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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/11/just-place-european-bistro.htmlWe were there for lunch, but apparently there isn't a crowd in the weekend, perhaps due to the sunny weather, and most of the shops are still not open for business. So this helped us to decide on Just The Place soon enough, and with the visible guide of the only crowd in there.Just The Place is more like a pub for drinkers to mingle and even have a decent European meal. Their menu consists of starters, pizzas, pastas, finger food, seafood and meat. They also have brunch section in the menu, but have to note that it is only available during the weekends.Just The Place's Iced Lemon Tea ($3.50/glass). Not something an average kid will accept, because of the substantial bitter taste.Just Platter ($19.90), consists of truffle fries, cajun mid wings, crispy prawn twisties, and sweet potato croquettes. Other than the mild-taste of truffle in the truffle fries, overall is quite well-paid for. If you are a seafood-y person, Just The Place also serves Seafood Platter ($22.90).Pan-fried Herbed Boneless Chicken with Mushroom Sauce ($18.90). I had expected to have a small piece of chicken, with just a simple gesture of dripping the herbal taste of mushroom sauce on it. But what came was a delightful plate of herbed-taste chicken! Without the mushroom sauce the chicken meat is already good enough for me eat without sharing at all.Prawn Aglio Olio ($18.90). I am a rice-type of person, so I'm not sure of the pastas here is that good, or just average. I love the tough yet tasty aglio olio, not like those coffee shop noodles we had.It has a great view, overlooking the sea where opposite lies our close neighbour. The most convenient way of getting there is still by car or a bus. Of course, other than eating, it has also a park and is one of the popular place for a family gathering.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/11/just-place-european-bistro.html continue reading
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