As Singapore’s only 3 Michelin Stars restaurant, Joël Robuchon Restaurant is the definition of perfection – where inventive French classics are prepared to the exacting standards of the world’s most decorated Michelin chef and delivered with impeccable service, turning every evening here into a dining adventure to be remembered. Modelled after Robuchon's dream family dining room, the restaurant is dressed in warm beige tones, with plush seats and marble flooring bathed in the light of a grand chandelier in the main hall – a luxurious setting that hints at the opulence that will soon be served. An adjoining indoor winter garden is perfect for those looking to host intimate private parties. The repertoire of inventive French classics is crafted for the sophisticated palate, fleshing out flavours in their purest form, and presented as visual artistry on a plate. Described as "pure magic" by famed food critics, the degustation menu comes highly recommended. Pair off with your choice of wine from over 1,000 premium labels, or allow our sommelier to recommend selections that best complement your bespoke menu. Have a go at our signature bread, cheese, dessert and petit four trolleys, which promises to take your culinary experience a notch further. continue reading
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Michelin 3-Star Restaurant (2017)
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18:00 - 22:30
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18:00 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
Frog Leg Fritter with Garlic Cream and Red Miso Lobster and Seasonal Vegetable Salad Beef Châteaubriand and Foie Gras, "Rossini" style with potato souffles and Port Wine Reduction Shaved Alba White Truffles and Potatoes, Topped with Foie Gras Carpaccio
Review (5)
The wife and I were suitably impressed with the food at Joël Robuchon Restaurant during our previous visit (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/07/joel-robuchon-restaurant-singapore.html) ~ 2 months back so we made it a point to return, this time with friends.I had specifically requested a table in JR's indoor winter garden; an "outdoor" dining area with a glass roof that allows for plenty of natural light without the humidity and heat that comes along with it. Perfect for a place like Singapore if you ask me and definitely suited for that slow, relaxing meal.Amuse Bouche - No change in the amuse bouche - a calamansi jelly flavoured with vanilla, topped with anisette cream. Still a little too tart for my liking.Complimentary Bread & Butter - JR's bread basket was a little different this time round, eschewing the cheese bun in favour of a soft and fluffy, mildly sweet milk bun. The buttery yet light viennoiserie and the crusty yet chewy baguettes were a hit as well, with the latter pairing extremely well with the smooth butter. And of course we had second servings - partly due to the fact that the bread was delicious and partly because we needed to fill ourselves up.Le King Crabe - I personally liked how the sweetness of the king crab meat balanced out the mild tartness of the tomato coulis and green apple cubes as well as the contrasting textures between the creamy avocado and the crunchy vegetables/crispy toast. Very enjoyable in my humble opinion.Le Thé de Crevette - Now this came across as rather disappointing. The bouillion (or broth) was very bland (when it previously mildly sweet yet spicy) and tasted like water with a touch of chilli. The only consolation was the delightfully sweet and crunchy botan shrimp chunks.Le Flétan - The halibut was beautifully cooked, soaking in the artichoke jus and sporting firm, sweet flesh topped with an assortment of capsicum and cucumber for that added vibrancy, texture and taste. Very good, although I must say that Fiskekompaniet in Tromsø (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/05/fiskekompaniet-troms.html) still does halibut better (albeit in a different style) in my humble opinion.La Noix de Saint-Jacques - I said this once and I will say this again. Undoubtedly the pièce de résistance that afternoon, the solitary piece of Hokkaido scallop was fresh, cooked just right and very sweet; served atop a tiny bed of al dente spelt risotto in a creamily delicious sauce with bits of gold foil for that added but totally unnecessary visual opulence.Le Canard de Challans - The Challan duck (French ducks raised for their lean, tender flesh) breast was cooked to a beautiful reddish hue but came across as uniformly non fibrous (a little like eating mildly chewy ham) and rather gamy. Served with and best eaten with the assortment of sweet and sour vegetable fricassee (apple, sweet potato, turnip, beetroot etc). A little like eating foie gras with caramalised fruit sans the quivery texture in my humble opinion. Very palatable but hardly impressive.Le Minty - My chocolate ring looked like one of the edges had broken off. I'm usually not picky about such details but for such an upclass restaurant like Joël Robuchon, I would have expected some form of quality control. That aside, I loved how the cream swirls camouflaged the base of chilly mint ice cream and oozing chocolate fondant complete with a crustiness along the edges. Only gripe I had was that the fondant seemed to stick to the side of the bowl - not enough butter I presume?Mignardises - Ending off with lime meringue (sweet and sticky and not my cup of tea), pistachio madeleine (lacked butteriness) and a layered chocolate mousse on a salted, crumbly base which was quite a pleasure to consume (mildly sweet with a hint of saltiness at one go).Lunch for 4 came up to ~ $555, which isn't cheap, especially since standards seem to have slipped a little since my last visit. Service remained prompt but still came across as rather stiff. Will I be back? Probably, just not in the very near future.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/10/joel-robuchon-restaurant-singapore-part.html continue reading
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First time trying one of Robuchon's restaurants and it was a nice experience. The food was well presented and delicious. The bread trolley and desserts trolley was amazing! You can pick as you like. I loved the main dish made up of of tender beef and foie gras! The only shortcoming are the desserts. They are not bad but relatively mediocre, with many being just plain sweet. Overall still a great dining experience, to top it off they even gifted me with a bag of chocolate which they apparently do with all customers. Even though the meal came with a hefty price tag, you do get quality food and service. continue reading
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Level3 2012-03-07
This is the price tag for three pax, if you relish dining in a celebrity chef-run restaurant. Gourmands can enjoy the 14-course degustation menu which many famed food critics have described as pure ‘magic’, or make selections from the ala carte menu, & be awed by Robuchon’s famous bread, cheese, dessert, ice-cream & tea trolleys. Well, my group of three were simply electrified by their Degustation Menu @ S$565 each, glass of Champagne @ S$45/each & 3 bottles of mineral water @ $18, amounting to about S$2,200 incl tax.We were impressed from the start, with their magnificent most talk-about bread trolley. Never have I seen such a huge selection of bread!I picked 3. Ladies will certainly fall in love with their petit bread sizes. It’s great, since I could select more given that they’re small in size. Service was immaculate. The Maitre d’ asked if we like our bread to be warm before serving. Yum! Even their bread tasted different & they’re sooooooooo good! What we had:Imperial caviar on a shivering corn velouté with golden croutonsFoie gras & potatoes carpaccio,topped with shaved winter truffleMore delicious bread while waiting...Black truffle in a hot pastry, onions & smoked hamBe awed by the 14-course dinner & more @ http://luxuryhaven.blogspot.com/2012/03/s2000-bill-at-joel-robuchon-rws.html! Well, my 3-hour French affair ended with a goodie bag containing a Lemon Cake to take home & share with my family. The dining experience was divine & the gastronomy meal is sure to please any discerning palate, if you have the money to indulge. continue reading
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Level2 2011-08-24
It’s not every day that you get a call from one of your good friends with an invitation to dine at an acclaimed Michelin Star restaurateur's Singapore rendition of: L’Atelier Joël Robuchon. Having previously dined at a restaurant with food prepared by a Michelin star chef, I knew what to expect: clean tasting, beautifully presented food with a respect for ingredients. It was something that I used as my bench mark for the evenings dining, I honestly couldn’t wait!The entrance to the restaurant is an impressive sight in itself! Walking through the door we were greeted by our maitre d' who lead us through the ‘casual’ dining area of the restaurant; as a matter of fact L’Atelier is divided into to restaurants the casual and full service restaurants.L’ InteriorThe interior of the restaurant remains consistent with L’Atelier’s around the world; the signature black and red décor and the synonymous open concept kitchen ensure a standard ‘familiarity’ no matter which L’Atelier restaurant you visit in different parts of the world. We were seated at the counter, though I thought it more conducive to sit at a table and chit chat; perhaps if it were just two people dining the counter made more sense. Bread, bread, bread! A lot can be said of an eating establishment based on the bread that they serve. I have to say I was very impressed with the wide variety of bread, just a note here to those of you who love butter with your bread, you’ve got to ask your waiter for the butter as they don’t usually serve it with the bread basket (oh and it’s unsalted butter)Amuse Bouche - Foie Gras Custard with Red Porto wine and Parmesan FoamThe amuse bouche was divine; all the lovely sweet tasting goodness of foie gras in a custard with a little dash of the tart wine which was then balanced out by the creamy saltiness of foam! I could have eaten a dozen of these and still not be sick!Le Vitello Tonato – Veal Carpaccio Topped with a Tuna SauceThis dish was delicious, the mild flavor of the veal coupled with the tuna sauce was soft and silky. I was too engrossed with eating this that I forgot to add these delectable morsels to the lettuce hearts!L’Hamachi – Yellowtail Tuna Tartar with Spicy Tomato SauceI absolutely loved the tomato sauce, it was so nice, refreshing and complemented the tuna so well each bite left my mouth refreshed and wanting more.Les Encornets – Squid and Artichokes Fried with Iberian FlavorsCooking a squid is a delicate task; undercook the squid and it’s semi slimy, overcook it and you get yourself rubber bullets. Luckily the squid here was cooked to perfection, coupled with the smooth texture of the artichokes and the saltiness of the Iberian cubes I was in a happy place Le Cochon De Lait – Milk Fed Pig with Braised Green Cabbage and Fresh GingerMmmmm milk fed pork! What’s the difference I hear you ask? Well I don’t know if it was just me but the dish again seemed very ‘clean’ in that eating the pork it was well seasoned yet not overpowering on the palette, there wasn’t too much of the pork taste and the meat itself was smoother and sweeter, if that makes sense? Coupled with the crispy fried pieces of ginger and the soft creamy mash it was absolutely delicious!La Sphere – Caribbean, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Thin Orizaba Chocolate Leaves (before)Have you ever had anything on your plate that looked just so nice that you avoid eating cause you don’t want to ruin it? La Sphere was a thing of beauty; a pristine chocolate ball sitting atop halved raspberries..Pour over it a warm pot of raspberry compote (yes I really did it) and you get a warm cold chocolatety melted ball of yumminess! After reluctantly sharing some of it with my friends I ate the remainder of my desert in gleeful silence!Aside from the amuse bouche and the desert (which were really way over the top) I kind of expected a little more flare or ‘specialness’ from the other dishes; perhaps I was expecting too much? But hey this is just my opinion / my review. I do highly recommend you going there to try the food, the excellent service and the ambiance for yourself. It was a fantastic experience; thankful most for the company that evening! continue reading
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