Liquid nitrogen is used to catalyze the ice cream making process, and combined with natural ingredients in the absence of additives and colourings to create the revolutionary ice cream. Be guilt-free as you indulge in your modern day ice cream. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-07
Bump into this amazing Ice Cream Shop, Just Like It was a revolutionary modern version of dessert. We saw a group of people surrounded at preparation kiosk upon arrived, apparently entered a Science Chemistry Lab. Variety was actually quite limited, using freshest and premium quality of natural ingredients. We ordered, made payment then proceeded to wait for our Ice Cream, it took around 5 minutes to serve. Surprise to experience the smoky process when they started to make Ice-cream, it was the way they attracted their patrons. Liquid nitrogen was used as a cooling agent, immediately being frozen on the spot. Opted for Vanilla Berries, appearance was not that tempting as I expected. Texture was creamy and silky feeling, the taste was light refreshing. Cool moistly with thick fragrance of milky berries, sweetness was enough to meet my satisfaction. Scoop by scoop, I finished up my guilt-free dessert. Priced varied for different sizes, my Ice Cream was $5.90 in small cup. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-19
Chanced upon a new ice-cream place when I went Adventure Cove last Sunday. Who can resist ice-cream huh? Hee!Have you guessed it? How is the ice-cream here different from its peers? Instead of tubs and tubs of ready-made ice-cream for customers to choose, the ice-cream here is made instantly as and when customers make an order just like doing a chemistry experiment! Even the staff are donned in lab coats lor... Totally in the mood! Flavours available and their price tagsOur choice: New popcorn from the Signature Menu.Once the choice was made, let the experiment began! Step 1: Pour in the ice-cream mixture into the blender mixture.Step 2: Weigh and pour in the condiments. Hey, mine was popcorn. Step 3: Add in nitrogen liquid. That's the "magic" potion that turned the ice-cream mixture to solid ice-cream. =)Step 4: Ta-daaa..... Finally, I saw my ice-cream! The concept is indeed revolutionary and interesting to watch the ice-cream making process for the first time. Though, I reckon I don't have the patience to see through the process again and again. Flavor wise, it tasted more icy rather than the creamy type. Okay, but not my most favourite kind.For full review and more photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2013/09/just-like-it.html continue reading
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Having seen my friend's interesting photos of this Laboratory-look-alike restaurant with 'Lab technicians' chefs using strange apparatus to churn out delicious ice cream, I've been utterly intrigued and wanna try this 'high tech' dessert when I saw one outlet at RWS, Sentosa. So after our hearty meal at Coca, my 'experienced' friend lead us to this newly opened ice cream parlor.Needless to say we all became curious little kitties checking out the unusual and high tech looking setup at this restaurant. The walls are filled with science formulas and complicated chemical drawings. There are a handful of tables and a counter with high stools catered for patrons who wish to dine-in.We can't stop taking photos of the high tech ice cream makers and the ingredients housed in Erlenmeyer flasks (a.k.a conical flask) just like those in the labs!While we were placing order for ice creams at the cashier, something else caught our eyes. The complex looking Drip coffee apparatus and rows of Test tubes beside it. The staff told us that they have a new item on the menu called Test tube coffee! I couldn't resist the curiosity and ordered one set of that to go with my ice cream.After payment at the cashier, we moved over to watch the 'Lab technicians' do their work. The ice cream was made using Liquid nitrogen to rapidly cool down the mixtures within minutes to produce ice cream on the spot without the need of a freezer. The process created lotsa cool smoke we usually see coming from dry ice.The end product, is an unusually smooth and velvety textured ice cream made with very little milk and zero sugar content which makes it 'sinless' to eat!My Flakin Chocolate $6.90 (small), is very creamy, silky smooth and a delight to eat. It is not sweet and contains generous amount of chocolate flakes, simply delish!My friend's New Popcorn $6.90 (small), was yummilicious as well with nice caramel popcorn flavor and bits of crushed popcorn giving it a good bite with every scoop.While I'm still savoring my ice cream, the Test tube coffee $6.90 arrived with paparazzi in toll. The staff explained the interesting concept of serving a cup of drip coffee divided evenly into 7 test tubes plus 1 test tube serving of milk. The set comes with regular sugar cubes as well. We gotta use a test tube clamp to pour the hot coffee into the cup...very interesting!The drip coffee's robust and full bodied flavor really wakes up my senses...giving me caffeine rush! I love my cuppa!Service here was very good, staffs had good knowledge of their products and took time to explain their unique dining concept to us. They also waited patiently while we are doing our paparazzi stunts. The prices here is on the high side, I guess half of what we paid for goes to the unique dining experience we can't find anywhere else in SG. The selection of ice cream flavors here is kinda limited for now, I hope they will add new exciting flavors in the near future.For full review and more photos - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/09/just-like-it-liquid-nitrogen-ice-cream.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-10
Friends wanted to try the ice-cream here, so we walked in even thou we had just stuffed ourselves silly at Coca Steamboat few doors away from hereWhile ordering, we saw something interesting, so I asked fellow openricer Midas400 to give it a try since she drinks coffee.Pretty interesting concept of serving the coffee. It is being served in 7 test tubs + 1 test tube of milk. I didn't try the coffee as I'm not a coffee drinker, but Midas says it's nice. Today I tried the Rum*Mint since Durian Durian is not available. The blend of rum and mint is just nice. Not too much of the alcohol. The little disappointment is that the ice cream here are served in paper cups rather than the huge bowl like what you see in the Tampines branch continue reading
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