Les Pâtisseries specialize in French pastries and confectioneries. Ingredients are sourced from France and baked using modern French baking techniques. continue reading
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Level4 2017-03-16
Recently the cafe had updated their menu and there was a number of new items on the menu for one to try out. Spam Waffle (S$12)Home-made bamboo charcoal waffle with spam & gruyere cheese, butter scrambled eggs, baked beans, sour creamThe  cafe was well known for its waffles and recently it came out with its first savoury version of waffle. The cafe had added charcoal to the waffle, not only because it was different from the waffle, but also charcoal was good for health too. Cut through the black colored looking waffle, one was able to see chunks of spam and cheese inside. The waffle  was light and crispy, with the yummy fragrant of the cheese, savoury additive taste of the spam and finished off with lingering taste of the cheese.If you like desserts, don't forget to check out its dessert display counter which changes its special items every wednesday. Mango Panna Cotta ($4.50)It  was one the dessert special items. Served in a flute glass, and topped with a flower on top. Rich creamy mango flavour, topped with crumbles and crispy pops.I finished the meal with a cup of Latte ($4.50) which was rich and fragrant. Peaked one up to be ready for work.Please  take at the moment only cash was accepted as the NETS and credit card machine was down. There was no GST or service charge. There was also water to help yourself to at the counter. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-22
Les Patisseries has recently moved from Toa Payoh to Upper Thomson. Back at their Toa Payoh outlet, they served waffles, of the same flavours but the presentation wasn't as pretty as they are now. The location here at Upper Thomson faces the main road, but it is also hidden at the edge road near the soya bean store. It is difficult to find parking at this dead end, so I recommend you find parking at the multi-storey hdb parking behind Les Patisseries. This new chic and urban looking Les Patisseries seats a lot customers than their tiny Toa Payoh outlet and they open till 2am on weekends, but the kitchen closes around 930pm, but hey! waffles at 1am, go on down to Les Patisseries!Taking at look at the menu, it  sure looks like Les Patisseries is a waffle expert, with 10 different types of waffles!!1. Waffle Banoffee - caramelized banana2. Belgium Chocolate - chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and berries3. Salted Caramel - salted caramel ice cream with salted caramel sauce and berries4. Madagascar Vanilla - vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce5. Horffles - Horlicks ice cream with horlicks powder and sauce6. Waffles Isaphan - lychee and rose sorbet with rose waffle7. Thai Milk Tea & Earl Grey - thai milk tea ice cream on earl grey waffle with condensed milk8. Chocolate Indulgence - double chocolate chip waffle with chocoate ice cream9. Maple Waffle - maple syrup , salted butter and fresh berries10. Summer Berries Waffle - berries compote, fresh berries and maple syrupWaffles 1-8 come with a macaron and range from $13.90 - $15.90 nett1. Thai Milk Tea & Earl Grey Waffle $15.90This was slightly different from the Thai milk tea ice cream waffle I had at at Toa Payoh, before they moved. Back then, it didn't have an earl grey waffle and was slightly cheaper. The waffles were crisp with a fluffy and slightly airy and cakey texture. The earl grey flavour was subtle but you could taste it in the batter, when eaten alone without the thai milk tea ice cream. The thai milk tea ice cream tasted a bit icy to me. It carried off the aroma of thai milk tea and with the condensed milk topped over it, it was on point!I totally love the presentation of the waffles here. They're a work of art, and dedication to food! I look around and at 9pm on a friday night, almost every table had ordered at least one waffle! The pistachio macaron on the top was kind of tall and small in diameter. It had a crunch into the crust of the macaron and it was beyond expectation. The strawberries and blueberries around the waffle not only enhanced the presentation but it was also a refreshing touch to this sweet delight.This was definitely an improved version of the thai milk tea ice cream waffle I had a year back! Good job upgrading it!2. Waffle Isaphan $15.90The next waffle was the waffle Isaphan, I had also tried this at their previous location and remembered it behind crispy and almost like a toasted bread that became a biscuit. But this was no longer the case! The waffle has a rose (bandung) aroma to it, and the batter carried a mild rose flavour in every bite. The waffle here wasn't as crispy at the earl grey waffle, but it was more moist and slanted to a cake. The colours of the lychee and rose sorbet ice cream were pleasing to the eyes. As both were sorbets, lactose tolerant friend rejoice! These are their only two ice creams made without milk. Both sorbets were refreshing with a floral and fruity note. Texture wise, it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped it to be. The dish was topped off with edible rose petals, ingenious decorations.  This waffle was more towards the sweet side and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth craving. Overall : I am excited to come back and try the remaining 8 waffles here at Les Patisseries, there's something for everyone here! Cakes, Pasta, Truffle fries and 10 different waffles with different waffle batters! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)