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Char Siew Guangdong Zhujiang Style Roast Duck
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Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint was started around 1970s in Chinatown. It all began in a humble coffee shop. With inherited knowledge of uniquely spiced Roasts, they were able to gain a name for their 'Zhu Jiang' styled roasts. Now located within Suntec City, they cater to hungry patrons looking for some good old roast meat in the modern mall. Well, at least the branch I tried it from. They also have another branch in Upper Paya Lebar.Accessibility: Approx 2 minutes walk from Promenade MRT Station or 5-7 minutes from City Hall MRT StationManaged to get a 'peace out' sign from one of the chefs in the kitchen while I was taking this photo.Let's Eat!They first served us with a little appetiser, braised peanuts!One of their specialties, the Prawn dumplings with mayonnaise ($9)! Dip it in the no-frills-no-thrills mayo on the side. I enjoyed this crispy, juicy snack! But I think it was quite expensive for the quantity.We also ordered their 3 combination roast meats ($10.80). We had the roast duck, roast pork and char siew (BBQ Pork Belly). Their roasts are pretty good and lean.Dip the duck into the sweet plum sauce and chilli. Awesome matching.The char siew done up how they would usually roast it in Hong Kong. This is not like the Singaporean ones, which mostly have a redder edge.With their recommendation, I also tried the Canton-style dumpling noodles ($8.80) and I loved it. The noodles tossed in their delicious sauce was altogether lovely, and the dumplings were tasty. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed this better than the roasted meat rice.Their soup, which is served on the side, is clear and pretty comforting too. I'm craving for this now as I am writing it! continue reading
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Was rather excited when I chanced upon this restaurant that serves roast meats, porridge and others. Another option for me other than just Crystal Jade and Imperial.Occupying a reasonably shop space, they provide both indoor dining area where its air conditioned and alfresco dining area for those who likes to enjoy their meals in the open air environment.Was having slight gastric problem the day I visited so we went a little light on our meal order.White Radish and Spare Rib Soup (S$5.50)This flavourful double boiled soup with tender spare ribs and soft white radish brought some warmth and comfort to my stomach. A rather good start of today's meal.Roast Pork (S$16.80 - Regular)Never failed to order this when we visit chinese restaurant. The ones they serve here are rather crispy and not too salty. However I find it a little oily, maybe because my stomach is not feeling that well.The plum sauce was supposed to pair with their roast duck. However, it taste good too with the roast pork making it feel less oily.There are a variety of congee to select from and you can even choose the ingredients of your choice for your congee if you order their 2 combination congee from the menu.Their congee is smooth textured and its tasty enough without having to add seasoning.2 Combination Congee (S$8.20)Pig liver and egg - a rather simple option. Simply love the liver as it was fresh and cooked till medium done making it tender on every bite.Congee in Liwan Boat Style (S$7.20)One of my favourite congee choice. All the ingredients were fresh and cooked till its soft. Even the squid was not too difficult to digest given my gastric problem. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-24
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/04/kay-lee-roast-meat-joint.htmlI have not heard of Kay Lee until I learn that the 32 years old roast meat institution in Upper Paya Lebar Road was sold for 4 Million dollars to Azech Group. The piece of new had triggered my attention and gave me the thought of trying their roast meat. With two outlets in operation currently and 2 others on its way in Ubi and West Coast road, I had visited its branch at Suntec City Mall.Service was polite and through my observations, the servers were professional as one of the patrons approached them for 14 seats at peak hour. Again, the best way to rate their roasted meat is to order the 3 combination roast meat in a plate. There were a few sizes to choose from and we took up the regular to pair along with congee and rice. Plain rice cost $1.50 per plate while plain congee cost $2 per bowl. The rice was rather dry but was complemented by the bowl of dark sauce given.Congee was chalky and was abit on a rough side, not as smooth as expected. Char Siew has burnt edges and dark colored marinade. Meat was tender, sweet honey glazed.While the Roast Duck was on a tough side but perfect on the go with the brown plum sauce and sweet chilli.Roast pork was best explained at the look of the distinctive layers of fats separating from its meat with a crisp top layer. Yummy and at the same time guilty. The canton Style Dumpling Soup was abit on the salty side, nothing much to rave about.Perhaps, the buying point for the bowl of soup will be its plump and succulent fillings used. Prawns were freshly wrapped and the cuts of the black fungus had lend an additional crunch to them.We concluded that their Roast Meat Joint was rather decent and of course with such a location, prices are slightly higher. continue reading
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