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Full Kimly Live Seafood review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/01/zi-char-kimly-live-seafood.htmlA major Chinese Zi Char seafood franchise operating mainly in the west of Singapore, Kimly Live Seafood is slowly expanding its influence islandwide. Despite operating in mostly casual heartland environments like food courts or coffee shops, Kimly Live Seafood has gained a loyal following for its authentic, delicious Chinese Zi Char dishes at wallet friendly prices.Being housed mostly in heartland eating areas like coffee shops, the ambience at Kimly Live Seafood is mostly casual, bustling, and noisy. Diners use mostly functional plastic chairs and tables. Don't expect too much ambience here, but the good thing is Kimly Live Seafood always has large communal dining tables blocked for them.Staff at Kimly Live Seafood usually can converse in a mix of Chinese Mandarin and English. Despite the manpower crunch in Singapore, Kimly Live Seafood usually has ample staff in both the kitchen and front of house service, so it's easy to attract their attention. Food is prepared and served quickly, and empty / dirty tables are also cleared efficiently for the next set of diners. Don't expect too much conversation though, staff are always rushing around.Kimly Live Seafood is known for their full flavoured, extremely tasty Chinese Zi Char dishes. Their seafood is especially fresh, and several tofu beancurd items are made in-house. Portions are designed for communal dining of at least 2 - 3 people, too large for just 1 person. Prices are very affordable, expect to pay about SGD $13 - $20 per person here, even if you order seafood dishes.The Kimly Homemade Beancurd (SGD $10 / $16) was excellent. The tofu beancurd was soft and tasty, and the thick, gooey gravy is delicious. The thick, crunchy pieces of broccoli lent good texture, while the soft braised shiitake mushroom slices lent an earthy flavour.Almost like a combination of a thick soup / broth / stew and a gravy, the Superior Stock With 3 Mushrooms (SGD $12 / $16 / $20) has a drinkable gravy stew, thick and flavourful. Also goes well over rice! The trio of mushrooms, including golden enoki, shiitake, and straw mushrooms, alongside snow peas, broccoli, carrots, and fish maw are all fresh, resulting in a tasty dish.The Butter Squid (SGD $14 / $18 / $22) features a crisp, savoury batter which clings tightly to the fresh, meaty sotong / squid rings. Fragrant with the use of curry leaves, and with a hint of spice from the red chili, the dish is satisfiying, and not too oily. Love the small crunchy bits of fried batter! continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-29
http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/04/kimly-live-seafood.htmlSeafood Restaurant in a Industrial estate? What comes into my mind was like "huh, another Zi Char place again" just that this time round it was located somewhere not in the neighbourhood. After stepping into the industrial canteen, Kimly "Live" Seafood had gave me a total different impression of them. Perhaps that the word "Live" Seafood had been commonly used by Zi char stall and does not really impress me much but I will say that Kimly is different. They had huge tanks of Live Seafood swimming with water pumps installed, what's more the servers were prompt and looked professional with the walkie talkies in their pockets.Instead of the flimsy laminated menu we often get, Kimly had their menu in a hard covered booklet and colorful printouts of their dishes in pages.The serving speed was much more faster than what I had expected perhaps within 5 minutes of ordering, there comes my first dish. The macau style bee hoon was impressive! It was moist and has a very special flavour in every strand of Bee Hoon, leaving a good note in my mind. On the other hand, ingredients were more than enough with seaweed, prawns, chicken and fungi etc.Next was the fried fish skin that was beautifully adorn with our national flower, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' under a stack of shredded carrot. Crispily fried with sweet sauce all over, I had enjoyed every crunch of it throughout the meal with the soft brinja. Flavour of the dish was enhanced with the fragrant curry leaves too which make the dish outstanding.Mongolia meat was the next dish that had given me a WoW factor. These pork ribs were all coated with special sauce which was both sweet and cloudy yellow in color. The dish was elaborated with some white mushrooms and sunflower seeds, adding good crunch to those tender meat.All in all, the dishes were out of my expectation as they were rare and impressive. Given the chance, I will like to introduce friends and pals to go Kimly Live Seafood for meals as it is good for dining in groups continue reading
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Kimly Live Seafood (金味活海鲜) is located at Tradehub21. This is a Zi Char stall located inside a coffesshop and you can actually reach this place by private or public transport.The staff recommended us to get a Lobster to be made into Lobster Salad.The dishes are out quite fast except for the Crab dish as it needs more time to prepare and cook (Always needs to wait at least 15 minutes). Anyway, our dishes are as follows:Crispy Fish Skin Served w/ Fragrant Brinjal @ $13This is one of the dishes which I will always order when I am there. The standard have not drop and the fish skin is still as crispy while the Brinjal is wonderful compilation with the fish skinLobster (Weight 400g) in Chilled Fruit Salad @ $44.00You can choose the cooking method of the lobster but the staff recommended the Chilled Fruit Salad to us. Actually, I cannot really taste the difference of the meat as it is mixed together with the fruits but quite interesting to try out. Think will try out Sashimi version in future when there is a chance.Pork Rib with Orange Sauce @ $18.00 (Small)There is a medium size price at $27.00 if you have bigger group of people eating. The meat is nicely cooked though I cannot really taste the orange at all. Though the meat is a bit tough (Some of them) it is still not a bad dish to have over a bow of rice.Crispy Yam with Salted Egg Crab (1.1kg) @ $52.80Actually, I am not sure how they weight the crab but somehow, the crab are always not as heavy (Not very big) as it seems. So it is for expert to be there to help verify whether they got “weight” properly. But in terms of their cooking skill for the crab, it is as good as I have eaten previously. The Yam mixed together with the salted egg are very crispy and goes well with the rice while the meat of the crab is very fresh and nice (Though not a lot of meat).Mixed Roasted MeatDuring our dinner, one of my friends went to get some mixed roasted meat at the nearby stall for us to eat together. The roast pork meat is tender and juicy though it did not give me any “wow” feeling. It would be great if there is any roasted pork rib though (Miss the roasted pork ribs at Jurong East).A more detailed information about this place can be found at my blog post at:http://www.shootnblog.com/?p=1858 continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-06
Sometime ago we headed to Trade Hub 21 for seafood feast.This is a Zi Char stall located inside a coffesshop and you can actually reach this place by private or public transport. It was recommended for their famous crab. Kimly Live Seafood can't really consider as restaurant as it shares the premises with a food court.It's like a tze char stall in a neighbourhood but this is located at business area.Below are the dishes that we ordered that day:-Vegetables are a must in every dish of tze char.Crispy Fish Skin Served w/ Fragrant Brinjal.The taste is awesome.You can feel the crispiness of the fried skin and softness of the brinjal.Fried beehoon with chicken, mushroom and vegetables.Nothing special of the beehoon and the taste is fine for us.Forget the actual name of the dish but the pork rib that goes with the special sauce is superb delicious.The pork rib is nicely done.Famous Crispy Yam with Salted Egg crab. It's their signature dish and different from the one i tasted before. It's dry, cracked salted egg style. The yam strips are crispy though but i don't see any connection with the salted egg crab.The price is not that cheap though. It is like a price of restaurant. There is no service charges but they do charge for the towel. There is parking area if you are going to drive over. Below are the parking charges for your reference:-Monday – Friday (All Day):Free: 1st hourSaturday, Sunday and Public Holiday (All Day):Free ParkingSubsequent: $1.00 / hour continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-29
Kimly “Live” Seafood does serve great foods! However, the price I believe is a bit above the average price for a coffee shop. That day, we ordered a Deep fried red tilapia for $28, fragrant brinjal with fish skin for $13 and Marite Chicken for $12. The deep fried red tilapia was very crispy and with the sweet and sour sauce, it enhances the flavor of this fresh water fish. The vegetable is delicious, with the garlic taste and the crispy fish skin. I love this dish. continue reading
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