Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle is the original stall from Liao Fan Hawker Chan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and it is the cheapest meal at Michelin-starred Street Food Stall continue reading
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Michelin Plate (2021)
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10:30 - 15:30
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10:30 - 15:30
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Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Soya Sauce Chicken Hor Fun Soya Sauce Chicken Pork Ribs Rice Roasted Pork Rice
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Chef-owner Chan Hon Meng, recently received a 1 Star Michelin Award for his soya sauce chicken stall at Chinatown. A stall which I frequently patronized, was now bustling with even more crowd. Chef-owner Chan named his stall "Hongkong" because he learned the cooking ropes previously from a restaurant's Hongkong chef.Borned in Ipoh, Malaysia, Chef-owner Chan was already in the F & B industry for 35 years. He worked 17 hours a day at his soya sauce chicken stall, 6 days a week. He prepared 180 soya chickens daily, currently 30 pieces more from his usual so as more customers could get their hands on it.Chef Chan did not behave "on airs" or ignorant after receiving his 1 star Michelin award. Instead, he still humbling continues to operate his stall since the very next day after the Michelin award ceremony. Few days ago, my friends and I braved the queue just to get our hands on his food. We started queuing at 10.15am, there was already a long line infront of us but stall only operate after 10.30am! *woww* A lady stall assistant came over to take orders first in order to ease the crowd. We finally got our food around 12noon, fed our camera and tucked in!! Soya Sauce Chicken $14.00 (whole) $7.00 (half)- Look at this gorgeous plate of soya sauce chicken! Tender, fat plumpy chicken meat with skin so nicely marinated and glazed. So yum and juice all locked in! The light soya sauce drizzled on top was packed with sesame sauce fragrance but slight salty for me. Roast Meat Platter $10.00 (Char Siew, Ribs and Roasted Pork Belly)- Among all 3 types of roast meat, my best take was the char siew meat. They were nicely charred on the outside and contains equal ratio of meat vs fats. Fats' portion melts in your mouth and overall not overly sweet. Ribs was a little tough, I wished the meat was more tender. As for the roasted pork belly, the positive part was the crackling skin but negatively, the meat wasn't as flavourful. Oyster Sauce Vegetable $3.00 (small) $4.00 (big)- A fresh greeny plate of kai lan vegetables, poached and drizzled with oyster sauce. Cooking time was just right where the leaves were not overlooked and the stems still gave us a good crunch. Best take was the loads of crispy garlic bits scattered on top! Bean Sprouts $2.00 (small) $3.00 (big)- Using the same oyster sauce base/ drizzle as the kai lan vegetables, both plates tasted similar. Bean sprouts were very crunchy and for only $2.00, this portion was definitely generous. Plain "kosong" Thin Yellow noodles/ Rice noodles $1.00 per plate Plain Rice $0.50 per plate- As we ordered sharing meat portions, our carbo all came in "kosong" (plain). I love the chewy texture of kway teow (rice noodles) most. The thin yellow noodles were springy and al dente too. As for the rice, it was so good with the braised dark sauce! I believe the base sauce used for tossing were the same for all 3. It was really savory and fragrant! Nomnomnom...If you come on your own, you could simply order their 1 person individual portion. The price will eventually blow you off with the generous portion they give. Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice; At only $2.00 per plate Soya Sauce Chicken plus another meat choice with Rice (or) Noodles $3.50 per plate*** A very enjoyable and delicious 1 star Michelin meal at lowest prices you could find in the world now. My many dining experiences here previously and now, Chef Chan kept his top standards. Food were still as good after he scored his Michelin! He believes there's no first grade food but only first grade chef who works hard to make good food. My only complain now was the queuing time. I used to get his chicken in 45mins previously, but now, it's at least 1.5hrs from stall opens and 2.5hrs during lunchtime. Nevertheless, I'll BE BACK!! ***📍 Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken & Noodles 了凡香港油鸡饭面Blk 335 Smith StreetStall 02-126Chinatown Food ComplexSingapore 050335Thurs to Tues 10.30am - 7pm or till sold out(Closed on Wed)https://www.facebook.com/MichelinGuideSingapore/videos/1188821021181810/ continue reading
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