Llaollao serves Frozen Yogurt. It is made from skimmed milk at the moment of serving and combined with the finest toppings (from freshly-chopped seasonal fruits to cereals, fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces), making it even more delicious and healthy. continue reading
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Finally got around to trying the famous Llaollao, but only because it was my colleague's birthday wish. When Llaollao, a Spanish froyo (frozen yoghurt) brand, first opened in Singapore in August 2012, their flagship outlet at Marina Square / Marina Link Mall saw queues of over 2 hours! These days, with multiple outlets across Singapore, the queues are shorter and bearable, but it's a testament to their popularity that Llaollao still manages to attract crowds with their frozen yoghurt treats.As Llaollao is primarily a takeaway store, there is little to no ambience to speak off. There is usually no seating available, except at selected outlets. About the only thing to say is their incredibly bright green signage, and attractive display of yoghurt toppings, all of which look appetizing. Pure eye candy! Still, it's rather easy to walk and eat with their desserts, though the serviettes provided are of poor quality.There is also little to no service at Llaollao, as everything is largely self-service, from ordering, to payment, to collection. However, there is some staff engagement, as you'll have to interact with staff when asking for toppings, and they can and will make recommendations when asked. Beyond this, the largely young staff can sometimes be brusque, especially when there are queues.Llaollao only does 1 type of froyo (frozen yoghurt) flavour, original, and instead offer an extensive variety of toppings. They are especially known for their fruit and sauce toppings. The Llaollao yoghurt is completely natural, and has a unique milky taste with a creamy texture, but also melts rather quickly. Portions can be shared, and prices are slightly higher than other yoghurt stores, budget about SGD $7 per person.Full Llaollao review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/llaollao.html continue reading
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Level1 2015-03-17
Llao Llao has been in Singapore for awhile and finally I got to try it just recently. Yes! Recently! This is because the queue at Llao Llao is always very long and so happened I am always rushing for meetings that I can't afford the time to queue till recently. Honestly, i think the Yogurt taste more like ice-cream. It does not have this typical yogurt taste. After my first mouth, i remembered saying "It has this strong milk taste! ". Then i realised that Llao Llao yogurt is make from Slimmed Milk. Subsequently when i mixed it with fruits and nuts, it tasted good!!! This made the experience better and i almost forgot that i am having yogurt because it just tasted like a healthy version of vanilla ice-cream.I am quite excited to try this in Europe at the end of the year!!! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-31
So what is one of the latest food fad to hit Singapore and flood our instagram feed a few months ago? Llaollao! I actually did not heard about it until i see several of my friends posting pictures of this frozen treat and was immediately tempted to try it for myself.As i was at Raffles City, i decided to head to the nearest outlet, which is the one at Marina Link, which was pretty hard to find but once you know where it is, its actually easy to walk there.I got the Sanum, which increased prices recently from $5+ to $6+. The thing i like about this is that you get to choose 2 toppings and also 1 sauce, which means you get to choose the kind of flavours and textures you want in your yoghurt. But that is also one thing i didn't like. Cause all the different flavours just throws off the ratio of yoghurt to toppings and soon you find yourself tasting more of the toppings than the yoghurt. Like it overwhelms the yoghurt. Anyway I think it was a pretty good deal until they decided to rise the price.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-16
Llao Llao Yoghurt which is pronnouce as "Yao Yao" as finally hit the shores of Singapore. Started in 2009 and considering the leader in the frozen yoghurt market, there are already more than 70 outlets in Europe and counting. Since its opening, Llao Llao Yoghurt is always seem to have a long queues no matter which outlet they are at. Being a fan of Yoghurt, the curiosity in me has make me wonder how are their standards if were to compared with local Yami Yoghurt and other Yoghurt outlets. Having Llao Llao Yoghurt is quite interesting with many combinations such as its sauce and choice of fruits, if you are game for something more cool and soothing, you can try out their smoothies too. With its wide range of fruits and unique sauces, patrons are simply spoilt for choices.Having the Sanum at $6.50, we were given a choice to have 3 fruits to go with crunch, a choice of sauce and the frozen yoghurt that sits on top of everything.The original Yoghurt was very creamy and portion was generous. The milky addition to the ice cool yoghurt is very soothing when consumed. While the chocolate fudge with a little coating on the Vanilla color Yoghurt.Green spoon that was being provided are very long, suitable for the dept of the cup. Fruits portion for us were rock melon, strawberry and blueberries. As a Yoghurt lover, I think that the portion is quite big and can be shared among some friends. Comparing to other Yoghurt I had, firstly portion did not go by weight which is quite comfortable to me and their varieties available can beat others hands down. After seeing some of the renovations and its outlets, in the West I think I will most likely be addicted to such stuff!http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/12/llao-llao-yoghurt.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-16
The llao llao yogurt is one the bestsellers on Groupon and I bought the '$5.90 for Two Cups of Sanum or Sensations worth $11.80' deal! Each cup of Sanum consist of frozen yogurt (150g) and your choice of 3 tropical fruit toppings, 2 cereal toppings and sauce! Some of my toppings include blueberries, banana, chocolate bar bites, almonds etc topped with mango sauce. The deal is super worth it! The yogurt is one of the best I've tried so far and I will still buy it again even if there is no more deals or discount continue reading
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