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At the heart of every great roasted chicken is a great marinade. At Kenny Rogers Roasters, the secret to their great taste is their signature blend of lemon, ginger, sage and oregano (as well as other secret ingredients). Together, they seal the meat with amazing flavour while keeping it succulent and tender. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
A relatively quiet outlet perfect for a lazy afternoon lunch. The set lunches were decent and very value for money. Each diner was also served their signature corn muffin which was warm and moist.Lunch Salad ($10++)They were very generous with their roasted chicken toppings and the overall portion was quite filling. A healthy and nutritious lunch option especially for the ladies. The set comes with a glass of drink as well. Lunch Quarter Chicken Set ($16++)The quarter chicken set comes with 2 choices of sides/soup and a glass of drink. Their chicken never fails to impress me with its succulent and juicy texture. As for the sides, I chose mac & cheese and soup of the day which were quite tasty too. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-30
It has been a long time since I are Kenny Rogers and my cousin gave me a treat the other day. They are known for their corn muffin and I felt that it was really nice with the crispy outer and warm and moist inner. I had a quarter chicken with potato and mac and cheese as sides. The chicken was seasoned nicely and the meat wasn't too dry. I think my sides had a bit too much carbohydrate and though it taste nice I got sick of it. continue reading
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Very often my family will head towards Kenny Rogers to satisfy our cravings for american comfort food. The outlet at Novena is often not crowded, even during dinner time (well, good for us but not good for the owner?).Without fail, the must have order will be their awesome chicken pot pie. Creamy chicken with potatoes and peas served in a crunchy flaky bread bowl. The portion is HUGE and we always share 1 pot pie.Our favourite sides are their mac and cheese, garlic parsley potato and the potato salad. continue reading
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Level3 2013-01-28
Went over to Novena Square for windows shopping and decided to stop at Kenny Rogers for our dinner.There are not much people eating at this restaurant when I am there so finding seats are very easy but we are not being served efficiently as maybe there are too few staff over there (1 waiter and 1 waitress outside serving only if I am not wrong)This makes it very slow in taking orders and also very slow in billing.When you are seated on the table, you are served with their “Famous Corn Muffin” $1.20 (1 per person). I like the top part where taste the best but overall, I feel that it is just normal type of muffin which do not really taste better than the other brands.Each of the main course is able to choose 2 regular side dishes and for this dish, “Macaroni & Cheese” and “Honey Baked Beans”The Chicken is being marinated with strong herbal (Not Chinese type of herbal but those English nice smelling type of herbal) which is very nice on the outside but it is not very juicy on the inside part of the meat or I can say a bit dry.As for the side dish, Macaroni is those bigger type while the cheese is a bit too strong for my likely (Even though I loves to eat cheese). “Honey Baked Beans” is worst as it seems that it is over-cooked and I feels that it is not very fresh.Half a slab of honey Bourbon Ribs are being served. Meat is very tender which seems that it have been braised in the sauce for quite sometime. Taste wise, it is too sweet for my likely and maybe I have eaten better ribs at other places.For the side dishes, “Coleslaw” and “Garlic Parsley Potato”. This is one of the side dish which seems better to eat. Coleslaw have some sourness which can ensure that you do not feel over-powered by the taste of the Ribs while the potato is nicely baked and is also a healthy side dish too.6 pieces of Wings are being grilled mixed with the same herbal as the Kenny’s Quarters except that since it is wing part, the herbal taste is much stronger which is nice to act as a snack. One of the main dish which is nicer to eat but not recommended for those big eater as 6 pieces of chicken wings might not be enough for you to be full.As for side dish, “Mashed Potato & Gravy” and “Corn Niblets”. Do not order the Corn Niblets as it is overly cooked and the corn have turned darker color which I think is not fresh at all. Mashed Potato is still ok but for the gravy, I felt it is tasteless as the wings might be over-power the overall taste bug. continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-21
After feeding on kenny rogers for many years, this is the first time i am writing a review for the restaurant. One word summaries my experience of the many restaurants dotted around our little island. "Inconsistent". Well i guess inconsistent is better than terrible right, so at times it is not too bad. Anyway the experience here was bad. Chicken was served cold, the skin was stripped off the chicken. The thigh was dry and tasteless. One might have mistaken it for chicken breast if you ate with a blindfold. The best part of the meal unfortunately has never been the chicken but the baked beans. I love kenny rogers baked beans, not sure what goes in the sauce, but it sure is different from the usual beans, very tasty, not too salty. In fact it goes well with the muffins. Okay i know it is gross, but really both actually is a strange complement of each other. Usually i would have 2 servings ofe baked beans but for the first time i decided to go with the chicken vegetable soup, it was alright. Ironically the worse part of the meal is the chicken! continue reading
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