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Fishball Noodle
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Level4 2013-04-07
FoodI purposely travel from west to east (bedok rd) for Jalan Tua Kong Bah Chor Mee. I have tried the main so many times and my friend somehow persuaded me that the branch has the same taste as the main. The branch is located at one of the Coffee House called Kwek Seng Huat Eating House along the stretch of muslim food stalls below the privatized Hawker Centre.My friend and I ordered the Bah Chor Mee (BCM) at $4.50 each. Without fail, we have waited for about half hour before our breakfast comes. My portion comes with 3 prawns, fishball, meatballs and fishcake. Pork lards are found in the mee and the mee is totally out of my expectation - its simply too spicy for me! I was sweating because of the spiciness of the chilli mee pok. The chilli had took my tastebuds away and I will not visit this branch again!My soup has a slice of fishcake. Ha! My friend mentioned that it tastes the same, however I dont think so. It's either my taste buds had gone haywire with all the chilli... or my friend's has wrong judgement. Soup is not as sweet tasting as the main stall.ServiceService waiting time is horrible. Well, they are famous for their waiting time. It's just very common. AmbienceHot surroundings even though we had outdoors seat. THe smoke from the roasted delights are generating heat and after the meal my clothing are reeked of BBQ / Smoked Smell. Awwww..PriceI understand that the main shop has a difference of $0.30 for every portion. Well, somehow I find it overprice!Recommendations / TipsI'm quite disappointed by the taste of the chilli empowering the whole meal and for the fact that I drove all the way there! I will not visit the branch stall again! If you are quite hungry, i suggest that you dont eat this, to find seats, time is taken and the time to wait for the food takes quite long too. continue reading
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