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L’Rocky French Apple Tart Baked Truffle Mushroom Pasta
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/06/03/les-patisseries/Les Patisseries is a French inspired cafe nestled under a HBD block about 7 minutes walk from Toa Payoh MRT. The premises itself is tiny but cosy. The bakery cafe does not accept reservations so do come early if you’d like to avoid queuing.The brief menu is written on a chalkboard behind the counter and brunch is available from 8am to 3pm.Instead of the usual muffin base, Les Patisseries Eggs Benedict ($11.90) is served with freshly backed mini croissants that won our hearts with its buttery flavour and flaky texture. The poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce were decent but it was the amazing croissants that left and indelible impression.Served on a black tile, the shoestring Garlic Fries ($7.50) were crisps and appealing.Les Patisseries stand out from the crowd with its unusual waffle flavours, namely Hoffles and Waffle Ispaphan.Hofffles ($9.90) is essentially Horlicks waffles. A familiar childhood favourite but uncommon flavour in the waffle-sphere, this is a must-try just because it’s so distinctive. Other reasons to check this out-buttery waffle with a crispy exterior and soft, fluffy interior.Taking inspiration from Pierre Hermes creation, Waffle Ispaphan ($12.90) is constructed with rose-flavoured waffles, raspberry sorbet, and pieces of raspberry and lychee. Although intriguingly unique, I was lukewarm towards this. While the waffle had lovely floral flavour and aroma, it’s texture was too limp and soggy.Ah…salted caramel never fails to brighten my day. Les Patisseries does a meanSalted Caramel Waffle ($9.90) with an excellent balance of sweet and salty, teaming up with warm, crisp and buttery waffle. Definitely one of the better ones around!Despite the long journey, I was glad I made the trip to try Les Patisseries. Thumbs up for the quality food and desserts, at wallet-friendly prices. You’ll be glad to know there’s no gst nor service charge. continue reading
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Level1 2015-01-16
Review:Their waffle is awesome! come down to have a try, they might look too sweet but don't get cheated by the looks. The chocolate is Belgium chocolate ! Waffle is so crispy even with the ice cream melted . $9.90 for a big portion waffle come with 2 scoops of ice cream , 1 macaron and fruits sprinkled on top of it. Their house special flavours for waffle is Belgium chocolate and Horffles. Pros :staff is super friendly ! (no service charge)-They explain to you their menu. -serve you with ice water.-greet you when you step in/leave the place continue reading
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This is my second time to Les Patisserie and I decided to go straight for a full dessert lunch!So hidden under a block of HDB flats at block 186 is Les Patisserie, I took a bus there this time and it's right smack in between the Toa Payoh MRT and the bus stop I alighted at.This is the kitchen, look at that huge oven on the right awesome oven to bake awesome things and yes that's once of the owners smiling for you! Decided on a Fraisier which is pretty much a strawberry shortcake but we got this for a steal on Sugar.I was really looking forward to trying their L'Rocky but we didn't see any, so we settled for this super pretty looking Tiramisu.1. Horffles $9.90The horffles took a while to come and I had to go up to the cashier to ask what was taking so long, and one of the young owners apologized and comped us on another scoop of ice cream. He recommended us to try the dark chocolate pistacchio or hazelnut, it was with something nutty. We were so surprised at how delicious that chocolate ice cream was, probably one of the best chocolate ice creams I've ever had. It was so chocolately, creamy and yet not overpoweringly sweet!The fruits and almonds added alot of awesome touches to this horffles. EVERYONE SHOULD EAT WAFFLES WITH ALMONDS!The waffle itself was also very crispy. Unlike Sunday Folks that place a biscuit inbetween the ice cream and waffle to prevent the waffle from becoming soggy, Les Patisserie's waffle stayed crispy even though it was drenched with 3 scoops of ice cream!!! The secret of baking power? This is seriously too awesome! My friend even commented that this was better than Creamier!2. Tiramisu $7The Tiramisu was very beautifully presented with some dark and hardened chocolate sauce. I loved all the almonds on the tiramisu. The rum tasted sweet and you could taste it distinctly!Here are the layers in the Tiramisu, quite a good mix of cake and rum!3. Fraisier $5.50Here is the Fraisier aka Strawberry shortcake, it wasn't sweet and it was very light and fluffy! Not a bad price for a strawberry shortcake.One whole strawberry on the top and half on the bottom right and another half of a strawberry on the bottom left and every bite gave you a slice of a strawberry. Les Patisserie is definitely generous with their strawberries.We also tried a Lavender Earl Grey macaron for $2.60, we felt that the earl grey was abit too strong, but still a nice macaron.Here was the bill for lunch A fun filled dessert lunch!I will be back for more waffles and to try out more of their cake offerings!! continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-26
One of the newer cafes popping up in the toa payoh neighbourhood! Les Patisserie is conveniently located near the toa payoh library. Only a few seating available both indoor and outdoor. A cozy corner painted with bold red colour with few distinct decorations and it adopts the open kitchen concept. Want to know how the desserts are made deliciously? Just take a peek into their kitchen! Les Patisserie is primarily known for their delicate french desserts! But they do serve other foods too, like all day breakfast, sandwiches and some other mains. As you know truffles related food are gaining popularity over time, so to keep up with the trend they do have a few of such dishes and they are pretty good too!Truffle Baked Mushroom Pasta ($9.90): This is really one goood dish i must recommend! Looks ordinary but taste extraordinary! It’s as though every penne has been infused with the truffle oil. Rich cheesy truffle taste with mushrooms aroma. Better than the all day breakfast set!LP Big Breakfast Set ($13.90): Serve with 2 slice of lightly toasted french bread, scrambled eggs, german sausage, wild mushrooms, bacons and side salad. Outer rim of bread is a little tough. Scrambled eggs and sausage are a lil too dry to my liking. Average taste but generous portion of serving though.Smoke Salmon Avocado Set ($11.90): Similarly to the LP Big Breakfast set, just that it comes with salmon and avocado instead, but as they run out of avocado that day, so they replaced it with more salmon. It fares quite average too.Horffles with two scoops of ice cream ($9.90): Horlicks waffles topped with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and berries and drizzled with condensed milk. Crispy exterior with dense interior, horlick flavour is light. Overly sweet and sinful due to the condensed milk.A good place for desserts but average for their all day breakfast! But do try their truffle dishes! I believe it is as good as the truffle mushroom baked pasta!http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/les-patisserie/ for full review with pics continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-04
Opened by three young culinary graduates, Les Patisserie may be "another cafe in the hoods" but not quite so because it churns out some fine French pastries which caught my curiosity. Very much so since there is a scarcity of good ones in SG. Dulcey Hazelnut $7I selfishly wished that the people could just focus on pastries and execute them well. But perhaps diversifying into savoury brunches, light pasta meals and coffee is also part of their survival strategy. Trying to be as fair as possible (though it's still impossible la), I went twice and tasted everything except for the Fraiser, Tarte Au Citron and Tarte Tartin.Is this Rocky or Softy? L'Rocky ($7) created a false illusion of a sophisticated multi-textured gateau when it was simply a chocolate mousse-sponge coated with chocolate ganache. What could be an unadulterated chocolate experience was tainted by the rancid nuts and some compressed honeyed almond chips that failed to impart any exciting crunch. Same goes for the Chocolate macaron ($2.50/pc). It looked pretty but the meringue shells seemed to be subjected under much tension. Too chewy. I would be heavily condemned for trivializing the original inventor of the Plaisir because this is quite a faithful and successful reproduction of almond jaconde, vanilla Bavarian cream and chocolate mousse. Treading a safe and cautious path, the Plaisir could etch out a sharper character if the Pate a Bomb was torched longer for a more brilliantly golden caramelized sheen.But to my great relief, I managed to find the Creme of the crop here-Dulcey Hazelnut $7. Like the buttery sweetness of melted Valhorna Blonde, there is a sublime overload of gooey milk jam, accented marvellously by the under layer of nutty nibbling and crunchy tart shell. Don't say I didn't warn you about the sweetness. But it's truly a revelation of the senses. (Updates: the original tart shell has changed to chocolate shell on my most recent visit)I can't appreciate coffee but I do love my Opera. The alternating layers of smooth, robust coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache worked in synchrony, triggering relapse of haunting and bitter melancholy. The pastries that I had on my 2nd visit fared much better, though the Salted Caramel macaron is still too chewy. The stretchy innards of the Croissant ($2.80) has a delectable saltiness which most croissants lacked, but it is still not the best in town.If you are a fan of mango, then I'm quite sure you'll like the Mango Mousse Cake. Yes, the components were too prosaic but the silky texture of the mousse was noteworthy. Best of all, the chefs got the right sweetness. TiramisuThis mountain-lookalike Italian classic consists of two biscuit sponges layered with mascarpone cream. Texture works but not the java flavour as the espresso and coffee liquor were too weak. Forest Berry $6.50Not a novelty, but alas something that is quite rarely spotted here. Crunchy, lightly salted Sable Base topped with berries and piped with Creme patisserie. Together with the Dulcey Hazelnut Tart, this gave me the hope that Les Patisserie has the potential to create more promising pastries, if they can break out of the saturated zone. continue reading
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