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Level4 2015-11-15
Kaffles is located within Stirling along the busy Cheong Chin Nam Road. Once the Beauty World MRT nearby is up and running, I'm sure business along this stretch will be booming, until then, the nearest MRT is probably botanic gardens. The interesting thing about Kaffles is that they're only opened on saturdays from 6pm-1am, the reason being that they can co-share the rental cost with other F&B partners in the rental-high upper bukit timah!Stirling itself offers western food options like sliders and has a indoor seating capacity of about 20-30 pax and a larger outdoor dining area with quirky chalk board menu drawings. It took us about 20 minutes to get seats for 3 pax, as most of their dinners came in groups of 2 and were seated together. We couldn't just drag a chair and add to our table as the walkway was narrow and we would be obstructing it.Kaffles sells about 4 signature kaffles with larger selection of ice cream. I was surprised to see that they offer additional ice cream flavours like apple pie and earl grey, but yet no Kaffle  signatures with those interesting ice cream flavours. Almost every table around us ordered a Kaffle too!1. Churros 4 for $6In anticipation for our Kaffles, we got churros from the Churros Factory which is served by Stirling. The Churros weren't very hot but their texture was crispy and yet chewy on the inside. The insides were dense and cakey at the same time. I loved the cinnamon sprinkles along with the thick and not too sweet chocolatey sauce! It was a good start to my sweet tooth craving supper menu!2. Thai Milk Tea Kaffles $12.90Thai Milk Tea infused waffles with thai milk tea drizzle and vanilla bean "drumstick". This is the first waffle I've tried that has Thai Milk Tea in the batter! It was crispy when it was first served and these waffles are some of the thickest waffles I've eaten. They're served with steak knives to cut through that glorious 2 inches of meaty waffle! But strangely though, dubbed as a Thai Milk Tea waffle, it was served with vanilla bean ice cream rather than Thai Milk Tea? There's never enough of Thai Milk Tea! The vanille ice cream tasted okay, nothing too impressive about it, not when you can taste the thai milk sauce drizzled over it!Check out that thai milk tea infused waffle along with the vanila bean ice cream. I must admit I wasn't sure how to eat this. Eat the ice cream with the waffle and with the cone? Eat the cone first or last? Eat the ice cream with the cone? HAHA! Either ways the cone was fresh with the hard chocolate coating with sugary goodness!3. Koko Kaffles $11.90Buttermilk waffles with gula melaka, red ruby and coconut "drumstick". The coconut ice cream was spectacular and I think it went very well with the gula melaka sauce. I actually ended up eating the coconut ice cream with the Thai Milk Tea waffles instead! The buttermilk waffles were fragrant and stayed crispy throughout, whereas the thai milk tea waffle slowly became soggy by itself, can't blame it, since it has thai milk tea in the waffle. The coconut ice cream had a very distinct coconut flavour and was sweet enough for my liking. Together with the gula melaka sauce, it was the BOMB! The ice cream was more of a sorbet type as it wasn't too creamy, slightly icy in texture as well.Both waffles were very "instagrammable" and came out pretty quickly despite most of the patrons ordering the waffles as well! The staff were friendly and helpful. It was a great supper dining experience. Definitely would be my number 1 choice whenever I have a Thai Milk Tea craving!! continue reading
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