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Kuishin Bo is the first to introduce a new local dining concept in Japanese buffet meal, with a wide spread of food including zuwaikani (snow crabs), appetizers, sashimi, sushi, seafood, teppanyaki, tempura, oden, soba, udon, ramen, hot dishes, desserts, cakes, soft drinks, coffee, tea and more. continue reading
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11:30 - 15:00
17:30 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Salmon Ikura Yakiniku
Review (21)
My mum has been bugging me about the Afternoon Delight promotion at Kuishin Bo for quite some time now. Since the promo is only available on weekends and PH, and it was Christmas yesterday~ I brought her there to enjoy!  The buffet is from 3.30pm-5pm at Jurong Point. I tried to call beforehand as I was unsure if booking was required, but no one picked up the phone after 5 tries in 15 mins.   So we decided to go try our luck. We reached at 3.45pm ~ and we were just brought in straight away.  Staff! (Then I realized the phone was ringing and no one bothered about it. Now I know why no one pick up liao.Anyway, we were late for like 15 mins and most food was gone -sweats-I went to take some sushi and soba  Decorated the dessert plate, lol~Best eclairs:Superb Chawanmushi!Cute gingerbread man deserves a praise Best Mango pudding The mochi desserts are EWWWWW. My first time trying this fish, I have no idea what it is but it's DELICIOUS.  I took like 8 pieces sorry too greedy I didn't really take a lot of pics, 'cos I was busy eating XD I have been to many buffet (and taken many pics just lazy to do review), but this is the only buffet that had me repeatedly watching out for the time. The food runs out quickly  so everyone is very alert. At about 4.15pm, the nice stuff from dessert bar ran out. I only took one mango pudding  Lucky I was smart enough to get some other desserts beforehand. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten to eat any. Every single one of them ran out except for those that're not very nice - like the *ahem* mochi. They also have Ginseng scallop porridge which is very nice, but I forgot to take picture heheh.Okay so overall I think the food quality is high, but the quantity is limited. Also, you need experience to eat this buffet. Well... Here's my hint and tip. 1) Stock up on the NICE desserts at 4pm, or else you will have NONE at the end. 2) Keep a lookout for the fried fish (idk the name) - it runs out quickly and there's only two rounds.3) Grab some salad before it runs out! I didn't get a chance to try ANY salad dish at all.4) The assorted sushis are always replenished, so get something else first, like the seaweed or chawanmushi XD 5) Also... At about 4.45pm the ice cream were all gone and we only took one scoop of green tea ice cream  So if you want some just eat earlier.Also, when you see the food starts replenishing, you can't take them anymore because it's for the dinner buffet at 6pm. The staff told us that at 4.30pm it's last round of change and no more after that. With this experience I know where to chiong the next time I come liao. Total bill for 2 adults was $39.78 with GST and service charge. So per head around $20.P.s. I'm planning to try their dinner buffet with Snow Crab legs and a lot of other stuff (omg looks so delicious) so just look out for my review next time ~Afternoon delight promotion is only at Jurong Point outlet, from 3.30pm to 5pm. Last round of change is at 4.30pm. Grab the desserts at 4pm or you will have none at the end. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-30
Kuishin Bo is one of the many famous Japanese buffet. It is famous for the large crab leg. I really like the crab leg and their sushi section together with their salmon sashimi. The crab leg was really fresh, meaty and juicy. They provide the scissors to aid the cutting of the shell. Not only that, they have a special dish during dinner time when they ring the bell. It is in limited quantity so people will be hovering around the area when they time get closer. My friends and I manage to get a half black pepper lobster each and we were so happy. I would definitely go back for more crab legs! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-26
One of the places I really wanted to go for a decent Japanese buffet, besides Sakae Sushi, was Kushin Bo. I had been there once a few years ago and stopped going. One day my sisters and decided to go there for their lunch buffet.The place wasn’t very packed and we managed to choose our own seats. Before long we started picking food items off the food stalls. Most of the food were not fully displayed, partly cause we were early like 11.45am. Being amateurs, we got full pretty quickly.I had say the selection wasn’t very impressive but I do like the desserts section. They also have a chocolate fondue with accompanying biscuits and fruits for dips (if you had like). continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-08
It is hard to book a table. If you cannot book a table in advance, you need to go to queue early.我们就没book上,提前去排队。刚好现在做活动,我们是周五,if you can check out before 7pm, you price will be 35.8++per pax only, otherwise, you need to pay 43.8++per pax. 总的来说还是不错的,饮料很多选择,sashimi的话salmon已经吃腻了,主要还是长脚蟹。。。吃了起码有25根长脚蟹,很多人都目的明确,5:30进来,吃长脚蟹,然后7pm check out,为了省钱。。。其他的有个炒牛肉也不错。。desserts很多,很好吃的小蛋糕。。。不过还是不算特别多种类,这边的自助东西都不算多,只有一个特色而已。。。其他的做的都比较普通一点了。。。。可能是单一日式自助的关系吧。。。周一是student night,student pass只要35.8++per pax continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-03
If you are a fan of1) Sashimi 2) Sushi3) Cold Seafood 4) Tempura or basically any Japanese food, Kuishinbo is definitely a choice for you to visit. Having unlimited of almost everything on the buffet spread. My favorite is definitely the different variety of sashimi and the cold seafood (snow crab legs FTW!). The cold crab leg tasted fresh (unlike some other expensive buffet I've visited before at MBS which tasted very salty and not fresh) and is really juicy with the crab juice. The chef behind the buffet counter replenishes the food very often and fast, so you will not have to worry that you need to wait for your food to be replenish. Their choice of tepanyaki dishes are good too - ranging from veggies to different kind of meat. Another thing I love about Kuishinbo is their dessert counter. There are like more 20 items for you to choose from? and I also love their idea of having a big squarish plate which is divided into 9 small squares (pic below) to put your dessert in a presentable way (and not messing it up). The taste of the dessert is good, definitely it doesn't taste cheap for sure. For the price, I think it is very worth it. Waiting for my next visit soon! continue reading
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