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Level4 2014-04-11
High-profiled stall at Chinatown Complex Market, Jin Tang was one of the stall with complicated menu board at storefront. Assorted hunting animal soups were sold here, some the dish I had never came across or heard before. I admitted I was not that adventure when choosing my meal, especially throwing weird animal into a bowl of soup. Boss was a middle-aged man, friendly and likes to joke. After his recommendation, I opted for a safer choice as chicken for my main dish.There was no too strong herbal taste, naturally sweet aftertaste. Good to moisturize body organs and diminish physical exhaustion, it was the wonder of tonic chicken. Nourishment comforting, soup filled up my tummy and warmed my heart. Light decent yet flavourful, drumstick flesh was a generous serving. Just given a bowl of rice, my satisfied meal completed. Price at $4.50, it was best eaten during a raining day. Taste was delicious healthy, no harm rewarding myself a grateful soup. It reminded me my mum cooking, miss always. continue reading
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