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Named for our philosophy and intimate atmosphere, Kith is where good coffee and delicious, fuss-free dishes rally in a compelling invitation, serving up simple, honest fare from the heart. Kith is for those who enjoy the unbeatable combination of good coffee, food and company anywhere in the world. continue reading
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Tue - Sun
08:00 - 22:00
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Gnocchi House-made Tiramisu Kith Black Curry Kith Breakfast Truffle Fries Wagyu Beef Burger
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Have been going here for a long time. Great food, ample portions, great ambience and really good value. Obviously everyone else thought the same as it was always crowded. So what happened? Came back this morning. Menu had all changed and prices up substantially. When asked why response was 'menu was 3 years old and tired and needed a change'. Kept an open mind and ordered 'better than benny' and a friend 'smoked salmon' (now with scrambled egg not poached)'. Food was very ordinary. I had a poached egg on a chunk of tasteless tomato (really thick - bizarre combination frankly). Also the bacon was cold and obviously precooked a long time before hand. In the other dish the scrambled egg had made the bread soggy and the salmon was half as much as you used to get. Asked when paying why prices had gone up and received a short response of 'cost of food has gone up and so have employment costs'. Response to our questions was also quite off putting (didnt really care frankly). Now a place for ordinary food at a high cost. Really disappointing continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-01
See my full review & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/07/01/great-food-ambience-kith-cafe-park-mall-on-30jun2015/we had a 15pax dinner at kith cafe @ park mall on 30.6.2015. kith does all day breakfast (till 5pm) and seems like a good coffee place too. i didn’t know if kith meant anything in particular, but after googling i found out that kith was like kin or kindred or – acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in thesame general locality and forming a more or less cohesive group.a cafe for friends – good name! we ordered some calamari & 2 pizza to share, and each ordered our own pasta dish. calamari was good. squid was very slightly tough, batter was good. gong bao chicken pizza was better than i expected. we all liked the thin crust pizza. no sticky sauce, taste was not too sweet & combined quite well with the pizza. parma ham pizza was competent also. pretty ok.pizza not particularly my favourite but it is an excellent dish for communal dining & i do enjoy a slice of good pizza (i shared 1/2 gong bao chicken & 1/2 parma ham pizza with a friend) to start the dinner. the spaghetti alio olio was good! good helping, very flavourful, good garlic flavours & lots of shiitake mushrooms. I shared 1/2 of it with a friend who shared 1/2 of my squid ink pasta. not a usual dish i would order as i like meat or seafood.the linguine gamberini (garlic prawn) looked good. i will order that next time. carbonara. looked ok. somehow looked a bit like hokkien mee. egg was mixed in the pasta. i think it would taste good as most pasta here were good. though i am more used to the look/colour of carbonara at alfresco gusto. i had a try of the bolognese, and the tomato sauce was good. meat sauce/ragout preparation not my favourite but this was good. did not try the vongole. it looked fine. they said vongole is a test of italian chef. the lala (littleneck) clams have a distinctive shellfish taste & if the linguine is done al dente the combination is quite excellent. my own vongole linguine here.the veal spinach tortellini looked interesting. & looked yummy! i must try that next time.my friend the proprietor ordered the day’s special, a squid ink spaghetti with seafood alio olio. i tasted. it was good. i liked my own squid ink sauce pasta better though. it was more intense & flavourful, though my immediate reaction was it was a bit salty. my own squid ink seafood spaghetti here. the friend who shared 1/2 my squid ink thought it was very salty, and that the alio olio was also salty. i was good with the alio olio, & salt does bring out the flavours (though too much would kill it). my friend the proprietor ordered 2 more pizza – a duck & mushroom ragout & a special – with sausage. duck ragout was good & had some meat pieces. i liked the sausage special pizza a bit more, sausage very flavourful. it was really enjoyable evening. company was super fun, outdoor ambience was cool & nice open space, & food was great. i will probably come back with my family. continue reading
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Googled for a good place to have dinner at the bustling Orchard Road. Saw good reviews about the cafe and decided to head there to give it a try...And my verdict was: Superb fries and environment, good getaway from the crowded shopping area of OrchardOrdered the following dishtop-down order) Truffle fries, smoked salmon pizza, granchioThe cafe food portion is generous enough for big-eaters. For 2 of us, I guess we ordered slightly too much as the mains were too much for us. The Granchio pasta was great. Simply better than all the pasta that I have tried at other cafes or restaurant chains. Smoked salmon pizza: The salmon slices are fresh and succulent. We could not finish the pizza bread dough though.Truffle fries was quite good. Worth to give this cafe a try if you are at Orchard area doing your Christmas shopping. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-12
Kith Cafe has a really nice ambience and it’s the perfect place to just chill because it’s really peaceful and quiet. Although it's a bit pricey, the taste and portion sizes make up for it. This is a cafe I wouldn't mind re-visiting.The penne was cooked to al dente. The sauce was very thick and on the cheesy side but it was nice for the first ten minutes I guess. If you’re a pasta and cheese lover, you can order this.For full review, you can go to: http://yinom.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/kithcafe/ continue reading
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Because I needed to run some errands at Dhoby Gaut, bestie and I met at Kith Café at Park Mall for a quick brunch. We arrived at 11am and all the indoor seats were taken, fortunately we managed to snag a table at the alfresco area overlooking the field above Dhoby Ghaut MRT . Thank goodness it was a cool day.The café is simply furnished and has a play area between the 2 alfresco sections to occupy children. Brunch offerings are uncomplicated and fuss-free. Service was polite and efficient.According to M, her Latte ($4) was satisfactory and not too acidic. Upon sipping the Iced Rooibos Lemon Myrtle tea ($6.50), I immediately regretted my choice. It tasted….weird, somewhat artificial. There was not a doubt that the overwhelming lemon masked the aroma of the rooibos. How I wished I’d ordered the Iced Earl Grey Lavender instead.Cajun Scrambled Eggs ($15). Just look at the amazing moisture of the eggs. Amidst the lushness, you’ll find Smoke Bratwurst, capsicums, onions, chilli, mozzarella, black truffle (very faint flavour though). Toast selection includes multigrain, sourdough, white, brioche, ciabatta, spelt and gluten-free toast. My pick was brioche, which was oh-so-pillowy. My only grouse would be that there was insufficient bratwurst, which gave bursts of heat and saltiness, to break the monotony of the eggs.The fluffy and creamy Sweet Corn Omelette ($16) should please most palates. Accompanied with crispy bacon, brioche toast, healthy mixed greens with avocado and zesty tomato coriander salsa.We’re always on the hunt for the best truffle fries. Sadly, Kith Café’s Truffle Fries ($9.50) failed to impress. While the straight cut fries were crispy and not too oily, there was only moderate truffle flavor (despite requesting for additional truffle oil). We’ve had better elsewhere.The Salted Caramel Brownie ($8.50) was nothing to shout about. Elements include a slab of salted caramel walnut layered atop a (slightly dry) brownie, paired with a scoop of light Vanilla Gelato.For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/11/14/kith-cafe/ continue reading
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