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Briyani Fish Roe Prawn Masala
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Level2 2013-01-27
For those taking public transport, Karu's is located just in front of a bus stop along bukit timah rd.For those who drive, there is ample parking space behind the shophouses.If u like sugar, spice and everything nice, this Indian restaurant is the place to visit. Sink your teeth into the fish head curry and steaming hot rice. You wont stop eating until that very last grain. U can ask for more rice, papaddum, and side veggies at no extra charge. The lime juice goes well with the dish too.Try the ginormous masala prawns, and curry fried crab. U wont regret it! For non-seafood eating people, there are other meat dishes that you can choose from on display. Or try the masala tosai fresh from the kitchen. Have a glass of ginger tea with it, to satisfy your palate for something sweet. But note that they only serve tosai and prata after 3pm.Be prepared to go home spelling of curry and spices as the whole restaurant is filled with it. Overall a delicious and splendid experience for the teastebuds. continue reading
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Back then when I was an NSF, this is the place that I would go for dinner during my nights out. This place is very famous amongst servicemen from my camp.The one thing that makes me come back to this place week after week is its curry. One word describes the curry perfectly; awesome. Honestly, this is the best curry I have ever tasted in Singapore. The prata is also crispy, thick and large. Two pieces of plain prata and I'm full.(PS: I'm quite a big eater and I believe in other places two plain prata will never make you feel full)The briyani is also the delicious. Although at $8.50, it is slightly expensive than those you get from the hawkers, it is totally worth every cent. When you order the briyani, the waiter will lay out a banana leaf in front of you, pour out steaming hot briyani rice from a metal bowl, in which you may control the amount of rice you want, return with your choice of chicken or mutton, serve two vegetable dishes, and add chicken or fish curry to your rice. Simply fulfilling and satisfying.The place is usually full during dinner so it's best to make a reservation before coming down. continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-22
As the title says, Karu's really does have the best fish head curry in town in my opinion. Its curry is not too spicy yet not too bland, it serves a generous portion of vegetables in its curry and i have never found their fish to be unfresh. They also sell pappadam (indian cracker) in packages of 18-20 uncooked pieces for $1. All you have to do is deep fry them before starting on the fish head curry and you will get fresh crispy pappadam to go with the curry.One reason why i always take away is because your clothes and hair will smell of the curry after a meal there. Do remember to bring your own pot there if you are taking away because it will save you the extra money for the extra large container necessary to house the gigantic fish head. continue reading
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This place is not really accessible if you do not have a car, which I think of having been dining here since I was being deployed in Chantilly Rise. It just next to Mindef.Fish head was very big and fresh, big as 5 people cannot finish the pot of fish, but the fish was very delicious! Every cook has their own unique taste, I believe this place too! Cannot find the same taste elsewhere!For the fish head curry, the fish is very often fresh and they don't use a lot of coconut for their curry which is one of the reasons why I love it (maybe they use yogurt instead). Spicy level is 4.5/10, just nice!Great food during this afternoon just now, both my friend and me had a very strong desire for a tangy fish curry. They do the whole banana leaf thing, which is always very pleasing. We were not disappointed after ordering the briyani rice as well that comes with 2 veges.We completed our meal with a cup of Lime Juice =)I'll try to order a Chicken Masala ($4.00) for our dishes, a Fish Curry during the next visit because I love the fish head curry and their chicken masala (It's fantastic due to the chicken meat is always tender and it's really tasty though might be a little too spicy for people who have low threshold for spicy food).Conclusion: Die, die, Karu's must try. Free flow of poppadom, vegetables and curry (just the gravy) too! Karu's Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant is some serious tasty. continue reading
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