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Legend is a food court located at Anchorvale community centre. The stalls inside ranges from local dishes to other cuisines like western food and Ramen. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-18
The recent trend of modern fusion coffeeshops has made its way to North east area of Singapore (finally)! Legend coffeeshop, which opened their doors this year April 2015 at Sengkang, has yet to made known to public so I decided to blog about it.The whole coffeeshop interior was a mixed of modern fusion + old skool concept, with wooden tables, rustic metal chairs and some elements of the 80s. There's coffee stall, western food stall, ramen stall, roast meat stall and cze char stall. I patronized Legend on 2 continuous nights and the following cze char dishes were what I've ordered1) Deep fried Tofu cubes in cereal $6 - Tofu cubes were very crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. Tofu itself tasted bland without any seasoning but the buttered cereal adds an additional punch to it giving them more taste and crunch.(2) Salted Egg Prawn Balls $22 - Portion was abit small for a medium sized but luckily it tastes good. Salted egg flavour was highly dosed, fragrant and the prawns were fresh too. Everyone on the table loves this dish.(3) Prawn Paste Chicken Wings $12 - Deep fried to golden brown, these sexy legs are indeed CRISPY! Marinating process could be longer, marinades can be heavier, so that the prawn paste taste can be more distinctive. Although this current version is good enough BUT I love 重口味.(4) Curry Fishhead $25 - A pippin hot claypot curry fishhead was the most suitable choice on a breezy day like yesterday. Other than the meaty fishhead, chef was generous with the veggies that came with it. Lots of cabbage, eggplant, long beans and tau pok (bean curd skin). The curry gravy wasn't those thick type, it's slight watery but still full of flavours. It's not a bad choice after all.(5) Mongolian Pork Ribs $10 - Initially we asked for Zheng Jiang Pork Ribs but it was sold out. So we chose Mongolian as alternative. The meat was tender and comes with bone. The Mongolian sauce was rather sweet for me and luckily the hints of cinnamon wasn't too overwhelming as I dislike cinnamon.(6) French beans with Minced Pork $12 - French beans, my favourite type of veggie since young. I've always love it with hei bi hiam (spicy shrimp paste) but here doesn't cater. We had the version with pork instead. French beans were crunchy, stir-fried with minced pork and mushroom bits. Overall was slight salty but still nice.(7) Spinach with 3 types of eggs $10 - Veggie part is done well, stems of spinach still have the crunch. Egg portions are generous but too bad the broth is bland. I would say "can do without" this dish.(8) Stir-fried Potato Leaves with Sambal Chilli $8 - Compared with the plate I had at Bedok Wee's family, this is a yummier choice. The vegetable chosen were mainly smaller young potato leaves which provides more texture while biting. Sambal chilli used was more spicy too which what most of us preferred.(9) Roast Meat $7.50- The char siew sold here was different from others which I've tried before. The texture and taste was more like Chinese sausages (lap cheong) than our usual char siew. I quite like it. Roasted pork belly on the other hand, wasn't really impressive. It was overly salty and skin wasn't crackling.(10) Fried Rice $6 - Fried rice smells real good when served. The rice texture was done just right, not mushy and 粒粒分明. The bonus part is they still use char siew in their fried rice whereas a lot other cze char stalls already changed to mock meat. A satisfying plate of rice which is flavourful and not oily.Verdict: A cool place to chill at for food, beer and fresh fruit juices. It's a friendly environment suitable for all families. Cze char dishes were quite good. I must come back to try other stalls in this coffeeshop since this location is quite accessible from my house. The only complain was service can be quite lagging when place is crowded. You might have to pick up your own food from the ordering station when they're ready as Legend shorts manpower now. continue reading
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