KungFu Paradise is a casual dining place for the young and combines influences of the East and the West. The cafe opens past midnight. It is specially designed for customers to relax so its interior is decorated in orange hues, with rows of booth seats. This allows for dining privacy while relaxing. Besides serving Hong Kong cuisine, they also serve popular Western picks such as pasta, sandwiches and toast. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:00
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11:00 - 23:00
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Signature Dishes
Gripping Grape Soup Noodle with Braised Beef Brisket
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Level4 2013-12-28
Under one of the famous Chinese Restaurant chain in Singapore - Paradise Group, it was a casual featured eatery located at Bedok Mall. Loaded with extensive Menu, food looked generally decent. Price was definite worthy, surrounding was crammed and lively during evening time.I like their chilling Hong Kong style Milk Tea very much, rather thick aromatic tea. Ordered along the finger food, deep-fried squids were crispy and tender. Shared among us, several main courses on table were appealing. Cantonese-style rice was ordinary, nothing to scream about. Noodle was mushy tangy with a generous portion, combination was fine. Burger was similar to common fast food, everything was fresh with snack-size. Who says Christmas must celebrate with Western-style, I found Hong Kong cuisine was satisfying also. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-15
Was feeling hungry after dinner and decided to head out for supper. Came to bedok point and the first restaurant i saw was Kungfu Paradise. I went in and ordered a orea cheesecake as i am a big fan of it. To my surprise, the orea cheescake there was quite good. It has a nice presentation too which is decorated by chocolate lines underneath the cake. The cake is not too cheesy nor sweet. The texture of the cake is just nice too. Found a new supper place to dine in continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-25
This restaurant attracts alot of youngster as the logo is really cute.We ordered Mushroom soup and meatball pastaCreamy, smooth and delicious mushroom soup with crispy and fragrant garlic bread.Scrumptious and succulent big meat balls with al dente spaghetti coated with sweet and tangy tomato paste, its perfect.they serve alot of other types of dish, will come back to dine in again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-13
TGIF!! Decided to drive out to have dinner on a Friday evening after work. Hubby wanted to drive to Wawawa at Bedok reservoir but I thought it would be good to go on a weekend whereby we can reach there earlier to catch the beautiful sunset. In the end, we went to Bedok Point. I think basically Bedok Point is like a Food Mall with many restaurants, right from the 1st level. There was a especially long queue at "Chicken Hotpot" so I suppose the food is good there? I am not too sure as I have not tried it yet. After going from 1st level to the top level, we decided to go down to the 1st level again as we couldn't really make up our mind what to eat. Dilemma when you have too many choices.We decided on Kungfu Paradise. When we reached the restaurant, a friendly staff apologized to us saying that there was no seat available and we might have to wait 20 to 25 minutes for a seat. As we almost wanted to walk away in disaapointment, I saw three tables of guests standing up, preparing to leave. I pointed to the staff, telling her that there was seat available. She politely told us to wait while she would go and clear the table. So in the end, we still got a table at Kungfu Paradise. This was my second time here actually.I ordered the seafood hor fun. It was quite flavoursome and the prawns were very fresh.Hubby had noodles with egg and sausages. We ended our meal with this dessert which looked really colourful.As it is my hubby's birthday month, I told him to sign up for the Paradise loyalty card which can be used in all the 7 restaurants in the Paradise Group. continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-13
The restaurant is strategically placed right at the entrance of the shopping mall, so it’s pretty hard to miss. It smelled wonderful from the outside so my friend and I decided to go in and try.The place was clean and big, and staff was polite too. So we’re off to a good start. They currently have a promotion – add $2 to complete a main course. It includes a soup of the day, drink of the day and a piece of garlic bread.The garlic bread was only about one third the size of a regular piece of bread, so it’s quite small. But it’s just $2 for 3 items, no complains there. It tasted pretty decent too.My friend and I both ordered noodles. I had the spicy chicken ham noodles (soup) while he had the chicken sausage noodles (dry). They tasted like regular instant noodles so I strongly DO NOT recommend you to try them. The spicy chicken ham noodles tasted exactly like the Korean kimichi spicy instant noodle you can get at a super mart for $1+ per packet. The sausages and ham didn’t taste exceptionally good too. On a side note, besides the food, it’s kind of weird that they served our noodles first instead of the soup and garlic bread, which was supposed to be the appetizers. I hate it when this happens in a restaurant, when the main course came a few minutes before the appetizers. It makes me unsure of which to eat first, the soup and bread, or the main course. Either thing I start with, the other will be cold by the time I got to it. So It’s a minus point. ):We also tired the custard buns, which was labeled “Top 5 in Singapore” on the menu. I’ve tried many custard buns, they are my favourite, and the custard buns here were one of the smallest I’ve seen. They were about half a palm size for one.Taste wise, pretty good. The fillings were really like liquid gold, so that’s good. They had a pungent yolk taste, something like the yolk you get in mooncakes, so for people who hate those, it’s best to keep away from them. But for those who love egg yolks, these are the perfect custard buns for you. They come in threes for about $2. No harm trying (: continue reading
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