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Level4 2011-06-13
i was shopping around town with a couple of friends when we noticed a hot pot restaurant with the food place on the conveyor belt. We found it quite interesting so we decided to give it a try. I ordered their signature mushroom soup. Turns out not very tasty, sometimes when they top up, it gets a little bitter too. But the ingredients are very fresh so it was quite ok. continue reading
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Level4 2010-11-18
This is the first time i ate hotpot on a conveyor belt. basically there are 2 kinds of seats, counter and booth. for the counter seat, the soup pot is in front u and the ingredients are on the conveyor belt.love the sliced beef the most, cos it is sliced thinly and very fresh. they even have flower crab. love their special sauce, a little bit sour yet spicy and sweet at the same time. good place to go for a family outing. oh ya, it is a eat all u can buffet so quite value for money. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I came as a representative of The Local Nose to an Open Rice Tasty Union. The Local Nose is a wine reviewing website, where you can find information about wine events, where to get great valued wines, and about everything about wine in Singapore.I researched the restaurant menu before the outing, to decide what wine to bring, to find that it is a rotary hotpot restaurant (kinda cross between a sushi train and hotpot), offering six different soup-bases, eight different sauces, chicken, fish, seafood, red meats, omigod! Choices, choices... what to do??!!!! Should I bring white wine or red wine? Dry or sweet? Woody, fruity, flinty, what? Arrgh!!!Ok, ok, deep breath...*mmm-ahh*...om.... Thankfully, some items are marked “signature.” Let's just go with that. The signature soup is a mushroom broth, and signature sauce contains fermented beans, sesame, sweet chilli, coriander, spring onion and garlic. Now we're getting somewhere.This calls for fruity white wine, with medium body to hold against the mushroom and bean paste, and forward enough fruit palate to balance the strong flavours of chilli, herbs and spices. So I opted for a German Scheurebe and an Australian Pinot Gris. The South Australian 2008 Pike & Joyce Pinot Gris' rich fruit flavours blended beautifully with the sweet prawns cooked in gentle mushroom soup base, the spiced-pears palate with sweet chili and coriander. Most definitely a goer!As we put our noses to the glass, the 2007 Juliusspital Scheurebe from the Franken city of Würzburg exploded with floral and sweet fruit aromas. Ripe stone-fruit flavours persisted even after being washed with (by then) richly flavoursome soup and mouthfuls of stuffed bitter gourd (my favourite!). I thought the apricot palate even added a dimension to the spicy sweet bean sauce!Terence, OpenRicer and self-proclaimed absolute novice, swirled, sniffed, sipped, mused over both wines and declared preference to Scheurebe because the wine taste better with the food. The fruit flavours stayed longer, said he.The restaurant gave us a taste of their house wines, Chilean Montes Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, to try and match with our hotpot soups. The Sauv Blanc was an easy-to-drink, can't-go-much-wrong sort of fruity white, which, well, can't go much wrong. My initial reaction of the Cab was not impressive, even with the strong “red meat” flavour of pork liver. But OpenRice graphic designer Jayden preference to medium-rare liver showed the way. He mused what it would be like to marinate the liver in the red wine, and lo and behold, that combination did bringeth forward the fruit in the Cab Sauv. There was dessert, too, of chocolate fondue with fruit, but I was too busy yapping, sipping, munching and experimenting that by the time I finished my hotpot soup, the restaurant was empty and staff was cleaning up. Too much fun and not enough time! continue reading
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(Non-member) 2010-07-29
So it happens that my dear buddy has decided to pull me along for dinner at Kichi Kichi, located at Ngee Ann City. A restaurant serving hotpot (mini steamboat), the first look from the outside gave me the impression of a typical “Japanese sushi on conveyor belt” restaurant. The overall ambience is very pleasant and best of all it is air conditioned, so it was my first steamboat without perspiring madly. We sat on the counter seats along the conveyor belt, which had a small table area, so it gets a little crammed up when you get plates piled up.We each could choose a flavor of soup base for ourselves, and for my own I got the chicken soup, which tasted quite average. We could take a variety of ingredients directly off the belt and cook it in our hotpot. The initial excitement of exploring the types of food available quickly wore out when we saw the same ingredients rotating on the belt after some time. The shop was quite crowded then, so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get to see any meat or prawns left on the belt by the time it got to us. The service crew was really helpful though, by noting down the ingredients we wanted and serving it to us straight from the kitchen. We had the chocolate hotpot for dessert, and it was really a delight to have, with the chocolate being delicious and not too sweet to the taste. continue reading
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Never got a chance to cook our own dinner cause1. Mummy nags at you to STOP dirtying her kitchen?2. Buying ingredients is a CHORE?3. Lazy to wash dishes?Fret not now, cause KICHI KICHI is here to help you. REALLY.I went there with my buddy last week, and we had fun displaying our culinary skills.Good things abt here, there's ALOT of variety to choose from, from flower crab to sliced wagyu beef and oysters... the drinks are SHIOK too, there's wine, sake, beer, juices... and I must really praise the enthusiasm of one of the staff there (Ben). He's real quick to clear the plates and attend to customers.For non-seafood peeps, you can try cheese tofu, and those black plates (CHEF's recommendations): they aint simple yong tau foo; the taste is different from the "7 for $2" from the market.The chocolate hotpot ROCKS the ending of our dinner as I cant stop helping myself to dip honeydew, marshmallows into the smooth creamy chocolate (: Simply delicious.Unfortunately as we sat near the end of the conveyor belt, most of the 'good stuff' were taken away... and I feel that the seats are rather close together, so you're eatting while being seated real close beside a stranger. More space please continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)