Opening on 20 Mar, 2014. 100% baked chicken from Korea is the star of the menu at Korean restaurant, Koryo. continue reading
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Nankin Row, located at China Square Central, is almost like the less commercialized, more upbeat and hippier end of town. There is an electric buzz in the atmosphere, similar to Circular Road... but more spacious. Many restaurants, bars and cafes popping up over here, including the latest Korean restaurant which offers 100% baked not fried chicken - KORYO Korean Baked Chicken Hof. Their dessert patbingsu - ice-shavings with red beans - (original/strawberry/green tea) was not available as they were lacking some ingredients to make it.. oh well, better luck next time. I was quite impressed that they are really serious about their food, ensuring that the ingredients were of the best quality before they go ahead with making it.Their open-concept kitchen is sleek and minimalist, allowing customers to see their chefs hard at work! The furniture placement and choice were very laidback, homely and cozy.The entire wall is scattered with stern black-framed pictures, resembling a museum. In case you missed it - some iPads were camouflaged cleverly on the walls to create animated paintings... for a moment there, it reminded me of Harry Potter.Even the placemat is designed beautifully to complete the whole dining experience.The potato salad was a grey mash that was served cold and didn't had much of a flavour, except well, potatoes. It might be better if they added more tangy and juicy vegetables like cucumbers to add more dimension and color to it. The pickles were curiously white, and were perfectly soured. Not a fan of pickles, but I tried a few and kind of liked it. :')There were in-house dip creations available for the baked chicken too. Choices include soy garlic, red hot, honey mustard and wasabi mayo. The reserved, Korean-Chinese service staff suggested wasabi mayo, which turned out to be a great idea.The signature assorted baked chicken (4pcs) came in a tray, piping hot straight from the oven. Yes, they are cooked in a much healthier way, and people often associate healthy food with blandness... well, not necessarily because KORYO knows how to achieve the best of both worlds.The chicken skin was baked to a satisfying crisp, but the best part about not frying it? The chicken meat retained a lot of its moisture, and every bite is so tender - especially the drumsticks! If there is one thing I cannot give up in the food spectrum, it has got to be chicken drumsticks.Squeeze a jab of lemon and a smear of wasabi mayo... and I'm in heaven.KORYO start operations at 4.30pm everyday and fills up pretty quickly even though they have tables stretching across the alfresco area. You are advised to reach before 7 in order to snag a place in this hottest restaurant in town. We arrived at a little past six, and the dinner crowd was already trickling in slowly. A recommended place especially for all those chicken lovers out there!For more pictures, visit http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/2014/04/food-feat-koryo-korean-baked-chicken.html continue reading
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