Llaollao serves Frozen Yogurt. It is made from skimmed milk at the moment of serving and combined with the finest toppings (from freshly-chopped seasonal fruits to cereals, fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces), making it even more delicious and healthy. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-08
It was my fourth time eating Llaollao. And fml, I just knew that Llaollao should be pronounced as 'yao-yao' instead of 'lao-lao'...It was a Saturday afternoon at 1pm, it was the first weekend in 2015, and surprisingly, the queue was short! We didn't see the queue that extended until the lift next to Yoshinoya that we used to see in 2014. Guess what, after we started queue-ing, the number of people queue-ing behind us started growing. We brought good luck, this was what we shamelessly called ourselves.Sanum - $6.50It's predictable that I always order Sanum every time I visit Llaollao, told you that once I begin to like a particular thing, high chance that I will repeat the order. This time, our Sanum contained chocolate muesli crunch and candy milk drizzle, and for the 3 choices of fruit I let bf decide, and he chose blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate. The yogurt as usual, nothing to complain about, it was perfect! But bf said my choice of crunch and sauce would bring him diabetes, coz it was cloyingly sweet haha. I was okay with it though. I like the candy milk drizzle and complemented the yogurt really well. It was my first time eating fresh pomegranate, it tasted unique with edible seed inside.Overall, Llaollao's Sanum is heavenly delicious, it's become my serious addiction. You gotta order this at Llaollao, I think it's more worth it than having normal cup of froyo (but then, you decide). I don't mind the queue coz at the end it's all paid off. I'm really jealous of SP and NTU students who have their own Llaollao stall at their school canteen hais... I swear if Llaollao opens at my school I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO QUEUE! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-21
This is my 1st time Q-ing for almost 1 hour for a Yogurt Ice cream... -.-"Was psycho by my bestie for this shop, surprisingly is worth the wait!! Actually i don't like yogurt as is sour but surprisely this llaollao yogurt ice cream didn't had this sour feel instead is sweet combination with their signture coconut smoothie which is a Awesome + they use FRESH fruits (I order strawberry mostly shop use sour strawberry but this llaollao different... SWEET!!Do give it a try... Kinda long queue but worth it, hear other branch had lesser queue... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-11-14
I tried it for the first time recently and I had the yoghurt with mixed fruit jam topping.The joghurt was nice and tasty. The jam added a nice berry flavour. I wished the jam was less thick and mixed into the yoghurt to give it a more even flavour.My colleague who had the bigger cup with crunchy Granola bits and cut fruits in it. Will try that the next time, and also when the queue is not so long. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-28
Not a new invention, but with a different recipe, froyo is ready to rock the nation (and Insta-nation) with llaollao! Curious what is the llaollao brand, where it comes from, how to pronounce its name, and whether it is really that good? All in one post for you.1. Origins: llaollao's was founded in Spain five years ago, in 2009. They launched their first outlet in Singapore at Marina Square Basement Link to Esplanade MRT on 5 July 2013.2. Where can they be found? They have more than 135 outlets in 16 countries: Spain, Chile, China (Shenzhen), Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Turkey and most recently, Singapore! In Singapore, they currently have 8 outlets: Marina Link, Wisma Atria, Nanyang Technological University (North Spine), Somerset 313, Plaza Singapura, Singapore Polytechnic, National University Hospital and West Mall. 3. What is the difference between llaollao & other froyos? Sour is the keyword around here. But I don't get why everyone is complaining that it is sour, because... this is the taste of yogurt. I think why llaollao is considered a wonderful treat because it actually makes yogurt very refreshing and extremely smooth, sour yet it isn't tart. There are a lot of toppings, fruits and sauces to choose from - most of which are attractive! To balance the sourness of the yogurt, it's best to choose a sweeter sauce. It's also very value-for-money because $5.90 for a Sanum llaollao can actually be shared among three people after a regular meal. The portion is considered very huge for a froyo. 4. How to pronounce llaollao?Llao llao: Spelt as L-L-A-O- L-L-A-O (no spacings, in lowercase), pronounced as yow-yow. Watch this infomercial to listen out for it. Now, don't go around calling it laow-laow!5. I haven't tried it. Should I?llaollao is likely to be opening (or have opened) an outlet near your home. On a scale of 1 to 10, it definitely lived up to my expectations but it is not necessary to specially go out of your way to try it. If you hate the original taste of yogurt, it is likely you will not like llaollao regardless of what kind of sauces or toppings they have.Original post: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/09/5-infobites-about-llaollao.html continue reading
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