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A Haiwaiian-Japanese BBQ and Grill, Little Hiro offers a range of steaks, grills and burgers with their own take of ramen burgers as well. continue reading
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Little Hiro prides themselves to be a Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ and Grill, providing a unique fusion of foods that is normally unheard of. We were all rather excited; as this is the first time we have heard of Hawaiian-Japanese food. Walking into the café/restaurant, it has got a rather interesting beach theme with red and white stripes at the counter, a huge surfboard alongside the drinks, and wooden tables and chairs against the sky blue wall. The entire area wasn’t very big, but it is a decent size for a venue to chill out with some friends.We ordered the Flame Seared Teriyaki Salmon and the Sanzoku Double Hamburg Steak, both served with garlic-butter Japanese rice, their special limited edition Shio Ramen burgers with Chicken Karaage and Sanzoku Black Pepper Beef, Fried Calamari, Chicken Wings, Tempura Shrimp Duo, Island Spice Drumlets, and last but not the least, some Freshly Squeezed Lemonade and a Triple Scoop Cookies and Cream Milkshake to quench our thirsts.Flame Seared Teriyaki Salmon ($10.90)Served with garlic-butter rice, you can be assured that the rice used was of rather good quality, and although slightly fragrant, we all believed that the fragrance of the garlic and the butter could be stronger! The salmon used was of a reasonable size for the prize that we’re paying. However, instead of Teriyaki sauce, dark soy sauce was used on the salmon instead, and the combination didn’t work very well with us. The salmon was also slightly overcooked.Sanzoku Double Hamburg Steak ($8.20)The beef was slightly overcooked; it could have been tenderer. Sauce used to go with the Hamburg steak was nothing extraordinary. The beef also has got a distinct frozen food smell. Nothing too fancy.Shio Ramen burgers with Chicken Karaage ($8.90)The Shio Ramen burgers are made with air-flown Japanese ramen, and it is one of the slightly more unique dishes that we’ve come across in a while. The chicken karaage was paired with some egg mayo potato salad that went rather well with the chicken karaage. Even though some of us though that the karaage might be a little on the dry side, the egg mayo spread helped overcome it. Taste wise; it rested well on our palates, this is one dish that you might want to give a try the next time you’re here!Shio Ramen burgers with Sanzoku Black Pepper Beef ($8.90)This beef burger used the same beef patties as the above mentioned Sanzoku Double Hamburg Steak, so it wasn’t very fantastic. There could’ve been more sauce on the patty. Same problems, just that this time the rice is replaced with ramen instead. Thankfully, the ramen’s rather tasty you can eat it on its own.Fried Calamari ($7.90)Calamari was rather plain tasting, the coat of flour to give it the crispiness did not have much seasoning in it. The rings were rather huge, and they were slightly chewy.Chicken Wings (2 for $3.50, 4 for $6.50)The chicken wings were relatively big for the price you’re paying, with it being crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, but the meat was not very flavourful, we thought it could have been seasoned more.Refer full review at www.ieatandeat.com continue reading
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Having seen pictures of Ramen Burgers from Little Hiro, we decided to make a trip down to try out the latest dish in food fashion. When we finally reached, it turned out that Little Hiro was in fact a reincarnation of Burger Shack, which was a favourite lunch spot for my poly clique.The menu largely remains the same as Burger Shack, with rice plates, burgers and pasta, with the exception of some new items for each category.Not forgetting the point of this return visit, I ordered a Chicken Karage Shio Ramen Burger ($8.90). The burger buns were replaced with ramen patties for this burger, which we found a bit alkaline-tasting though chewy and nicely grilled. The Karage Chicken was crispy, but the fried chicken seemed to have a thick batter. Egg Mayo sits in between, which was refreshing. Upgrading it to a set, you would get canned drinks and garlic fries at an additional cost of $3.00. The garlic fries was crispy and flavourful, pretty much like what Burger Shack used to serve.Two of my dining partners followed my recommendation by ordering the Sanzoku Double Hamburg Steak Teppanyaki Rice Plate ($8.20). It comes with two beef patties which was not gamey and smothered in flavourful black pepper sauce. The Garlic Butter Rice was fragrant as well.We could not say the same about the Flame-seared Teriyaki Salmon Teppanyaki Rice Plate ($10.90). While the salmon was flaky and well-grilled with a crispy skin, the Teriyaki sauce was extremely thick and salty.Flame-grilled BBQ Chicken ($7.50) brought back much nostalgia, which was cajun-spiced and all familiar to what had been served in Burger Shack. Definitely something with the same great taste that we will never mind ordering again.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/little-hiro-hawaiian-japanese-bbq-grill-kings-arcade/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)