Le Patio offers a mouth-watering selection of European food, inviting patrons to experience a getaway from the bustle of city life through homely fare. Their signatures include seafood paella and nutella crepes. The crepe batter has been thoughtfully created to achieve the correct consistency and texture. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
I saw a lot of bloggers raved about this Mixed Seafood Paella at Pasar Bella. Hence, when I was there, I decided to have a try. The environment was dim and cosy there, the staffs were also friendly introducing their food fares.I ordered the Mixed Seafood Paella. The cost was $13.50, quite pricey for a takeaway meal. When I opened the takeaway box, I could smell the fishy aroma of seafood and lemony scent. The taste of this Mixed Seafood Paella was quite disappointing. Although the rice looked yellowish and shiny, it was actually soggy and tasteless. The seafood seem to have been stay on the cooking pan for too long, it was over-cooked and too chewy to be eaten. The whole Mixed Seafood Paella meal tasted quite bland and smell fishy, it was not to my liking.Hopefully next time they could have replaced the seafood with meat such as chicken or pork to bring out the sweetness to the rice.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-30
Mixed Seafood Paella ($13.50)One of the yummiest Paellas I’ve eaten in Singapore! The winning formula lies in the rice. Each grain was evenly coated with the seasoning/spices and had a slightly charred flavour. The other ingredients (prawns, mussels and squid) were fresh and juicy. The other must-mention is their homemade chili sauce that embellished the whole dish.The price may seem a little steep at first glance, but trust me, it’s all worth it! continue reading
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When he heard about PasarBella - The Farmer's Market @ The Grandstand, Le Patio founder Sean Lai seized the opportunity to set up his stall. The Geneva-born, Swiss-Chinese Sean had been longing for a farmer's market, like those he grew up with. At Le Patio, he's decided to serve paella and crepes which are as close to authentic as possible.Le Patio doesn't have any dedicated seating area, so all food orders are packed for takeaway. This is a problem if the common tables are crowded. The store front is rather plain, with colour themes of black and white. But the glass display behind which lies their 2 large paella cooking pans is eye-catching, you won't be able to pass by without sparing a glance! Also a great sales strategy... after all, once it's caught your gaze, it's difficult to tear yourself away!The service at Le Patio is friendly, and the rather young staff here are chirpy and upbeat. They will greet you, and orders are packed and fulfilled quickly. Because Le Patio is takeaway / self-service, you'll have to queue, place your orders, and make payment at the counter. There is no orderly queue system, so when they have a crowd, you'll have that awkward moment of not knowing where to stand while waiting.Le Patio has a very focused menu, with only 2 main items. The first is their excellent Spanish style seafood paella, which is loaded with fresh seafood. The second is a small selection of sweet or savoury French style crepes, which is cooked to order. The also do a pretty decent cup of coffee, with their Kees Van Der Westen Speedster espresso machine. Portions are large for 1 person, and relatively affordable for the quality, budget about SGD $17 per person for a meal here.The recipe for the crepe batter has been tweaked over 80 times, the achieve the most authentic texture and consistency as those in France. The Ham, Egg & Cheese Crepe (SGD $9.50) is large, with a generous serving of sliced ham, melted cheese, and a farm fresh egg, cooked till just under and runny. Savoury, filling, and so good!The Mixed Seafood Paella (SGD $13.50) stays relatively true to its Valencia roots. Although it has garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes, 2 untraditional ingredients, the overall dish is packed with flavour, with loads of fresh seafood, such as calamari squid, mussels, prawn, bell peppers / capsicum, chicken chunks, and octopus, on a savoury, delicious bed of paella rice, garnished with a slice of lemon.This punchy dish is intense, but the combination of ingredients doesn't overwhelm. While I loved the bright and juicy seafood, the chicken chunks were slightly dry. But the rice, heavy with seafood gravy, is heavenly. Highly recommended! Full Le Patio review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/09/le-patio.html continue reading
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I was at Grandstand with my friends the other day and decided to check out Pasarbella which has been widely talked about with lots of variety of seafood, pastries, coffee and cakes to fill the stomach. After looking and eating around different stores, this store by the name of Le Patio (stall #27 within Pasarbella) caught my eye and left a very HUGE impression on me.That is because it has 2 HUGE traditional paella pans that was cooking on the mega stove. As the chef was placing a decadent load of mix of seafood ingredients (including prawns, squid, mussels and chicken) on it in full view of the crowd, everyone couldn't resist snapping photos of it. Although my friends and I weren't hungry but from the mouth-watering aroma that fills the air, we couldn't resist ordering it to try how does the Seafood Paella on that huge pan taste like. As we took lots of photos of it, the friendly staff there joked with us that if we can finish up the pan of paella, he would give it to us. Of course, he was just begin hospitable, friendly and obviously pulling our leg on that. As we ordered the Mix Paella ($13.50) which is their signature and most popular choice over there, we were served in a biodegradable pack that is environmentally friendly. I love the flavour of the saffron rice which has slightly burnt parts that was crunchy to the bite. It came with a lime and sweet Thai-style chilli that enhances the flavours of seafood too. It was way too delicious that we can't help finishing up every bit of it that's in the box.Later, I realized that the utensils are made from wood instead of plastic! That is really very new as it was my first time using a wooden spoon and fork. The decision of Le Patio to be environmental friendly deserves a huge applause!There wasn't a designated place for Le Patio's customers to sit and dine as the style of Pasarbella is like a Europe food market. Diners can sit at any common dining area you like but you have to clean up their utensils after that. Hence, the place wasn't exactly clean as some diners are rather inconsiderate not to clear the mess they have left behind after eating. The F&Bs here are mostly self-service so you just order at their cashier of the particular store, pick up, and find somewhere to eat.I would recommend this place for families who wants to bring their kids here to enjoy the food market experience at Pasarbella and also a group of friends so to dine around, trying out different types of food from stores all over. Do expect crowd on weekends as there are limited dining areas. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Mountain of Seafood PaellaSeafood Paella, $14.40(Normal portion - $11.90, top up $2.50 for extra rice)I tried the highly-raved Seafood Paella by Le Patio.It looks good and smells good, but didn't taste like how I'd expected.On the day that I tried this, the entire dish was too mushy.I thought there'd be some flavour in the pretty yellow-coloured rice, but it tasted just like normal rice. The chicken was also mushy all over. The mussels were slightly smaller than the size of cockles, and were stuck stubbornly to the shells. Overall the entire dish lacked flavour, let alone any seafood fragrance. Only the prawns were good and had a little crunch texture to it.However, I visited the stall within the first 2 weeks of the opening of PasarBella - this was before the actual grand opening. The food was still rather inconsistent, and I've seen the paella being either too mushy or burnt.I'm going back to try it again, as they have now settled into the business. Hopefully the cooking is more consistent and the paella tastier. continue reading
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