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Kko Kko Na Ra is the originator of Korean fried chicken restaurant in Singapore to introduce first Chi-Mek (Korean Fried Chicken & Beer) & supper culture. Well-known for Korean fried chicken,(army stew), and many authentic homemade Korean foods. continue reading
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Garlic Soy Fried Chicken Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) Bulgogi⁠ Ginseng Chicken Soup⁠
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Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant is very prettily-decorated, with a lot of lovely trinkets and accessories such as chandeliers, a gramophone, peach blossoms and some exquisite paintings.  I especially loved the huge cushy booth we had, facing the faux fireplace with the giant clock that displayed inaccurate time. Service was professional and the service crew is Korean so I guess that took the affable element out for us because we don't speak Korean.We had the Mini O-Deng Bar (SGD$25.00), translated into Mini Fish Cake Soup - a tasty clear broth filled with various types of fishcakes, shitake mushroom slices, enoki mushroom and some veg etc. The soup bore the sweetness of the fishcake and seaweed, accentuated by the shrooms cooked with it - overall, a hearty, homely type of soup that easily warmed the soul.Following that, we finally got to tuck into the fried chicken! We had 2 orders of the Small Chicken Combo Set (SGD$20.00) - consisting of 3 pieces of crispy original, 3 pieces of yangnyeom sweet spicy and 3 pieces of soy garlic. My personal favorite was the original - which was tasty and the skin was chunky with crisp. Soy garlic had a distinctive taste of its own, and the garlic was not overwhelming so it was delicious to eat as well. As for the yangnyeom, I thought it was a little overly moistened for fried chicken, and too saccharine for my liking. Overall, this was perfect for sharing, or for anyone who wished to try the various different flavours available.Last but not least, the Watermelon Soju (SGD$38.00) made up of half a huge water-melon and its naturally luscious juice, as well as soju (Korean's distilled rice liquor) mixed together to form a cooling, tasty cocktail. I had been craving this for months and it has finally been satiated!For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/11/fried-chicken-dinner-at-kko-kko-nara.html continue reading
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Full Kko Kko Nara review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/07/kko-kko-nara.htmlAmong the earliest pioneers of the Korean Fried Chicken craze in Singapore, Kko Kko Nara has been going strong since opening in 2008. Owner Ms Eon Lee, a self-taught chef, spent 6 months perfecting her fried chicken recipes, which has quickly gained Kko Kko Nara a loyal following. Their Korean Fried Chicken is available in 4 distinct flavours; original, soy garlic sauce, sweet & spicy, and hot & spicy. And while the general ambience and service standards are passable, the food at Kko Kko Nara is consistently good!Ambience at Kko Kko Nara differs depending on which part of the 3 storey shophouse you're seated in. The casual dining areas are bustling, vibrant and noisy, with average ambient lighting and minimal decor. Furniture is spaced closely together. The more intimate dining areas feature quiet private booths, dimly lit ambient lighting, and rather elegant furnishings. I actually find the casual area to be more suitable for normal, quick dining, but the private area to be more suitable for long, relaxing snacks rather than meals.Service at Kko Kko Nara is decent, as staff are friendly and efficient. However, the language barrier sometimes makes communication difficult, as not all the Korean staff here are able to understand English. Those who do are pretty ok, as they carry out requests quickly. The e-menu has helpful English as well as Korean words, and ordering through the tablet is easy. While day to day / ordinary requests are fine, the problem arises with special requests, as it's hard to get staff to understand with their limited command of English. Example: Asking for a baby high chair is easily understood, asking them to print another copy of the recipt for verification is not easily understood.Food at Kko Kko Nara is distinctly Korean, as evidenced by all the Korean staff and Korean diners. The menu is extensive, but focused on South Korea cuisine, in particular, Korean Fried Chicken, along with several authentic soups, appetizers, and drinks. Dishes are tasty and packed with flavour, and portions are typically large, designed for sharing / communal dining. In fact, I feel Kko Kko Nara has possibly among the best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore! Prices are reasonable for the large portions, budget about SGD $45 per person for a meal here.Loved the Makgeolli / Rice Wine (SGD $25) here, which has a milky white colour, a thin texture, and a taste of rice with a slight sweetness. This South Korea beverage is traditionally made from rice, mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. The version here remains true to the original, and finished all too fast. Highly recommended!The Haemul Pajeon / Seafood Scallion Pancake (SGD $28) has a nice amount of fresh shrimp / prawn, squid, and scallions stuffed within the thin, crisp pancake. Flavour is lovely, with the juicy freshness of the seafood, the earthy vegetable flavour of the scallions, the crunch of the pancake. Dip it into the soy sauce for an added depth of flavour! Good! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-17
My friends and i has always wanted to try out kko kko na ra as we were constantly cravings for korean chicken once we were back from korea. We had the chicken in 3 flavors (original, honey and garlic), kimchi stew and tofu stew. Original flavor was the best to me as honey is a bit too sweet. Garlic was not bad too but personally dont really like the garlic taste. the kimchi stew was good! as i like kimchi, i like the dish to be spicy. the stew is spicy and tasty. i like it alot. in contrast, i find the tofu stew a bit too plain for my liking. but my friend like it more than the kimchi stew so i guess it is quite subjective.overall, i will be back for more korean food in this restaurant! continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-08
To celebrate Chinese New Year with a group of girls, we voted for Korean Meal. A stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, close to Maxwell Food Centre. Happy to see no queue by the time we arrived, we were served immediately by a waitress. Specialised in Korean cuisines, their signature Fried Chicken was highly raved.We stayed on our old plan, hot pot will never went wrong. Assorted luxury ingredients such as noodles, meats, sausages, tofu, kimchi and etc, our steamboat were stuffed to the max. Chilli was added to further enhance the taste, the soup was extraordinary level. I was able to snap its boiling moment, it was delicious. The more I dig into it, the more ingredients I scooped. Fulfilled our craving, we would definitely revisit again. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-13
Me and my friends went there on a Friday night at around 10pm and waited for around 30 mins for a table. The restaurant did not take reservations which is not very customer-service oriented. In any case, since we were already there, we waited. We ordered their speciality chicken in 3 favours; honey, garlic and orgiinal. The chicken come in both chicken breast and chicken wings. Both the honey and garlic were too sweet for my tastes. The original was the best. Skin was very crispy. We also ordered a Kimchi seafood soup to share. It was satisfactory, except that towards the soup base, there wwas a powdery taste to the soup. Perhaps it was the chilli powder. In any case, it did not give me the feeling that I will crave for it again. We were a bit shocked by the price. The kimchi soup costs $35 and the chicken wings (only 9 small pieces) cost $25. We had thought it was $30 and $20 respectively, based on the menu, but we were informed that the prices increase by $5 for dinner time. In other words, each customer is paying for the extra overhead and manpower costs for opening late? Never come across such pricing and we did not think it was worth paying the extra also, given the quality of food. My friend ordered takeaway for the original favoured wings home. On the cab, the wings smelled so good. However, when she reached home, she found that the salad (a small portion like a garnish that comes with the chicken wings) was bad and smelly. The staff had given her all chicken breasts when she had specifically ordered no chicken breasts. Moreover, the chicken breasts were hard and dry. continue reading
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