Iced water was served quickly without questions asked, adding bonus points. We ordered:Foie Gras Risotto ($23)Port N Blue Cheese Burger ($20)Upgrade Truffle Fries (+$2)Pan-seared Watermelon Steaks ($9)Their Foie Gras Risotto ($23) is just wonderful. For once, I wasn't so picky about the doneness of the risotto, because of the thick, juicy slab of Foie Gras at the top, with a too-huge stalk of celery. It's Duck's liver, no doubt, for this kind of price. The Stilton cheese and extra generous of mushrooms made this whole dish very homely. The Foie did not seem to add any additional taste to the risotto sadly, but it did fare much better off alone. I am not sure I was eating Risotto Mushroom or Mushroom Risotto, for there were more mushrooms than risotto in the end. Not that we'd bother, for we are both mushrooms lovers. For $23, this dish is well worth the money.Halfway through, the Port N Blue Cheese Burger ($20) arrived. The smell of the Truffle oil from the Fries was not as strong we would have loved, but having normal fries upgraded for just $2 for additional Truffle oil, we were not very picky. There's another note that's super strong too- the Blue Cheese. But the patty's texture was just average. Not the juicy kind, quite crumbly... continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-09
The chili crab mantou pasta was too spicy for me! Couldnt finish it in the end. But the fried chicken was tender n juicy. The coffee and hot chocolate was also good with pretty latte art! Love the decor and ambience too. On certain days, kids dine for free and there's 1 for 1 pasta on thursday (if i recall correctly). continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-21
The cafe itself was not big, but they managed to make it appear spacious with a huge table on one side and smaller ones at the other side. I like the deceptively rustic decor, and service was good even though we chose to dine outdoors.I had the main course of Umami Prawn Capellini (SGD$23.00) was served. It consisted of capellini pasta, grilled prawns, crustacean oil topped with Umami "magic dust", fish roe and fish flakes. The coloring and ingredients looked really good but see the video before we proceed.The dish was piping hot and there might have been a little breeze, thus fanning the very-thin fish flakes about - but the flakes were moving in a rather animated way (to quote the Beau), and to me there looked like live coral wriggling about on my plate. I was a little hesitant and wondered if I should eat it.Anyway, I did after the very friendly Adrian himself that this was merely fish flakes moving in the wind, and that his grandmother used to tell it they were alive ...lol. The pasta was tasty, infused with all the goodness of the flakes, roe and succulent grilled prawns. The flavor was a marriage of savoury and spiciness, texture enhanced by the crackling ingredients.The Beau chose to have the Southern Fried Chicken (SGD$20.00), satiating his craving for junk food - crispy fried chicken marinated in milk and special spice mix, then deep fried; served with side salad and fries (we added another SGD$2.00) to upgrade to Truffle Fries. The chicken was indeed crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside (because of the milk?), and the amazing thing was that this fried chicken dish was not greasy at all.For desserts, we managed to share a Pan-Seared Watermelon Steaks (SGD$10.00) - with pineapple sorbet, basil leaves, balsamic glaze, chocolate sauce and sea salt. It was merely warmed water-melon slices topped with some flavored ingredients, disappointingly. The only refreshing item was the pineapple sorbet with its distinctive flavor, and we thought it was a little overpriced to be paying SGD$10.00 for three (albeit thick) slices of water-melon.For full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/09/dinner-at-jewel-coffee-cafe-bar-rangoon.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-07-01
Jewel Cafe + Bar is located on Rangoon Road, about 10minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT. I like the spaciousness of the whole cafe; with it's high ceilings and spaced out seatings. The place has a clean cut, modern industrial look with two levels of seating.We tried their Pan Seared Watermelon Steak which was something really quite unique. It was served with Pineapple Sorbet. First taste of the hot watermelon on its own was really quite strange. Mmm, it is nothing like I had ever tasted. Paired with the sorbet and the flavour was much better. The pairing went surprisingly well. Having said that, I probably will not order this dish next time. It is of an acquired taste and thus, if you're up for something new, do try this dish!The Ricotta Pancakes tasted really good. Served with caramelised bananas and some strawberries, it was a balance of sweet and sour flavour. A really good dessert to end of the meal!Nevertheless, Jewel Cafe & Bar offers a spacious place with good coffee to its patrons. I would definitely love to try its much raved about burgers soon!For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2014/06/jewel-cafe-bar-thumbsforfood.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-23
Jewel Coffee is started about 3 years ago with its first outlet at the Shenton Way. The second outlet is at Rangoon Road, with a third one coming up. The Rangoon Road outlet is 2 levels high, with both indoor and outdoor dine in area. The cafe is decorated in a very modern and minimalist look with menu boards by the walls. Today we have a early morning public cupping session at the cafe, where we learn about smelling and tasting of 3 different types of coffee. We have the session at the bar counter at the second level. It is quite interesting as the coffee smells differently when in dry powder form and when added with hot water.After the session, we decide to stay for brunch too. By 10am, the cafe is actually packed with some tables having the reserved signs on. We end up sharing the main huge table in front of the counter with others.Egg Royale ($16++)English muffin with smoked salmon & poached egg gratinated with Hollandaise sauce.It is quite a great combination. The salmon is not too salty and goes well with the lightly crispy muffin.Ricotta Pancakes ($14++)with caramelised banana, strawberry or blueberry & lemon zested mascarponeThe pancake is quite soft and fluffy. When taking order, the staff even asks if we only want selected fruits on the pancake. Quite thoughful. The Gibraltar ($5.50++)A Gibraltar is really just a tiny latte, served in a shot glass - double espresso, milk, and a bit of foam. It tastes very thick and strong, really makes me light up.Special Breakfast Tea ($5++)The tea on the other hand is quite bitter in taste.Overall the food is not bad. It is interesting that such a out of the way place is so happening. It is packed for such an early hour. continue reading
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