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Kombi Rocks is the revamped look for Koon Kee Restaurant established in 1971, serving Thai & Chinese recipes passed down 3 generations. Apart from that, Kombi Rocks also rents and sells vintage memorabilia, watches and the like as props or for personal collections. continue reading
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Crabmeat Fried Rice Koon Kee Mee Goreng Kombination Platter Thai Steamed Otah Thai Basil Minced Meat with Rice
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Kombi Rocks has always been on the “To go list if you’re driving” kind of articles, but in actual fact it’s not that inaccessible, it’s pretty much accessible from Serangoon Swimming Complex with a bus stop conveiently situated near by. One thing you will never miss from Kombi Rocks are their eye-catching signature retro and colourful Vee-Dubs that are lined up right infront of their cafe. They have a couple of Vee-Dubs which you could rent for events or photoshoot. Don’t they look so cutesy and pretty?Not just Vee-Dubs, the interior of Kombi Rocks are filled with retro items on displays or even some for sale! Really one of the interesting vintage ambiance to dine in.Kombi Rocks dished up mainly chinese and thai food with recipes passed down from generations, so you could really feel the homely touch to each of the dish served up to your table!Koon Kee Mee Goreng ($6.50, small), mee goreng but with a twist of chinese flavors, brimming with eggy and wok aroma accompanied with traces of sweetness and subtle spiciness. A plate filled with heartwarming flavors but the portion was a little too small to fill the stomach though.Signature Kombination Platter ($32 for 4 pax) consisting of Handmade Thai Fish Cake, Handmade Prawn Roll, Thai Spicy Vermicelli Seafood Salad, Crabmeat Omelet and Lychee Pork Ribs. There were some hits and misses to this plate of platter. Their Thai Fish Cake and Thai Spicy Vermicelli Seafood Salad were the only two i would really recommend. Intriguing spicy and sour sensation on the palette by the Thai Spicy Vermicelli Seafood Salad. It has a very refreshing taste with crunchy prawns and fragrant minced meat. The rest of the foods are kind of lacklustre, texture and taste were not controlled well. The Lychee Pork Ribs tasted more like char siew slices with a fruity note; Handmade Prawn Roll lacking the firmness and meatiness and the Crabmeat Omelet was a little too generous on their salt.Signature Fish Maw and Crabmeat soup ($14) on the other hand fared much better. The soup were thick and goooey with abundance of fish maw, shredded crabmeat, mushrooms, and egg drops! It tasted clean cut and sweet, with a little of vinegar and pepper, it’s all ready to warm your stomach!Kombi Rocks has an interesting concept to begin with which has allows it to differentiate itself from many other cafes. Food wise was a pity, though it serves out dishes filled with warmth of a home-cooked meal but lacks the appeal for a return visit. Nonetheless, their floats look really good! Maybe it’s worth a try for their drinks and dessert on a hot afternoon instead.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/kombi-rocks/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
It felt like 'back to the past' when you step into this unassuming place. Tables & chairs are just randomly pieced together. Walls are painted with old pictures, badges and retro guitars. Cabinets filled up with vintage toys and obviously mini cars. Definitely a photo worthy place! We ordered Beef Horfun ($8.50) but was given Seafood Horfun ($6.50). We thought the price was the same so didnt highlight it to the staff. Only when I was checking the pricing for the seafood horfun for this post, then I realised the price difference was $2! *Palm face*The horfun was nice but comparable to those zichar stall at your neighbour coffeeshops, which will be cheaper. Here, you pay a premium for the vintage atmosphere and slightly better ingredients? The prawns were definitely bigger and fresher than those used in zichar stall.The Mee Goreng($8.60) WAS GOOD! MUST ORDER!If I am to revisit Kombi Rocks, this is the ONLY reason. When everyone else is ordering the same dish, you just follow suit and you will not go wrong. Yup, even non-spicy eater like myself adore this dish. It was tasty and accompanied with generous serving of crunchy vege, fresh prawns and fishcakes. We polished the plate in just a few minutes? It was that good. KekeFor full review: http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/09/kombi-rocks.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-13
Part retro diner, part vintage museum, Kombi Rocks (Diner) took over a now defunct coffee shop called Koon Kee at this location along Yio Chu Kang Road. Popular for their affordable Asian style food and great ambience, Kombi Rocks (Diner) can see queues of up to 1 hour, unless you make reservations in advance!The ambience at Kombi Rocks (Diner) is retro / vintage themed. Decor is a combination of tributes to music, mostly featuring the Beatles, and tributes to vehicles. Furniture is a throwback to the past, with old barber chairs or wooden coffee shop chairs, mixed with metallic tables. Space is small, and tables are packed quite close together. Even the layout is different, ranging from family style zi char table dining, to cozy couple 2 seaters.The fleet of classic / retro vehicles here are available for rental, and are normally taken up by wedding packages. Toy memorabilia displayed in the cabinets are for sale. And on Tuesday and Thursday nights, Kombi Rocks (Diner) hosts live musicians playing golden oldies.Service at Kombi Rocks (Diner) is semi self-service, where you order and make payment at the counter, but staff wil serve your order to the table. Staff are generally young, perhaps part-timers, and quite friendly, able to make recommendations if asked. Food is also served quite quickly even despite peak periods, normally between 10 - 20 minutes.Food at Kombi Rocks (Diner) revolves around Asian cuisine, featuring a mix of influences ranging from Thai, to Chinese, to Singaporean. But there is some hint of Western style influence as well, as Kombi Rocks (Diner) is also a bar, with a decent range of drinks / beer / wine, and bar snacks. Prices are very affordable per dish, but you'll need to reserve a table if you don't want to wait too long!The bottled beers here are among the cheapest in Singapore, with a Beer Stella Artois at SGD $8, and a German Beer Krombacher Weizen at SGD $9.I love the intense red bean flavour of the Pulut Hitam Red Bean Ice Cream (SGD $5). Studded throughout with red beans, the consistency is smooth, but doesn't melt easily, great for the sunny weather in Singapore.A twist on the classic Chinese Red Wine Chicken from Foochow / Fujian cuisine, the Red Wine Chicken Wings (SGD $15) are deep fried chicken wings doushed with a Chinese red wine sauce. The chicken wings have a crisp, savoury skin, and well cooked but juicy meat. The sauce is lovely, with a tinge of tangy and sweet... Very good!The Hand Made Thai Fishcake (SGD $8) is excellent! 3 lumps of well cooked fishcake, the exterior skin is crisp and flavourful with herbs and Thai spices, while the interior fish meat is soft and smooth. Not too oily, I only wish there was a bigger portion of it!Full Kombi Rocks (Diner) review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/05/kombi-rocks-diner.html continue reading
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You will recognize the place from afar. With a few well-restored Volkswagens parked right outside its doorstep, Kombi Rocks takes a step further in their interior (exterior) designing of their restaurant. I just love how every inch of the place aligns itself with their theme, it screams of detail and meticulousness. Exuding airs of vintage and American diners, Kombi Rocks surprisingly actually serves very Singaporean food (stop it with the Malaysian-vs-Singaporean food debate, y'all) - so most likely, for the locals - it will fit your palate.Vintage, or vintage car fanatics would adore this place. Freelance singers hype up the atmosphere by singing popular songs with a more country/mellow sort of delivery.Their meticulousness extends beyond the appearance, they provide tissue boxes on every table too. Every dish comes with a new individual bowl, so as not to mix flavours.Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup - $13The soup has a homemade edge to it with generous dollops of ingredients and thick base, might require a dash of black pepper. Pretty good to share and go around as a side.Wokhei Beef Horfun - $16 (2 - 3 pax)As the name suggests, the wokhei fragrance of the horfun is present but I think it's not strong enough. The fat horfun noodles are soaked thoroughly in the luscious sauce. The vegetables are luckily not overcooked, which is often the case. The beef slices are not that consistent though, with some tough to bite and others achieving the perfect melt-in-mouth texture. Overall, it is still quite enjoyable but go ahead and try other dishes as well!Their service is considered efficient as they whip up your dishes only upon ordering to guarantee freshness. It is very far-flung in location especially for a Westie like me, but its interesting atmosphere is worth it.How to get there?While the nearest MRT on the map is Serangoon, it is still quite a distance to walk. From Kovan MRT, take bus 136 and alight 4 stops later. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-21
For full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/04/dinner-at-kombi-rocks-diner-opp.htmlToday is my actual birthday and hubby is treating me dinner. I picked this Retro themed diner located just opp the Serangoon stadium. The most accessible MRT station is Kovan, take bus 136 and get off at the 4th bus stop, then cross the road.The diner is a mini museum of all things retro, showcasing collections of the owner throughout the years. Beatles merchandises, guitars, metal toys, vintage rotary phone, old school wall clocks, 60s barber chair, and two well kept Vespa scooters on display. The owner is also a Kombi bus fan, thus the name Kombi Rocks, and there's a row of them parked outside the diner.This place serves up local Chinese zichar and Thai dishes. Prices are pretty down to earth with most zichar dishes only slightly pricier than Coffee shop zichar stalls. On top of that, they serve a range of beverages and alcohol usually found in western cafes.We ordered 4 dishes to share for 2pax.Wok Hei Seafood Horfun $6.50, homecooked style horfun with fresh prawns, pork slices, fishcake and greens. This dish is pretty good, has some wok hei and ingredients were fresh.Signature Red Wine Fried Chicken $15, this is an original creation by Kombi Rocks. The chicken mid wings served with crispy keropok were very tasty, the sweet sauce didn't have much of a wine taste, but still yummy nonetheless.The star dish of the day, Steamed egg with prawns and ginger garlic $35 (market price). The prawns were fresh and succulent and its natural sweetness has gone into the egg custard loaded with ginger and garlic, a combination of perfectly matched flavors...thumbs up!Claypot Fish maw Tofu w/ Fish Slices $30. Braised tofu with assorted veggies and loads of fish maw with some fish slices, served in a huge Fish head curry size claypot. Another homely style dish, very satisfying and filling too!We also ordered a drink each to go with the meal. I had the Cream Soda Float $6, and it came in a jumbo glass jar! The serving is definitely big enough for 2 to share.The vanilla ice cream portion was generous, goes well with the fizzy cream soda...I love this drink!Hubby ordered a Bistro Mint Tea $5, he said it tasted like regular tea..Our dining experience here was a pleasant one, the food served here was pretty good and prices are pocket friendly (they don't charge GST). The ambiance is the main draw for this casual diner, for people who love all things retro and its a photographer's dream eatery. This is certainly a place worth checking out if you're staying nearby. continue reading
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