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Level4 2012-04-27
It had been some time since I last had crabs. Since a friend is organizing a crab feasting gathering and need people to make up the number, I jumped at the opportunity. There were 14 of us, so we are able to try 8 different kind of cooking style. We had no other dishes except crabs.The first dish to arrive at our table is the chilli crab. You have to remember that Kar Pin does not provide those little man tou you used to dip into chilli crab, so you have to bring your own man tou or bread. The sauce is nice but chilli crab is not my favorite.Next up, we have the black pepper crab. I must say that this is my favorite of the night. The spiciness of the black pepper is deliciously hot but not to the extend that you need to gulp down gallons of water.The butter crab tasted nice too. Only problem is that the shell cracks too easily. I kept biting into bits of shell when I was savoring the meat.The eggs in the steam crab is yummy. There seems to be rice wine added to the egg. Not alot was added so you definitely won't get drunk.Didn't like this at all. Took the shell and abit of spring onion. The sauce is too sweet for me and it tasted weird. Not to my liking.Didn't really try this because I was waiting for my salted egg yolk crab. This was supposedly the best dish for the night because of pass experience. But for some reason, the standard for this dish seems to have dropped. The salted egg yolk wasn't as much as before and the taste seems to lack abit. After 7 types of crab, we were too full to finish the beehoon. Only took a spoonful and it was not too bad. However, I think it would have tasted better if we ate it hot.The environment wasn't too ideal this time round. It was raining before we arrived so when night fall and the lights are on....flies started circling around our table and on our table. The owner had to switch off some of the lights on top of us to deter those insects from disturbing our meals.Since there were 14 of us, each of us only had to pay $37 for crabs cooked in 8 different style. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-16
i went for a makan trip with a group of friends. one of them suggest we head here for some delicious seafood meal. Since there were only five of us, we ordered two crabs, one vegetables and one toufu. We ordered their salted egg crab and black pepper crab. For vegetables, we had the normal fried oyster sauce kalian and hotplate toufu. One thing I have to comment is the crab is really juicy and delicious. it was huge! There were plenty of egg roes in the shell. The black pepper sauce was not too spicy, brings out the sweetness of the crab. The salted egg yoke one was so tasty and creamy. Love the freshness of the crab. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)