Le Halo is an all-day breakfast cafe underpinned by a family friendly concept. From the brightly adorned and vivacious interior of the cafe, to the quirky toys and thoughtfully curated menu, the result is a paradise made for the little ones. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-27
Don't blink - this is not your average cafe.Le Halo is determined to make your tastebuds and nostalgia-seeking soul very happy, just like its name promises... 'Le' refers to the Chinese character, Joy; while 'halo' is a pun on the word 'hello' (Cue: Adele). It is definitely not your average cafe, and I am thoroughly in love with their creations, one after another after another. Is it far-fetched to say it's worth travelling down to try it? Not at all.The moment I entered, I realized that Le Halo is half a boutique store that sells paraphernalia from yesteryear Singapore. curiously well-stocked with all kinds of childhood playthings, furniture and display decor that you might want to furnish your space with. If you're looking to get one of these things... yes, Le Halo is likely to have it.Battered soldiers to play morbid games with - pre-meal.No doubt there's a crazy amount of things in there, but somehow it's not too messy and visually assaulting. It serves as a good entertainment and distraction while waiting for your food to be served. Working around a tiny open-concept kitchen, it's surprising how the interior space doesn't smell of oil and food at all, which I deeply appreciate.Mouthwatering and delicious, I dare say this Otak Egg (SGD9.50) tastes even better than otak itself. Inventive and fun dish that has succeeded in understanding what delicious should be, I found myself reaching for it repeatedly because I can't get enough of the taste. A slab of juicy Muah otak on toast. Never knew this combination could be this good.The show-stopper must be this all-time customers favourite, Piggy Stew (SGD11.50), and it's not difficult to see why at all. I'm impressed by how truly flavourful the pork stew is from slow-cooked process, it was just so satisfying to dip in the crispy, freshly toasted bread into this. It looks oily but it doesn't bother the taste when I tried it.Award-winning Eggs Benedict (SGD14.50) from Le Halo deserves all the praise it has gotten thus far, precisely because it does justice to the glorious eggs it incorporated into this dish. Two-way eggs - first is good ol' poached egg doused with in-house hollandaise sauce done to perfection, and second, a cheesy salted muffin cup with ham, egg and cheese stuffed. If all these seemed too overwhelming, take a step back with the brush of pea-paste, horse radish, cherry tomatoes and salad. It is definitely one of the best eggs benedicts around, and worth trying if you're bored of the usual version you get.When the Mushroom Carbonara (SGD14.50) was first set on the table, I eyed it with queer suspicion beacause I almost always found carbonara too greasy and heavy for my liking... but guess what, this one passed my test. It was still slightly greasy but it didn't grate on my appetite, and its bacon bits were gratifying to have... as usual. Beautifully done.For desserts, Le Halo's eye-catching rainbow Kueh Lapis and rainbow Cakes are their best sellers. Common reservations about rainbow desserts are about how artificial the colours are, but here, they insist that colours are carefully created by natural ingredients. While it must be painstaking to do so, it isn't easy to detect the flavours. For the Kueh Lapis, it tastes like a regular kueh lapis; for the rainbow cake, I must give it credit it does fare better than normal rainbow cakes, I would prefer to have another flavour. Stick to the mains, but at least the desserts are fun to photograph and finally, something rainbow that's safe to eat. continue reading
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Level1 2015-08-31
Le Halo is a small cafe located in Bukit Ho Swee. The lady owner prepares her food lovingly from scratch. Her signature dishes are the pork burgers and the piggy stew.Juicy pork patties topped with crispy streaky bacon and heavily drizzled with homemade bbq sauce (owner's own recipe). The piggy stew is slowly stewed for hours. Perfectly toasted bread is provided for dipping. Meat so tender, it melts in your mouth.If like me, you adore cook on site food..then this quaint family cafe is a must visit. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-05
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/07/le-halo.htmlI was surprised to find that the table are those old-fashioned sewing machine which my family used to have it. In addition, the chair cushion is familiar to me too as my grandma love sewing something similar for the entire family.Other than being a cafe, Le Halo is also a vintage retail shop. Most items displayed in the shop is available for purchase, while prices are not stated prominently, crew are always around to assist you with utmost patience and service.Piggy Stew ($11.50) uses pork loin mixed with carrots and potatoes. Stew is not too thick but the amount might not be sufficient if you prefer to dip your 6 toasted breadsticks into the stew before consumption.Otah Egg ($8.50) has a layer of Muar otah smeared on the toast, and topped with a sunny side up. While munching on this, Wheeler's Yard came to my mind, with it's Otah Burger that can't kept me eating without comparison.Kueh Lapis ($1.50). A small portion of the kueh lapis, which I feel is below my expectation. I had kueh lapis before which is firm and yet taste a little fluffy and soft. Those at Le Halo is firm too, but taste like it has been toasted before brought to table.Strawberry Mousse ($5.50). We had actually wanted Orange Mirror but was told later on that the cake was not found to be fresh and thus suggested Strawberry Mousse. We took their lead and I think it was a good choice.Strawberry Mousse is much better than the Keuh Lapis, where the strawberry portion is made like pudding and the sponge portion is fluffy!While food may be average, such vibrant-colored cafe is sure to be well-liked by kids, it is also a chilling place for teenagers and adults to gather on a table and chat away while eating on their food and embrace themselves into the "cosy corner". It can also be a place for vintage-peeps to drop by and see if any of the items interest you.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/07/le-halo.html continue reading
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A homely and old-school cafe, Le Halo can be found tucked away in the old estates of Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. A pretty cafe with little bits of nostalgia displayed around, they serve all-day breakfast items amongst other cafe-type food. The owner Elia was a banker turned restaurateur who collected all the items in the café, sourcing each one from around the world and displaying them in this vintage place.Stepping into Le Halo brought back immense nostalgia and I was expressing those fond memories with a number of “OOOHH” and “WOW THEY HAVE THIS” at most items in the cafe! It had a cosy interior which was warm and pleasant to be in, where we spent more than two hours just playing games we enjoyed during our childhood and hanging out.Every corner of the cafe is so beautifully placed and designed!This dish is artfully crafted and boasts such a beautiful display. The Eggs Benedict at Le Halo are served in two ways. Poached egg, ham and crispy bacon on toast and the other in a muffin cup filled with ham, egg and cheese. The eggs were runny with a cheesy surprise hidden beneath the muffin, it was really yummy. I found the muffin cup one delightfully different from the usual Eggs Benedict as it was not accompanied with hollandaise sauce, instead replaced with a cheesy interior.The Chicken Sliders were presented in a miniature fashion but boasts great flavour which totally won me over. I was impressed with the shredded chicken sandwiched between the buns which was so tender and yummy. The BBQ sauce which was drizzled on it had just the right balance of sweet and sourness.Muar Otah on top of toast, I did not expect that such an unpretentious dish will be so satisfying. The juiciness from the succulent chunks of sweet-tasting fresh mackerel makes this dish both fragrant and yummy. Thumbs up for this dish.A beautiful and colourful dessert to end the meal We had an amazing time dining at Le Halo, with impeccable service and delicious food. Thank you Elia for the warm hospitality, we look forward to visiting Le Halo again. continue reading
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