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It been a while since i visit Beauty world centre. This place is a super old shopping centre that used to be very famous and popular. They are also well known for food at their food centre that is located at the top level of their mall.little i know that there are also new restaurants open there now. there are 2 korean restaurants next to each other and this time round, i try JooMak as it is highly recommended by my colleague.The food is pretty good and reasonably priced. i tried their korean pancake, black bean noodles and their fried chicken. personally i love their korean pan cake and the black bean sauce noodles. the fried chicken is a little too dry for me.As usual, they usually serve a lot of side dishes like kimchi..and is refillable.Black bean sauce noodles ~ $12 (small). this one taste better than the one i tried at lotte world haha. despite this is cooked in Singapore. The noodles is very Q and the black bean sauce is just nice.Korean seafood pancake -$15 Super generous with the ingredients. Not too oily and you can taste the egg with lots of seafood in each bite. thumbs upfried chicken ~ $20 (half). i ordered the original version but they also do offer the sweet & spicy season chicken / garlic soy sauce seasoned chicken / sliced green onion seasoned chicken with mustard sauce too. the chicken outer crust is too dry for me but overall the chicken is okoverallFood : ***1/2Customer service : ***1/2Price : ***Will i come again? Definitely. they also sell korean BBQ which i am dying to try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-23
Love the refillable side dishes that comes before the start of each meal. I particularly love the beancurd and kimchi there!I think among all the Korean restaurants that I had been to, this is one of the better Korean pancake which I have taken. Flavorsome and packed with kimchi, it is pan fried till a crispy layer is formed on the outside and yet still remind chewy on the inside.I have heard of the soups at Joo Mak to be flavorsome and we ordered one of them to find this rumor true!It is definitely a thumbs up for the dishes! I didn’t manage to try more of the dishes at Joo Mak, but I will definitely keep adding more dishes once I have visited this place a few more times!READ MORE FOOD REVIEWS @ ROUNDTUMTUMS.COM continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-29
This simple and traditional Korean theme restaurant. The lady in the restaurant is friendly and knows how to speak basic English so you don't have to worry about ordering. Each meal you order, there will be 3 side dishes provided for you. I'm not sure if it is refillable because I didn't ask.Banchan are different every time you visit but there are standards one like Kimchi, which is a bit spicier, Spinach, Bean sprouts. The rest might sometimes be pickled radish (when you order Jajangmyun), pressed fish cake, stir fried potato strips, pickled cucumbers, potato salad.A meal in here is approximately $12-$20 for rices or noodles related dishes and $30 onwards for stews, bbq and more. When you sit down, water will be served to you asap after you ordered. The good thing about this restaurant is that there isn't any GST and service charge or hidden costs unless you ordered something else additional.This is the well known Jajangmyun in Joo Mak Korean Restaurant! For those who doesn't know what is it, it is a black bean paste that is stir fried with some meat and onions then sliced cucumbers on top. There are chewy yellow noodles at the bottom. You have to take some time to mix the noodles and sauces together evenly. Enjoy the taste and savour slowly Make sure you eat it when it's hot because when it is cold, it wouldn't be nice. It is $12 and it is quite worth the price due to the taste.I also ordered the Soondubu, soft tofu with spicy broth. It was rather spicy compared to rest of the soondubu I had tried. There are clams inside so do avoid if you have seafood allergies. The rabboki, which is spicy hot pepper paste sauce with rice cakes and noodles and pressed fish cakes with some vegetables. It was also $12 and it was very fulfilling. The doenjang jjigae, fermented bean paste soup, with hot peppers, calms, mushroom and some vegetable inside. It is not as spicy as the soondubu but still spicy so be careful. It is very strong in the fermented bean paste smell and taste but it is a very comforting soup.For soups, rice will be normally served together.For those who like to give it a try, it is at the beauty world centre at upper bukit timah road. https://maps.google.com.sg/maps?saddr=Singapore&hl=en&sll=1.311247,103.813468&sspn=0.105372,0.195179&geocode=FZOhFAAdPCowBil1k4uKIxHaMTHE9atSz2l4iA&dirflg=r&ttype=now&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=def&mra=ltm&t=m&z=13&start=0If you're going from CCK, 67 could take you there. If you're going from Clementi, buses like 184, 61 will stop at Shell station and it is approximately 5-10mins to beauty world centre. The restaurant is located at the highest level of the building and is beside a bakery shop so remember to visit it! continue reading
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Level3 2013-03-02
Opening daily, 11.30am to 3pm & 5pm to 2am. Closed on Mondays, 11.30am to 3pm.One dish comes with 3 side dishes. The food tastes good and it is cheap too. The portion is quite big, hence will feel very filling. Not many people around so is like you got the whole place for yourself and your friends. If you like quiet and cosy, it will be nice definitely to have lesser people around. continue reading
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