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Jumbo is a home-grown seafood restaurant that gives a continuous effort in providing fresh, quality seafood to its patrons. JUMBO@Dempsey also offers other signature dishes like Crispy Baby Squid, Scallop wrapped in Yam Ring and Fried Prawns with Cereal. continue reading
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Level2 2015-02-03
Jumbo is an award winning seafood restaurant that has been in the business for almost 30 years. They set up their first outlet at East Cost Seafood Centre in 1987 and now they have established 6 outlets (5 in Singapore and 1 in Shanghai) also a catering service.I heard that the restaurants are always busy and it seems to be true (at least in one of the outlets). My family dined at the Dempsey Road outlet and it was packed with lots of people despite it was already 9.00 PM.Meals1. Chili Crab ($54.40++)Do you know what it is called when you successfully crack the thick skin of the crab and find plentiful meats inside, Happiness! The crabmeat was so delicate and sweet with a little spark of chili. You can never leave this restaurant without eating this famous chili crab.2. Deep Fried 2. Mini Bun ($0.60++/pcs)Crispy and beautifully browned. Soak it in the chili crab sauce and enjoy the fluffy and flavorful bun. 1 bun / person is FAR less than enough.3. Deep Fried Beancurd Special ($10++)Very crispy on the outside yet soft enough on the inside to melt in my mouth without the need to masticate. The sauce was quite sweet and the beancurd itself was already seasoned well so I did not dip it in the sauce.4. Fried Rice with Seafood ($36++)I’ve encountered many fried rice that are wayyyyyyyyy too salty or sweet but this one certainly was not. It had just a precise amount of salt.5. Mee Goreng ($14)Be careful, because this one although sweet, it was surprisingly spicy.6. Prawn with Cereal ($30++)The prawn was generously breaded with cereal, which made it crunchy and tasty. It even had a heavenly aroma. Surely, one dish that should not be missed.7. Broccoli with Scallop ($36++)It’s time to eat some greens to calm down those high cholesterol. This perfectly sautéed broccoli will work its magic. If you are not much of a herbivore, you can still devour the scallops.They live up to their name. The seafood was so rich in flavor and the staffs were so helpful and polite despite the crowd. I could not find anything to be complaint. Now, I know why Jumbo has been winning loads of awards, they nail it! continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-23
We know Jumbo is known for their seafood.. but we decided to try a land creature today. We ordered venison stir fried with spring onion and ginger.Wow... lotsa 'wok flavour' - GOOD! The venison is so tender and flavourful. The gravy wasnt too watery, coats each piece nicely. In fact even the spring onions were cooked to perfection, not too cruchy (undercooked) nor disintegrated. They were soft and gravy coated..surely not a bystander in this dish.. yummz! continue reading
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Level2 2014-09-16
First up, sashimi!I dunno what's this called. But it's damn good. Anyone knows?? They provided a mini steamboat/pot of soup for us, in case anyone doesn't like the taste of it raw.But nah, it's soooo fresh and sweet without any cooking!Looking at the pics makes me crave for it now! If i'm not wrong, it's around 100bucks for this plate of sashimi~Can't live without sauce + wasabi. Seaweed toufu with enoki mushroom.Super good too!Though just a simple dish, I've always love all 3, toufu, seaweed and enoki mushroom individually! So when put together as a dish, it's heavenly~~ Then came our main character, ta-dahhh~~We ordered 3 flavours for Sana to try.First to come, chilli crab! MUST-HAVE! The gravy goes so well with the cripsy buns that they were gone before we had any photos of them! Next, cheesy butter crab.Quite similar to watery butter egg yolk ones we have at zi char places.Replace the egg yolk with cheese that's almost undetectable.Smooth and buttery yums! Lastly, my favourite!Salted egg yolk crab! MINE. Muahahahaa.But sadly, it wasn't as nice as the previous two.Not because we were full already ok. It just lacks of something and i find a lil' too dry~ :/For once, i prefer the chilli crab. And even the butter cheese one taste better :X continue reading
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Second year celebrating CNY at Jumbo Seafood (Dempsey) after a really pleasant visit last year. The dining experience was pretty much the same as last year, just that their service seemed to be a little slow, perhaps due to the near-to-full -house crowd in view of the double Valentine celebration. Pen Cai ($268++) Same price, same taste, same great Pen Cai that left us totally mesmerised exactly 1 year back! The sweetness and essences of the myriad of fresh ingredients brought back heartwarming memories and made us relish in the joys of eating with our loved ones. The not-so-good things never change too. The baby abalones were still as tough and the folks had a hard time chewing it. Nevertheless, it was still a well prepared Pen Cai that we will definitely come back for next year. Yu Sheng ($48++)As with the traditional lo-hei procedure, the waitress uttered auspicious words with each ingredient added. Something interesting in this year’s yu sheng was the addition of finely grated cheese flakes which added a hint of savoury touch amid the sweet toss. Herbal Prawns ($35++) The prawns were big, fresh, sweet and juicy – a killer combination that made me wolf down at least half a dozen of them. The herbal soup exuded a bitter-sweet aftertaste that was light yet wholesome. Stir-fried Venison with Ginger and Spring Onions ($20++)The texture of the venison meat was supple and tender with a full deep taste reminiscent of woods and berries. Although prepared in the very typical ginger and spring onion style, it was really delicious and yummy. Till next year… continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-07
Read more food reviews at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comReservations here are an absolute must, because this place is always packed. Like sardines packed. Of all of the Jumbo outlets, this is the place that I feel most "rushed". The servers don't explicitly chase you off after dinner, but there are less-than-subtle hints. Like how you're told that the dinner seating is only for an hour and a half, or how speedy fast the dishes arrive, and in such quick succession, or how efficiently the plates are cleared after dinner as well. This is so not the place to linger after a meal, and I don't like it. I know there are quite a number of places that do this double or triple seatings for mealtimes, but that doesn't make it acceptably right. This is exactly the reason why I avoid a lot of the Chinese restaurants during CNY eve. It's quite evident that restaurants do this to turnover the dining capacity and so increase profits, but it sucks the soul out of what-should-have-been-a-wonderful meal. I don't like being time-constrained like that. I pay good money for my food, and should be allowed to enjoy my meal at my own leisure. If I want to take 3 hours to eat my meal, then so be it. We had:1) Seafood Bacon Roll ($12 for small), which would have been scrumptious but for the liberal coating of that cloying salad cream. 2) Ribeye Fillet with Pepper Sauce ($22 at $11 per piece) for the meat lovers. Luckily, the pepper sauce for this was served on the side, because the beef was flavoursome on its own. Besides, we weren't terribly excited about the pepper sauce, it was very starchy verging on goopy and looked generically straight out of the bottle3) Donut with Seafood Paste ($10 for small) tasted a little refried so it was super duper crunchy, but it was addictively good nonetheless4) Scallops wrapped in Yam Ring ($16 for small) is a must try here. There have been imitators of this incomparable appetizer but no one has come close. There's just something about the grounded sweetness of the mashed yam and seafresh sweetness of the scallops that marries so perfectly continue reading
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