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Level4 2015-12-07
Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice 联合本记砂煲饭 located at a corner of Chinatown Complex Food Centre has been in operation for a long time specialising in Claypot rice. Further testimonial to the famous claypot rice. Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice specialises in Sausage Claypot Rice, Chicken Claypot Rice or a combination of both; Mixed Claypot Rice ranging from $5 to $20. Besides claypot rice, soup such as Watercress Pork Rib Soup, Chicken Leg Peanut Soup and Black Chicken Herbal Soup are sold. After ordering the wait game begins. If there is no queue, the minimum waiting time is 25 minutes as the rice is only cooked upon order. The claypot rice is first steamed over a gas stove at the initial cooking stage to speed up the cooking process. After that the claypot rice is transferred over to a charcoal stove. During peak hours, the waiting time can stretch to 1 hour. Regulars would normally call in advance and order so that they need not wait too long.Mixed Claypot Rice $5I waited for my claypot rice for slightly more than an hour on a Friday evening. Customers can adjust the amount of black sauce according to their preference. The Mixed Claypot Rice $5 was served with chicken, sausages, salted fish vegetables and rice. Mixed Claypot Rice $5Mixed Claypot Rice $5I felt that the claypot rice did not really manage to absorb the flavours from the other ingredients such as the salted fish, sausages or chicken. What I like was the fact that the chicken meat were so tender and flavourful. Overall, it was good, but not fantastic. Its not worth the wait of more than 1 hour for this.Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice 联合本记砂煲饭 (Chinatown)Blk 335 Smith Street #02-198/199 Chinatown Complex Food Centre Tel: 6227 2470Opening Hours: Fri to Wed 430pm to 1030pm Closed on ThurView FoodieFC's Singapore Food Map in a larger map continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-12
I love claypot rice and after trying many different stalls, this is the only claypot rice that is up to my standard and tastes, and of course needless to say, it is my favorite claypot rice stall!!! I have to say this is the best claypot rice I have tried, at least it is the best for me!I normally have the mixed claypot rice with chicken, chinese sausage and salted fish. The rice is superbly nice, fragrant and tasty, charcoal-cooked to perfection, I can never get enough of the yummilicious rice! The chicken is tender while the chinese sausage is soft and juicy, and the salted fish is just super shiok! The claypot rice are available at $5/$8/$10/$12 etc onwards depending on how large a eater are you and how many are sharing. The waiting time for the claypot rice during dinner time is approximately 40 minutes, I have no problems with the waiting time, afterall it is really worth the wait for such an awesome pot of claypot rice. continue reading
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For complete review and pictures, please visit: http://theyummyyak.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/lian-he-ben-ji-claypot-rice-%E8%81%94%E5%90%88%E6%9C%AC%E8%AE%B0%E7%85%B2%E9%A5%AD/There's nothing that warms the belly more than a steaming hot bowl of rice. That's probably why I've learnt to associate claypot rice with nighttime fare. Try consuming it in the afternoon in our climate without disintegrating into a puddle of sweat... confirm heatstroke lor.The reason why Lian He Ben Ji's claypot rice is a cut above its competitors is precisely because it doesn't compromise on cooking time and ingredient quality. Each pot of rice is steamed for 5 minutes, after which ingredients are added and the pot left to sit over a blazing charcoal flame for the next 20 minutes. That guarantees you a minimum 25-minute wait per order, which can stretch to a waiting time of 45 minutes during peak dining periods. To get around the wait, regular diners know to call to place their orders in advance. Unfortunately we weren't as savvy.Was the wait worth it? Abso friggin' lutely.Mixed claypot rice, $10 for a portion that feeds two - After drizzling some sweet soya sauce over the rice and mixing everything together, the first spoonful of rice I had can only be described as a flavour explosion. The pieces of chicken were succulent, the lup cheong (Chinese sausages) and waxed meat firm and juicy, but the rice - the rice was in a realm of its own. You just have to taste it to know that charcoal makes one hell of a difference in cooking this dish. The rice in the claypot was smoky yet fluffy, and when drenched in sweet sauce was just... wow. We kept mumbling "so good, this is so good" in between mouthfuls of rice. It got even better when our spoons hit the bottom of the pot, where burnt rice, or what we call guo ba (锅巴), was clinging to the sides, just waiting to be scraped off.And the chilli! The chilli here is the bomb okay. It was spicy, sour and caused beads of sweat to form on my temples, but I kept going back for more.To be fair, the slivers of salted fish in the rice could have been less mushy. Plus the soup (lotus root with pork ribs) and stir-fried veggies we ordered were very average. But who really cares? It's a hawker centre, and there're about 50 other stalls if you must have your sides to complement this... claypot of perfection.Now into its second generation of owners, Lian He Ben Ji is an established business that started off as a roadside stall in the same area back in 1979. The founder of the stall handed the reins over to his daughter-in-law, which I think is a really heartwarming tidbit of news in a society that unfortunately still tends toward the patriarchal. The daughter-in-law now runs the stall with her two younger sisters, which is why this place is also known fondly as "3 sisters' claypot rice".Lian He Ben Ji gets my seal of approval for their dedication to their craft. I'll definitely be recommending this place to everyone I know. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-30
What's your take?Raw, unedited and from an iPhone 4.All the ingredients tasted good.Just the rice that didn't quite meet my expectations.What's in it for a claypot rice anyway?I've only got one standard of comparison- the claypot rice in Chinatownand that's pretty awesome stuff.So relatively speaking, this wasn't too nice at all.But that version has chicken with bone in and a lot oilier of course.Well, it was worth a try. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-13
The FoodI ordered the $10 Claypot rice for my friend and me. The rice is moist with a smoky aroma, the chicken is tender and nicely flavoured with Chinese wine, and even the usually dry and chewy waxed sausages are soft. The black sauce was given separately hence give me more control on how I wanna mixed the rice The ServiceAs I went on weekdays evening after work, the pretty lady boss told me I have to wait for 75mins !!!, partly due to uncooked rice which take at least 20mins to be fully cooked. I was shocked and hesitated for a while until finally nodded my head. For all those going there to eat on weekends, be prepared to wait for at least 1hr. The friendly and pretty lady who take down orders was cheerful and fast.The AmbienceAlthough the stall is in a hawker center, i find that the place was well-ventilated and not stuffy hence still acceptableThe PriceReasonably price ranged from min $5 to $18 depends on how many people are sharing is definitely worth the wait. OverallI will definitely come back again and highly recommended to try this! continue reading
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