La Cuisson is an old-school meet modernism restaurant offering a plethora of French delicacies. At relatively cheap prices, you can get a filling and value-for-money meal here. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-21
It is located at one end of a row of shophouses. Before its current location, it used to be a stall in a coffee shop in Holland Drive. At 11am, we are one of its first customers. There is both indoor and outdoor dine in area. Inside the restaurant, it is decorated in deep red and black tones. On weekends, brunch is offered at the restaurant.Salmon ($24++)Quinoa and barley, cereal crust, hollandise, citrus vinaigrette.The salmon is cooked just nice and tastes as smooth as sashimi. The cereal crust gives it a light and crunchy feel. The quinoa and barley is tasty and filling. Wish there is more of it.The House Hash ($22++)Roasted potatoes, sausages, caramelised onions with a 63c poached egg and house made brioch. The brioch is buttery and soft. The strong flavoured lamb and pork sausages balanced with the plain potatoes. Overall it is a very filling dish.Churros ($10++)This dish is made a upon order, so it takes some times. Served hot with chocolate sauce. Tastes soft and crispy, but with a hint of stale oil aftertaste.Total bill after GST and service charge is $65.91. Overall the food is yummy, all thank to the staff's recommendation. Water is served and refilled regularly. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-20
This is the Striploin with potatoes and salad. I think because of the thinness of the steak, even though it's cooked medium rare, I still felt it was pretty tough. It's not juicy or tender and there was quite a bit of fatty parts which I had to cut out. The steak was seasoned well but it was a pity that it was quite dry and tough. The potatoes had barely any seasoning and could definitely use a pinch of salt. The salad dressing, on the other hand, was very nice! It tasted like some Thai inspired Tom Yum dressing and it was bright, tangy and flavourful. I wish the potatoes had the same dressing. This is their Chocolate torte (I think that's the spelling) dessert. This dessert is quite interesting and I like it. It had a myriad of textures and flavours that kept it from being a boring chocolate dessert. The chocolate portion is like some harden mousse and is quite dark and bitter which is really nice with the crunchy bits. There's earl grey cream, chili biscuits and sticky bits of nougat like chunks in there. continue reading
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for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ french food at affordable prices. honestly, tell me where else can you get foie gras at less than $10?!the pan seared foie gras salad ($8) was yummyyyy! of course, being less than $10 means that some HIGH standards have to be sacrificed. but really, it isn't half bad! in fact, it's good! slightly crispy on the outside, it was still deliciously oh-so-sinful on the inside. eating it with veggies just made me feel a little better.we also had the caesar salad ($4) - don't ask me why, i told them to buy the duck confit salad!!! but it was pretty good too! a slightly unconventional take on it i have to say! instead of bacon chips, there was a whole strip of bacon! and instead of hard boiled egg, they used a half-boiled egg which i looooved. the runny yolk drizzled on top of the veggies when i burst it was just wonderful hehe i dont like lamb. so when i say it's good, TRUST ME. the lamb stew was jaw-droppingly good. it was so soft, it simply fell apart when we tore through it. there was the slightly gamey taste, but it wasn't as strong, and therefore quite palatable. and i loved the mash potato and veggies that came with it!the chicken roulade ($6.50) too was yummy! (: really flavourful (: i was so hungry then i just gobbled everything without tasting much but it was really good. it SMELLED delicious too! we were all so excited to eat it, just because of the smell.lastly, we had the mushroom pasta! it was good cos it didn't give that awful bloated 'jelat' feeling which creamy pastas give. maybe it was because we shared but that was partly what made this whole meal so good. the feeling of family continue reading
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