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Kura Ramen is a Japanese casual dining restaurant that specializes in Ramen. continue reading
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Level3 2011-12-13
Birthday lunch at kura ramen quite sometime back. Kura provides a wide variety choice of ramen and sides to go along with the ramen. I've chosen the salty soup base ramen that comes along with chicken karage and tea. The ramen tasted just nice and chicken karage tasted good too. However the tea gave me a shock as it was so bitter and I had to ask for plain water. We ordered gyoza which tasted great as well! Service was really good, the waitress will always give us a smile while she served us. Great place to have an affordable ramen in town! continue reading
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Level1 2011-08-14
This restaurant is situated within this area named "Tokyo Walker" in Plaza Singapura, which basically comprises a group of japanese eateries including ajisen, ajino chanpon and fruit paradise, etc.I visited ajino chanpon on a previous ocassion to try out chanpon, which is basically noodles resembling the fat yellow noodles commonly found in our local fishball noodles. We returned to Tokyo Walker as we were given a rewards card for stamps collection with every $15 spent in any of the restaurants within Tokyo Walker. Hence, we tried out Kura Sapporo Ramen this time round.FoodThe menu items are rather limited, with no dessert selection. This is probably because fruit paradise is just next door. That's probably their way of optimising patronage for all their brands given that they belong to the same group of restaurants.I ordered the spicy miso ramen while my friend ordered the red miso cha shu ramen. The restaurant basically prepares ramen with two different soup bases - one with white miso while the other with red miso. Upon enquiring with the server the difference between the two, we were informed that red miso has a stronger miso taste as compared to the white one. For the uninitiated, miso is basically bean paste, and is a staple in the japanese diet. Now the difference between Sapporo ramen and the common variety is basically of the noodles - this is of a maggie-mee like structure. The soup base is rather tasty for both the spicy ramen (white miso) and the cha shu ramen (red miso), even though the former is spiced up with chili powder. However, the spicy ramen only came with one piece of pork, which was a tad disappointing. The other items in the spicy ramen includes cabbage, seaweed and an egg, which I replaced it with another piece of seaweed (what a waste I know, more on that later). My friend's cha shu ramen came with seaweed, egg, some pieces of cha shu but no vegetable at all. I ordered an add-on side and drink for an additional $3, which is rather worth it. My choice of side dish was seafood katsu and drink is ice lemon tea. Seafood katsu was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, a rather enjoyable side dish. Ice lemon tea however, was the typical canned version which can be cloyingly sweet. With the collection of our 4th stamp, we managed to redeem a milk pudding dessert, which comes drizzled with hot fudge. It tastes a little like vanilla ice cream, and gave a sweet end to the meal.PriceStandard ajisen pricing. The spicy ramen was $12.80 while the cha shu ramen was $14.80. One side dish and drink can be added on for an extra $3 while you can add a soft drink to your ramen for an additional $1. Service charge and GST is applicable.ServiceThe servers were prompt, friendly and spoke good english. The food was also delivered to our table rather fast. The downside however was of these two instances:1. The restaurant did not allow the flexibility of changing certain items in the dish, such as replacement of the egg with an extra piece of pork. The replacement I got was either for more spring onions or an extra piece of seaweed, which does not really justify the value of the egg. It would be good if they can allow more flexibility to cater to the requests of different customers.2. The server did not inform us that they only have one of the two desserts for redemption and hence served the milk pudding by default even though we had wanted the doriyaki. It would be good if they can inform us before serving so that we can make a choice whether to redeem it at this point or not. AmbienceA red and black decor, with rather limited seats. Adequate for a quick meal but perhaps not a large gathering. continue reading
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Level4 2011-06-05
It had been quite a while that i haev not meet up for Aileen for dinner. One day i decide to call her to catch up with her and we decide to meet up dinner on Thursday. Aileen asked me to asked my wife to join along as well. We decided to meet at Plaza Singapura for dinner at 7pm. When we reached there, we have no idea what we like to have dinner and my wife proposed to have japanese food, but we don't really want to have sushi. We walk along at Level 4 and saw Kura Ramen and all of us agreed to have Ramen. We ordered each of us a ramen that cost ard $13 dollars and also with a top of side dish and green tea of $3 dollars. Overall the food is good and price i think quite reasonable. continue reading
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Level3 2011-03-27
Have tried the 3 different Ramen Restaurants at Plaza Sing's Tokyo Walk.This restaurant's ramen and side dishes tasted ok, nothing amazing.But if you love springy noodles, try this Hokkaido Ramen.If you love chicken bone, try their fried chicken bone.If you love shoyu tastes, you may try their red miso ramen.If you love onions, they have lots in the soup (so if you dun, pls remember to tell them that you do not want any ^^)The price is about the price of Ajisen Ramen continue reading
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