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Located in Wisma Atria, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar serves a wide range of Japanese food. continue reading
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11:30 - 22:30
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11:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
Shiok Maki
Review (55)
Level4 2016-05-02
Koh Grill & Sushi Bar located at level 4 of Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, next to Food Republic Food Court probably needs no introduction. It's Shiok!!! Maki has been highly raved about on the social media. This sushi bar can get very crowded during peak periods and it is advisable to make reservations during these periods. I have heard so much about Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for quite a few years but had not have the chance to visit although it is centrally located; near ION Orchard. After much procrastination, we made reservations and proceed to visit during lunch on a weekday. I was surprised that there was no queue. Pitan Tofu $4The Pitan (Century Egg) Tofu $4; chilled tofu served with homemade paste was unique. Pitan Tofu $4The paste had a very strong unique century egg flavour. It provided a strong taste to the bland tofu. In addition, the tobiko (roe) provided a distinct crunchy texture of the soft tofu. I quite like the taste of this dish. Do note if you are not a fan of century egg, you are likely to dislike this dish as the flavour of the century egg is overwhelming. Aspara Buta Maki $3The Aspara Buta Maki $3 was essentially charcoal grilled Asparagus Pork Belly Roll.Aspara Buta Maki $3Although it was slightly charrred on the other side, I liked the fact that the asparagus retained its crunchiness providing a different texture. In addition, it had a smoky flavour. Shiok!!! Maki $16.80We ordered the highly raved about signature Shiok!!! Maki $16.80 sushi. Its photo appears in nearly 80% of all photos in Instagram and Facebook tagged with the name of this restaurant. Priced at $16.80, the Shiok!!! Maki was not cheap. It comprised of a combination of charcoal grilled eel, avocado, sushi rice wrapped with lightly roasted salmon and topped with cheesy mayonnaise and generous serving of tobiko (roe). Shiok!!! Maki $16.80After trying a piece of Shiok!!! Maki, I was won over. The combination of taste and texture was heavenly. It was hard to stop at one. Now I know why this had been widely raved about. Its never too late! Sukiyaki Beef with Ramen $16The Sukiyaki Beef with Ramen $16 consisted of a mixture of assorted vegetables, tofu, beef and ramen in broth. Sukiyaki Beef with Ramen $16This was easily the worst dish. Nothing fantastic and it did not appeal to us. The other 3 dishes were just too outstanding. It did not help that the homemade broth was on the salty end. Overall, the food was decent. I liked three out of the four dishes ordered. Mainly, because we did our research before coming (it was not hard, there are so many reviews on this place). We will be back for more! http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2014/04/koh-grill-sushi-bar-wisma-atria.html continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-01
Located at the fourth level of the shopping Centre, it is mostly food court with a few mini restaurants. One of the restaurants is this Japanese restaurant which is well known for its Shiok Maki. In fact there is 2 versions - first generation and second generation.I was showed to a counter seat. The restaurant was quickly packed by 12noon. Iced water was not served free of charge. The hot green tea was served free flow, chargeable at $1.50+. If one wanted water, one would be asked to order mineral water. The restaurant served bento sets during the day, before dinner time.Bento H ($12.90+)Sushi moriawase, mini Tokyo ramenThe broth of the ramen tasted more like the KopiTiam version of pork rib prawn noodle soup than the usual Ramen's soup base. The ramen egg did not lava type of yolk. The cha Siew was kind of dry. Kind of disappointing. The sushi was not bad except for the tako sushi which I felt was a bit too chewy.SHIOK!!! Maki ($16.80+)Heavenly combination of charcoal grilled eel wrapped with lightly roasted salmon.It looked great with the touched sauce and flying fish roe on top of the maki. Although it tasted rich and buttery with the melt in the mouth salmon, crunchy roe, it wasn't as Shiok as I thought it to be as the eel was quite bony for some parts and giving irritation down the throat.Overall food was not bad. Service could be improved. Waited awhile for the sushi which was part of the bento set to arrive. Almost finished the maki and ramen before it finally came. Take note that there GST in the bill. Credit cards are accepted here. Business must be really very good, since one could see the chef making so many maki rolls at one go. continue reading
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Level1 2015-04-18
We made a reservation before heading down to the restaurant, and luckily we did. There was a long awaiting queue of hungry potential customers. The restaurant was bustling with people, waiters and waitresses took orders efficiently as soon as they encounter interactions.While waiting for the friend to arrive, boy and I ordered some appetizers, we had grilled salmon sushi, fried salmon skins, two yakitoris and a set of yakiudon. They came with standard and unique tastes. The plate of fried salmon skins would definitely go will with sake and shochu, they were sliced thinly, slightly saltish and crispily fried. Yakitori were slightly costly, but they definitely worth the money spent. The udon was fresh and non too soft, the way it was yaki-ed, it blended well with the sauce and eggs. Oh, and a bowl of miso soup comes along with it.Soon after with the arrival of the friend, we placed additional orders of, hot green tea, fried shitake mushrooms, Shiok Maki (both generations) and a plate of codfish with mentai sauce. It was our first time here and we merely went on instincts when we chose our delights. I would say that the dishes here depend heavily on their unique blends of sauces, so if you are a sauce lover like I am, you ought to enjoy your stay here.The main difference between the two generations of Shiok Maki, is that the first comes with unagi as it's main ingredient and the second comes with tempura prawns. Personally I prefer the second because I'm not exactly a fan of unagi. However, for fans, the first is, no doubt, yummy.Three of us didn't even have the stomach for desserts after that.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-02
Do you like slightly grilled salmon with ebiko and mayonaise? If so, you must try Koh Grill & Sushi bar's Shiok Makis!Located in the food court of Wisma Atria on level 4 is this unique Koh Grill & Sushi bar. Famed for it's "Shiok Maki" and reasonably priced sushi is the main reason why there's always a long queue. They do take reservations though, which is the solution to skip the queue, so plan ahead!So here is our Shok Maki "train", we ordered a total of 7 of them, one of which disappeared instantly into our tummies upon arrival! It's such a pretty sight!1. Shiok Maki $16.80+I love the little eggs on the maki and they are generous with the eggs. The sauce isn't just drizzled over the maki, it drowns the maki in a sweet and thick sauce, which helps the eggs stick onto the salmon. The slightly burnt salmon adds a slight "burnt" taste to the maki. Personally, I enjoy a charcoal-rich diet so this is the right taste for me. For some, it may seem strange2. Shiok Maki Gen 2 $16.80+The main difference between Gen 2 and the original Shiok Maki is the prawn. Both sushi are wrapped in slightly char grilled salmon. The eel is slightly sweeter and hence, it is usually the more popular choice. The eggs are super fresh and crunchy, which adds to the crunchy and crispy, freshly fried prawn.3. Ebi Tempura $10You get 4 big prawns in a thick tempura batter, served with the tempura sauce. The prawns were crispy, even after turning cold, they were still just as crispy. I enjoyed the tempuras.4. Enoki Buta Maki $3+The sauce on this is what makes it so awesome. Literally a sugar overdose sauce is drizzled over the enoki which had been barbecued. This is also one of their popular choices, which has been highly recommended by Koh. Sadly however, I find it pretty normal. Yes it's good, but it's not fantastic5. Yaki Udon $10+I loved this yaki udon, a lot of egg and chicken. It tasted just like the yaki udon I ate in Japan. The sauce that the udon was cooked with was slightly sour which is compensated by the egg, which is slightly sweet. The udon was chewy and reasonably soft to enjoy.6. Seafood Chaahan (Fried Rice) $10+The "wok-hei" in this dish was overwhelming. I could smell this dish, before the waitress even served it to us. There were 5 big fresh prawns served in this dish, and the fried rice tasted heavily of garlic. So beware if you are planning to meet your date after this meal.7. Salmon Sashimi $8+You get 5 thick slices of salmon sashimi. It was fresh and it melted in my mouth! Mouth-watering goodness!Koh Grill & Sushi bar doesn't charge the 10% Service charge, even though there is actually really good service. But they do charge 7% GST on top of their prices listed in the menu. Service was pretty quick and they refilled out hot green tea every time we asked.I really liked the Shiok Maki, which I will definitely be back for more!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
Nestles in the midst of Food Republic Food Court at Wisma Artium, this not so hidden jem is truly a MUST TRY!!Is my Friend treat, so didn't expect this place so popular...I didn't expect the super long queue, waited for almost 1hr20min & super hungry with it...Well...we just order anything that has the word "SHIOK" on it, whack it!! The waiting was fast, came like 5 to 10minsHad a mix of items, the "SHIOK" sushi roll is indeed yummy...Overall the food was decent, mainly because too hungry with it, we just whack the food but then we'll be back for more... continue reading
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