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Level4 2012-06-09
After a short break from this fine diner, I am back to try more of their dishes. This time, it was through a friend's suggestion. One fine day, we will definitely conquer the entire menu!!First on the list is, of course, their yummy Rosemary and parmesan garlic charcoal bread. There's no better way to start the meal than a warm, sweet smelling bread with their soft butter.The next item that was served to us was the Irish oyster with tsukiji seaweed. The presentation alone was impressive. The sweetened taste of the oyster is something different from the tobasco sauce and lemon juice taste I normally have.For starters, I ordered the Jamon Iberico with black mission figs, reblochon, passionfruit quenelle and rockmelon gel. This is a must have! It was quite a good idea to include the passionfruit quenelle as palette cleanser because the taste from the meat was quite strong.My friend had the Snake river farms pork belly with kakuni, blood orange & chili jus, yukon chip and karashi paint. I must say that the presence of the yukon chip was quite fascinating. If not for the fact that this wasn't the dish I ordered, I would have finish the chips for my partner. The meat was soft and it simply melts in your mouth! I would love to order this dish the next time I come.For main course, I had the Green eggs & pulled pork with agria espuma, atsina baby cress and tsujiki seaweek soil. I know I had this the previous time I was there but hey, if the dish is good, I wouldn't mind stuffing it into my stomach again! And it is still good. The softness of the pork aids in the speed I put the meat into my mouth. If I have the stomach for 2 main course, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to do that.My friend ordered the Blackmore wagyu slider with grilled mantou, aged English cheddar, vine-ripened tomato and mustard rémoulade. Didn't get to taste it but I like the east meets west presentation. I never thought that anyone could have mix the chinese mantou into a french cuisine! To end the meal, I had Silken curd with mikan mandarin, compressed thompson grapes and vanilla bean. The curd is smooth and slides down your throat easily. The fascinating part was the dehydrated mandarin. It was almost like sugar but with a tinge of tangy taste. The curd alone was abit blend but with the sweetness of the mandarin and grapes, the overall taste was almost perfect!My friend has the 360 Brulee texture with caramel custard foam, salted maple and valrhona equatoriale. This is still my favorite dessert not only because the brulee was presented in an egg shell, but because I am still impressed with the way the entire brulee was inverted and stuffed into a shell! Since it's inverted, the best way to eat it is to plunge your spoon all the way inside the egg (touching the bottom) and make up way up!I still feel that the food and service is worth every cent. Not because they remembered what I ordered before but their personal service and the ambiance made my friend and I really comfortable. On the whole, it was another excellent dining experience! continue reading
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