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In the Keong Saik Road, the eatery has been serving up old-school Cantonese tze char for three generations restaurant called "Kok Sen" continue reading
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Prawn Noodle Soup Curry Fish Head Claypot Yong Tau Foo
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Level4 2018-09-17
https://www.umakemehungry.com/2018/09/kok-sen-coffeeshop-restaurant.htmlTalking about quality Cze Char, there is always a queue outside Kok Sen Coffeeshop. They have been serving the usual Cze Char Dishes for about 50 years serving good dishes to family. They are one of those who have been listed under the Michelin Guide months ago.If you are tourist and going to Kok Sen, be prepared that this is not a upscale Chinese restaurant but a typical Singapore Coffee Shop place. In the event that the restaurant may be full, you might be asked to dine in the backlane, just beside a small road. If you have looked through the Menu, there were quite a number of noodles dishes with big prawns under the recommendation. However, we decided to go for plain bowls of rice at $0.70 per bowl to pair with our Cze Char Dishes. One of the recommended dishes will be the Claypot Yong Tau Foo. It tasted special to me with special gravy and stuffing in the Yong Tau Foo. Stuffing consist of meat and seafood which stands out from the mainstream ones from YTF Stall and these married well with the sweet addictive gravy. Sweet and Sour Pork was better than the average but not the best we had eaten. The general taste of sweet sourness was there and the meat of the pork was significant when we bite down the meat unlike some other places, we were short changed by replacing more fats that meat in the dish. When asked what to order, their staff recommended us to their Sambal Deep Fried Fish Tail. It was the expensive of all our dishes ordered but we had no regrets ordering this for its taste was outstanding and more than our expectations. The deep fried fish was fragrant. The spiciness neutralized with the sweetness of the fish tail and together with the thickness of the flesh, I would say the dish was very well executed. Besides Chilli, this Sambal dish was elevated with onions and even cut of pineapples. They accept reservation for at least 6 pax. Though it is an old school Coffeeshop place, I am quite impressed by their efficiency in serving food. Not only that, prices are friendly if compared to the quality of food. continue reading
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Level1 2016-08-11
Their food is way too yummy I went there around 5.30pm.. wasn't any Q yet... their serving time is fast too! The crowd start coming in around 7.30pm onwards.. so if you're heading there, be sure you're early! continue reading
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Kok Sen Restaurant is one of the early heritage spots along Keong Saik Road / Outram area, a mainstay that has been around for many years. Known for their Chinese Cantonese Zi Char at pocket-friendly prices, Kok Sen Restaurant has a handful of signature dishes, which you can see at almost every table here!Ambience at Kok Sen Restaurant harkens back to the early days of the coffee shop, and it still retains much of that clean, brightly lit, sparse but functional layout. Actual floor space is limited, so tables are extended out into the walkway in front, and the alley at the back. There isn't much shelter if it rains. Typically fully packed, the place is noisy and bustling.Service at Kok Sen Restaurant can be brusque, but they earn points for their extremely quick order fulfillment. Staff can and will make recommendations, especially their signature dishes. Not the best service around, but they are efficient. Waiting times can be long during peak periods, and there is no waiting area, so expect to stand around, sometimes for up to 20 minutes.Food at Kok Sen Restaurant is Chinese Zi Char, with their signature dishes being Cantonese classics, as they do tasty soups, and sauce / gravy dishes. Portions are designed for communal dining. Due to high turnover, their food is usually served piping hot and fresh. Prices are sightly higher than regular coffeeshop zi char, but still wallet friendly, budget about SGD $22 per person for a meal here.The signature Golden Dragon Chicken (SGD $32) is only available on Fridays, and the weekends. The key in this dish is misdirection, a whole flattened chicken, with a beautifully roasted, crisp skin arrives at the table, glistening in the light. But below the skin, the chicken meat has been entirely removed, and mixed with a fish paste, to create a sort of chicken patty fish cake. The taste is beautifully savoury with a light salty flavour, your brain tells you it's eating chicken when you crunch into the golden brown skin, then you get the mix of chicken and fish that throws the senses. Dip into the sticky sweet sauce for added delight. Great!The Claypot Yong Tau Foo (SGD $14 / $21 / $28) is a highlight of any meal here. Assorted pieces of fried bean skin tofu puffs, eggplant / aubergine, and bell peppers / capsicums are stuffed with a home made mix of squid and prawn paste, then drenched with a thick, braising gravy, rather like the Ampang style version. Savoury, just salty enough, with a pleasing combination of textures; crunchy, bouncy, chewy, and tender, I could eat a whole bowl myself! Highly recommended!Full Kok Sen Restaurant review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/zi-char-kok-sen-restaurant.html continue reading
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Kok Sen is an old school zi char restaurant situated in Keong Saik Road. The restaurant is one of the last remaining old style restaurants in the area as more and more modern F&B outlets set up shop in the up and coming hipster enclave of Keong Saik. The rustic kopitiam does not have air conditioning and their walls are plastered with names of their signature dishes. As there is no air conditioning, the place can be a little humid during the day .Food found here are relatively affordable and of pretty good standards. Although being a zi char place, a variety of unique dishes can be found here. Signature dishes includes Big Prawn Noodles , Crispy Noodles and Claypot Yong Foo .Visited them during a weekday lunch, although it was already 1pm, most of the tables were still occupied. When the place is packed even when its late , you know you are gonna get good food here.Pictured here is the Claypot Yong Tau Foo . Assorted pieces of beancurd, eggplant, capsicums stuffed with fish and prawn paste were serving pipping hot in a unique braising sauce that is full of umami goodness . Bold flavours that just works . The texture of the yong tau foo are rather different too compared to the generic yong tau foo that you get at the hawker centres . Here the fish paste texture has more bite to it , firmer. According to the auntie that took our order , the yong tau foo are made in-house and only limited portions are available . So do come early to try this before they ran out .Visit my blog for more https://gluttonthatshoots.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/kok-sen-restaurant-keong-saik-road-singapore/ continue reading
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Level1 2014-04-25
We ordered claypot yong taufu, fried Shang noodles and hor fun + 1 barley drink. I really recommend the hor fun, it's really really nice. At first when they served us the hor fun, it's look like so so only, but really nice to eat. Definitely , I will return to have hor fun again. Claypot yong taufu & fried Shang mee , we feel ok only. They start business at 12pm , go earlier so that you won't wait long. continue reading
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