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Opening Hours
Mon - Fri
07:30 - 20:00
Sat - Sun
09:00 - 15:30
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Signature Dishes
Smoked Duck Kraftwich
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Original Post http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/10/kraftwich-swissbake-one-raffles-place/Kraftwich is the latest concept cafe created by Swissbake. The environment is casual with some hipster touch.On weekdays, Kraftwich starts as early as 7.30am to serve the early birds in the CBD area with some hearty breakfast items. There are 3 types of bread to choose from; the Croissant sandwich, Multigrain Croissant and Swiss Crumpet. Each with different fillings; Turkey Ham & Cheese Croissant, Egg Mayo Croissant, Tuna Mmultigrain Croissant, Fritata Multigrain Croissant, Poached Egg & Turkey Ham Swiss Crumpet and Beef Pastrami Swiss Crumpet at $5.90 each. These 6 items are available till 11am. Diners could add $1 to enjoy it with coffee or tea. For even healthier Breakfast option, both the Bircher Muesli and Crunchy Apple Granola Mix are available.We tried both the Poached Egg & Turkey Ham Swiss Crumpet and Beef Pastrami Swiss Crumpet. Though it was delicious, I find the mayo spread a little too sweet for my palate.Kraftwich has named its fame sandwich Kraftwich ($8.90) too. With 8 fillings; Smoked Salmon, Turkey Ham & Cheese, Tuna & Egg, Vegetarin, Smoked Duck, Portobello and Smoked Chicken to choose from, diners are spoilt for choice. Diners could opt for either the Maize bread or the Mutligrain bread. Both are considered healthy choices.The top favourite among the group diners for the night was the Smoked Duck. Surprisingly, the Portobello was also very well received. Me too like these 2 items. And the other important factor of the sandwich was bread was fluffy and soft.If bread isn’t your preferred choice, diners could choose to Go Green with Our Kraft ($9.90); replacing bread with greens. Likewise 8 toppings for the salad. Alternatively, diner could go for DIY Your Kraft ($7.90) consisting of mixed veggies and 5 regular toppings of diner choice. There are 20 regular toppings and 9 premium toppings to choose from.Good news for diners, one could opt for Kraft Me A Meal at $13.90 consisting of a Main, choose either the Kraftwich or Our Kraft Salad (add $1) and a Side, either Mini Salad or Soup. Lastly a drink, Cappuccino or Iced Lemon Tea.As we know Swissbake has various delicious bake which include the pastries, Quiche and Pies should diners wanting to opt for something light there are various flavours to choose from.Sweet Endings with either Daily Cakes or Mug Cakes ($6.90) is always a great way to complete the meal. We tried 4 of the 5 daily cakes. The top choice for most is Paradiso Di Nocciola, followed by Chocolate Fudge. A handful enjoyed the Hazelnut Crunch, which I didn’t. No one chose the Blueberry Cheesecake to be their fave. It was a pity we missed out on the Black Forest Cake.There are 5 flavours of Mug Cakes ($6.90); Chocolate, Chocolate Banana, White Choc Strawberry, White Choc Blueberry and Bread & Butter Pudding. Each Mug Cake come with a scoop of ice cream. We tried only the Bread & Butter Pudding Mug Cake which most of us find it a little too sweet. Daily from 2pm to 6pm, diners could enjoy a pastry and coffee or tea at $6.90 or Cake and coffee or tea at $7.90; value for money.At Kraftwich, there are both Coffee or Non-coffee option. For Coffee, both black and with milk are available. The signature coffee drink is the Salted Caramel ($5.50 hot / $6 iced). I tried their Cappuccino ($4.90). It is a cuppa with low acidity, nutty full body.A handful of Not Coffee selection with the Swiss Pure Hot Chocolate where can customise the level of chocolaty and option of marshmallow are available too. As usual, Assorted Hot Tea($4.90) isn’t missing. A pity there is only an Iced Tea available for selection, the Iced Lemon Tea ($4.90). 2 Frappe ($6.90) are also on the menu, Strawberry Yoghurt Frappe and Banana Choco Cookies Frappe. Lastly the Cold Pressed Juice, Orange ($5.90), Spinach Apple ($6.90) and Beetroot Orange ($6.90).Kraftwich provides delicious and healthy option of both Salad and Sandwiches will certainly attracts the Executive working in the area.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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