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Ang Ku Kueh Egg Tart Handmade Pau
Review (3)
Level4 2014-01-28
Passed by the coffee shop here in the evening and saw quite a nice array of Pau and Dim Sum such as Char Siew Pastry, Popiah, Sesame Ball, Chee Cheong Fun, and so on. These looked really very tempting in the display and since I was hungry, I got a few to try.Lian Rong Pau ($0.90)The pau was too dry which made it a tad difficult to chew on. The filling was actually quite nice and it was sweet and moist enough for me but I found the portion given somewhat too small for the entire pau, so it didn't really do much to make up for the dryness of the pau. Egg Tart ($0.70) - Bottom LeftThis was quite crumbly and the egg custard was pretty smooth, but the taste was a little too light for me with just a tiny hint of sweetness. It's good if you prefer something light. I enjoyed the crust though! Siew Mai ($0.60) - Bottom RightThis was the best of the lot. The meat was very tender and juicy. I thought it was worth its price tag of $0.60 as I've tasted less tastier ones at higher prices. Will definitely get more of this next time!Admittedly, service was so-so and the lady was pretty snappish when I asked about one of the pau but I supposed it was a busy day and one can't expect too much from a coffee shop stall. To her credit though, she was aware when someone actually cut queue in front of me and took my order first even though there wasn't really a proper queue here. That scored some points in my book.I wouldn't discount the possibility of paying this stall another visit in future to try the other pau and dim sum, especially since the dim sum here are quite affordable, but just probably not during busy periods. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-19
It was after lunch and I was looking around for a bakery when I saw this Khong Guan pau stall. Besides selling pau, I realised that they sell egg tarts, and other pastries like char siew pastry, chicken pastry etc. I had originally wanted the egg tarts, but they ran out of them. I got the chicken pau pastry instead. It has the same fillings as your ordinary pau, but just with a different exterior. I would think I prefer eating the normal pau, since the taste is more balanced. With the pastry exterior, it adds saltiness to the already salty and greasy chicken filling. I will probably stick to buying my egg tarts in future. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-24
Having an intense craving for egg tarts one morning, I made a detour to get this food for brekkie on my way to work. At wee hours in the morning, there aren't many places open and selling egg tarts in my area. I could only recall this. Thankfully, it was really open in the morning. The egg tarts were ready and I was the only customer there. I made my order but was told to wait by the woman at the stall. She continued with her frying of other food items and other mundane tasks, and all the time, I was standing there, waiting for her to pack the egg tarts for me! All in all, I stood for a few minutes there, lookin like a fool! Though the egg tarts were decent (not the best I've eaten) and came with the pastry base (my favourite), the poor service really shooed me off! I'm never going to get anything from this stall again! continue reading
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