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Level2 2015-05-26
The most difficult question to answer everyday will probably be ” Where do you want to go for lunch? ”Deciding where to dine at the same area five consecutive days was really a hassle. The greatest thing about lunch time is when you spotted new dining place.Having lunch in my office area was kind of boring as we are situated in the industry area where food choices are limited.Recently, Jia Le Hong Kong Roasted Food had open their outlet near my office. We decided to had our lunch there.According to my knowledge, Jia Le Hong Kong Roasted Food had one outlet in Marina Square’s food court and Marina Bay Sand’s food court.Jia Le Hong Kong Roasted Food is famous for their Sucking Pig and Roasted meat. Master Chef Charles had more then 25 years experience in Roasted Food.I am unsure whether this outlet which I had was the main or franchise.Nevertheless, the Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice never failed me and my colleagues.For the price of $3.50, we all felt that the Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice was valued for money due to the huge portion.The serving of the Char Siew and Roast Pork was generous too.Jia Le Hong Kong Roasted Food emphasis on Charcoal grill which is also the most traditional method of roasting.The Char Siew was not too fatty yet juicy. Most importantly, the meat is not dry. I love the slightly sweet and burnt taste of the Char Siew.As for the Roasted Pork Slices, I like that the skin, meat and fats are evenly distributed. You don’t feel the oiliness and sickness in your mouth.Other then that, the skin was very crispy which was a huge plus point for me.Overall, We don’t mind dinning a few times a week at Jia Le Hong Kong Roasted Food as they provide quite a variety of food. continue reading
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