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Named for our philosophy and intimate atmosphere, Kith is where good coffee and delicious, fuss-free dishes rally in a compelling invitation, serving up simple, honest fare from the heart. Kith is for those who enjoy the unbeatable combination of good coffee, food and company anywhere in the world. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-22
Exams are over and the holidays are finally here! Met up with Hui Yin and Celine for brunch at Kith Cafe on a Monday morning. Yes, a Monday morning! The luxury of waking up on a weekday for brunch simply spells awesome.Looking at the handwritten menu on their chalkboard wall and deciding what to eat.Toast with poached eggs - $7.50Despite knowing that their Big Breakfast is highly raved, we decided to just have toast with poached eggs because we have never tried poached eggs (or simply because we wanted to leave room for desserts) before!Took this picture before we added a dash of salt and freshly ground black pepper to our poached eggs. Look at that golden goodness flow and those grill lines on the toasts! And then when you dab the toast with the runny egg yolk, oh goodness gracious me, that morsel just taste so good. Not to mention, the toasts went very well with the cold butter. The cafe was rather empty when we reached at about 11am. We soon found ourselves to be surrounded by Caucasians and their kids when it hit noon. Kith Cafe seems to be a favorite with the expats. Great location to chill out with friends, food are served at affordable prices and without GST and service charge, who wouldn't like the place? continue reading
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One of my favourite places for All-Day Brunch, Kith Café has a lovely informal ambience by the river side. It’s easy to while the hours away as you sip you latte and tuck in. Unfortunately the food is so good that you end up finishing really fast and having nothing left on your plate. I love the Breakfast platter which comes with your choice of eggs , sautéed mushrooms, bacon, smoked sausage and toast. The toast is thickly sliced and crisp, so you get lot of bite. The raspberry jam that's served with it is thick, tart and full of pulp instead of the cheap jelly versions. I’ve saved the best for last which is the sausage which is full of smokey falvour and grilled to perfection. I usually save the one last morsel and chew it slowly, every bit of is truly relished. continue reading
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Level1 2012-07-11
Nestled in the quieter end of Robertson Quay, away from the big players like Em By The River, Rodyk Street houses cafes like Kith Cafe, Swirls Bakeshop, All Things Good and Toby's Estate. Brunch affairs around this end is always a pleasure, with less people frequenting these smaller cafes, and a more pleasant and slow vibe. We settled down at Kith Cafe for brunch on a Monday at around 3PM. The ambiance was good, with seats facing the river and seats in the shade for those who don't wish to wrestle it out in the heat. I can see why Monocle Magazine deemed them the Top 5 cafes in Singapore: they make a really mean iced latte! Really rich, natural sweetness of the milk that doesn't overwhelm the strength of the coffee. Perfection. Definitely a must-go for the coffee. The coffee definitely set our expectations for the food, which was pretty good. The Big Breakfast(which comes with scramble eggs but I opted for poached) had good individual components. The jam tasted really light and natural, not cloyingly sweet and more runny than usual. The bacon was done really crispy the way I liked it, with a really flavorful Bratwurst. It was a well put together combination of flavors, although little components like the tomatoes and brioche could be improved on! GL had the Truffle Steak Sandwich and he was pleased with the perfect seasoning and yummy combination of rocket, truffle and cheese. This place is definitely worth the visit. Fellow caffeine aficionados, you have been warned. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-10
Have heard abt the brunch at kith and was delighted that they had opened a branch at park mall within walking distance from where i live! Alas i was too late for the brunch.. went after gym at abt 3.30 pm and was abit disappointed with the limited non-brunch menu.. we ordered a greek salad and a chicken focaccia to share after the waitress assured us the salad was big enough to share.. So when the food came u can imagine my disappointment with the portion! The salad would not be enough for me as a meal lo... was so disappointed we didnt even try the coffee.. Will try to make it for brunch again to give it another chance.. lol. For the price.. we paid $30 so we found it totally not worth it and quite frustrated.. imagine my hunger after an intensive body attack session at the gym! =PANyway i think because they were only opened a few days the service staff were really attentive to us.. in the less than an hour we stayed.. 3 different staff had came to ask us how was out food.... Was tempted to bre sacarstic =P but then angmokia reminded me they were probably attentive as the outlet was new.. hehe..OK will try next time and if it disappoints again theres no going back!Btw the place is super tiny.. i think u can sit less than 20 in the cafe.. and there are i think 5 or 6 tables outdoors so if u dun mind our hot summer weather now u can risk going. =) continue reading
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Level3 2011-11-03
I ordered the smoked salmon with rocket & tomato , which came with a generous serving of potato chips. The bread was well toasted, nice & thin, so you could still taste the ingredients, though the tomatoes overwhelmed the flavour of the smoked salmon.The flat white here was one of the best I’ve had in Singapore,It was strong & full-bodied yet not overly bitterBut serving time for food took ages,we waited for around 20mins & the cafe is very small so extreme lack of seatingOverall i rate 8/10 continue reading
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