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A Thai Restaurant offers definitive Thai cuisine in a Dempsey Hill heritage venue with a stunning interior. The menu features over 80 classic Thai dishes, including innovative creations as well as traditional dishes. A changing menu of specials features innovations by the restaurant’s own chefs and new and traditional dishes from Jim Thompson’s monthly in-house “cooking challenge” contests in Thailand. The wine list is also selected to complement the Thai cuisine. continue reading
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Jim Thomspon Thai Restaurant offers a definitive menu with more than 80 classic Thai dishes. The menu does not contain any pork items at all, and even features some dishes suitable for vegetarians, therefore it is suitable for anyone to dine here. They go by an "Absolutely Thai, Thompson-style" approach - many recipes have been tested by the chefs to refine classical Thai dishes to what they believe would be delicious even to experienced palettes; and the culinary, menu and interior decor all reflect an alluring mix of tradition and innovation that is inspired by Jim Thompson the founder. The kitchen is helmed by executive chef Mr. Jarutus Aumpha and an expert team of Thai nationals. They also have an extensive wine list as well as interesting array of flavoured Mojitos and Martinis etc.The Tom Yum Goong (SGD$24.00 for single portion / SGD$46.00 for family portion) - hot and spicy soup with prawns, mushrooms, galangal, lemongrass, shallots and bird's eye chili. The piping hot soup was served in a tiny bowl complete with lid, for single's portion; I liked it as I thought it was a very elegant and personalised gesture. The soup was thick and spicy, and I loved the fresh springy texture of the prawns.The Pineapple Fried Rice (SGD$22.00 for single portion / SGD$60.00 for family portion) - fried rice served in a pineapple husk with cashew nuts, onions, black raisins and prawns. The rice had a good texture, almost al dente, not too soft; well-oiled yet not greasy. The pineapple bits added zest to the rice dish; a satisfying staple made sumptuous.For desserts, the Classic Thai Coconut Ice-Cream (SGD$16.00) served in coconut husk and decorated with cempedek / jackfruit strips and fresh orchid flower. What a pretty little dessert that was nectarous in taste defining coconut's distinctive flavour. The cempedek / jackfruit strips added a significant improvisation to the lighter taste of the ice-cream. The coconut flesh in the husk were juicy, cottony-soft and incredibly beautiful though.Next, Mango Sticky Rice (SGD$20.00) drizzled with coconut milk is a classical Thai dessert loved and welcomed by many. The ripe mango slices were juicy, saccharine and velvety soft; the sticky rice surprised us with its smooth, light texture unlike the usual denser, stickier versions we are accustomed to.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/02/media-invite-dinner-at-jim-thompson.html continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-21
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/11/jim-thompson.htmlNice ambience, and lovely colonial building, but the food at Jim Thompson is lackluster, far from authentic, and depressingly watered down. Notwithstanding the abysmal fare, the restaurant was still a full-house on a mid-week evening. Packed with business-types.We had:1) Goong Hom Sabai ($20): mushy prawns swaddled in a rice paper and yellow egg noodles, and deep-fried to oblivion. The tasty plummy chilli dip did little to save the overdone appetizer.2) Khao Phad Nam Lieb ($20) - rice fried with black olives and minced chicken, sided by raw shallots, lime dice, cashews, and chillis: one of two dishes that actually passed muster, this had a good amount of flavour and char.3) Gaeng Panang Neau ($24) - panang curry with Australian beef tenderloin, coconut cream, and crushed peanuts: the other commendable dish, but it would have been better served piping hot, instead of tepid.4) Phad Grapow Gai ($22) - stir-fried minced chicken with straw mushrooms, garlic, birds eye chilli, and holy basil: should have been punchy but it was disappointingly vapid.5) Pla Ga Pong Daeng Thod Gra Tiem ($22) - deep-fried red snapper fillets blanketed in an gooey garlic sauce: let down by the less than sparkling fresh fish. The muddy taste of the fish overwhelmed the lovely sauce continue reading
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There aren't many Thai fine dining restaurants in Singapore, but I'm happy to say that Jim Thompson Restaurant is among them. Operated as part of the famous Thailand silk company and museum headquartered in Bangkok, the Jim Thompson Restaurant in Singapore Dempsey Hill is only 1 of 4 such fine dining establishments worldwide. Opening its doors in 2009, the strong brand name of the Jim Thompson Restaurant has drawn many.Ambience at Jim Thompson Restaurant is their highlight, elegant, exotic, tasteful, and stunningly beautiful. Housed in a refurbished colonial building, a beautiful yard with al-fresco wooden dining furniture set admist lush greenery with a small reflecting pool greet diners upon arrival. Step within, and be awed by the high ceiling and long spacious dining hall, carefully laid out for privacy with elegant carved gilded tableware, comfortable large booths lovingly covered in fine hand loomed silk, Siamese glass wall mosaics, and touches of Thai decor, such as spirit houses and ornate candle holders. At regular intervals, dancers in traditional Thai costumes from Bangkok weave through the dining hall, while non-intrusive instrumental music plays in the background. Incredibly lovely atmosphere, I understand most guests return because of this!Service at Jim Thompson Restaurant is excellent, befitting a fine dining restaurant. Staff are mainly from Thailand and the Philippines, and can converse well in English. They offer greetings when you arrive, and are quick to seat guests. In particular, the filipino staff do most of the engagement with diners, offering recommendations, describing dishes when served, and how to eat them. Very good product knowledge! Plates are changed in between courses, and staff are also quick to fulfill requests. The attention shown by staff here is personal and courteous, along with being efficient. Really good!Food at Jim Thompson Restaurant is above average in quality and taste, and while not the best examples of Thai food around, it's still pretty tasty. Cuisine is distinctly Thai and Thai Chinese, though the spicy heat of most dishes can be toned down on request. With Executive Chef Mr. Jarutus Aumpha heading up the kitchen, Jim Thompson Restaurant offers an extensive menu, with over 80 classic Thai dishes, a mind-boggling variety. The pork-free menu here even features limited time special dishes, created by in-house chefs from monthly cooking competitions! Dishes are plated and presented beautifully, with most being well-executed and decent in taste. Portions are large and substantial, even the serving size for individuals is usually large enough to be shared with 2 people! Prices naturally befit its fine dining status, expect to pay between SGD $18 - $70 per dish. This is the biggest hurdle to dining here. Budget about SGD $85 per person for a meal here.Surprised that I liked the Lemongrass Infusion Mocktail (SGD $16) quite a bit, with its mix of fresh lemongrass, apple juice, ginger, and lemonade. I found this fruity, floral beverage with a refreshing light sweetness to be quite a good thirst quencher, and it pairs well with savoury or spicy foods.The Tom Yum Goong / Tom Yum Soup With Chili Paste (SGD $24 / $46) is a hour and sour broth / soup, fragrant with lemongrass, ginger, galangal, shallots, and chili. Within are tender straw mushrooms and meaty sweet fresh prawns. Topped off with carnation milk, I understand that the level of spicy heat within can be adjusted to suit the diner's palate upon request. Among the better dishes we had here!Felt the Khao Pad Sapparot Goong Sod / Pineapple Fried Rice (SGD $22 / $60) was outstanding! Beautifully presented in a halved hollowed pineapple, this savoury smoky fried rice with onions is made sweet and fruity with pineapple chunks, black raisins, and cashew nuts, then topped with fresh, plump, meaty prawns. Easily the best dish of the evening, I couldn't stop eating this! Highly recommended!Full Jim Thompson Restaurant review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/02/jim-thompson-restaurant-tasting-session.html continue reading
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Level2 2014-02-21
Recently I visited the Jim Thompson Thai restaurant.They have variety of foods like Chicken,seafood,Vegetarian,Soups & salads in a Thai style. Thai style spring rolls-That are crispy & not too spicy very good in taste.Vegetarian. Starter platter-For the veg lovers ,they have the veg platter.In that deep fried coated vegetables are there. Not oily,tastes nice.Mussel soup. They have variety of meat clear soups, I tried the mussels soup, but I am not much comfortable with that. They have the side dishes like Sweet & sour fish Spinach with crunchy groundnuts. The fish is little sweet, but good in taste. They have main dishes like Thai fragrant white rice,Some fried rices & pineapple rice.The chicken gravy is very thick, gives some sweet & tangy taste. It's good to go with rice. While our dinner you were entertained by the Thai dance also.Nice dinner we had. The ambience is good & big.They have neat & peace environment. continue reading
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