Part of the Tung Lok group, LOKKEE is a witty and cheeky play on what is most popularly known as Chinese take-out. This genre of Chinese cuisine, often defined by fortune cookies and take-out boxes, is reinterpreted and elevated through fresh ingredients and clean flavours. continue reading
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Level2 2016-02-04
Made an advanced booking but the staff screwed up and did not take in our booking thus we waited quite a long time before seated. Poor service here1) Flaming pineapple beef: this was really instagramable and taste really good! The beef was on the tender side with sweet pineapple taste from the sauce.2) Orange chicken: deep fried chicken coated with orange zeat chicken stock. This dish was quite normal but it does comes with tinge of orange taste apart from the orange skin that was given on top of the chicken3) 3 egg pyramid broccoli: the broccoli was quite unusual from the normal ones we bought from supermarket. Cannot really taste the 3 different type of eggs that was used here.4)Tomato broth grilled fish: the fish was really huge! And there is no fishy smell at all, the tomato broth was really addictive as the soup was very clear and not sour to drink. It comes with varities of mushroom, tomato, cabbage and tofu skin.Overall the food is good and recommended for family gathering too! continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-28
For more foods reviews, check out my blog http://hazeldiary.comTung Lok Group latest venture, Lokkee is located at Plaza Singapura. The restaurant uses part of Lao Beijing Restaurant’s space to operate. Lokkee concept is inspired by the chinese take-out foods in Chinatown across the cosmopolitan cities. Thus, the foods served have the mixture of east meets west cuisine.Interior of the RestaurantOnce we entered into the restaurant, we were greeted by the cute star wars statue drinking bubble tea at the front entrance. The reception cum cash counter is on the right side.The restaurant is designed with modern concept with detailing on the walls and tables are in black colour and chairs are in deep red colour. There are Chinese brush paintings of Star Wars hanging at the walls of the dining area. VIP rooms are available in the restaurants as well.And if you observe, each table has a big bottle of Sriracha sauce. Let’s move on to the foods we ordered that day:-FoodsAppetiserSichuan ‘Mala’ Fish Fries S$14.00Fried cut fish served with numbing spice Sichuan seasoning. It is an interesting way of serving fish in fries. I can have it as my mains with the portion served.Poultry & MeatAwesome Flaming Pineapple Beef S$28.00Lokkee’s version of coconut braised beef served in a dug-out pineapple. The pineapple was set on fire upon serving giving everyone a visual treats. The braised beefs were tender and juicy. The gravy of the dish after digging it towards the end of the pineapple has a sweet taste in it.Firecracker Chicken Nest S$24.00Deep-fried diced chicken served with chopped dried chilies and mango puree. It comes with 4 mango purees around the plating and additional one will cost S$3.00 each. It resembles ‘egg yolk’ for the first glance and eye-catching for photography.The service staff advises us to enjoy the chicken first followed by the mango puree. Loving the crispy bites of the deep fried chicken and careful the power of the dried chilies in between the meats. The mango puree spheres give bursts upon the bite and it is good for aftertaste of the spicy delights.Shredded Crispy Duck with Thin Flour Skins S$16.00Shredded deep-fried duck confit served with thin flour skin wraps was pretty decent. Since it is duck confit, the duck skin is expected to be slightly tougher. Nevertheless, the mixture with the slice of cucumber and the sides make up the wraps tasted flavourful.Beancurd & VegetablesMapo Tofu S$16.00Freshly in-house made tofu with numbing spice minced beef sauce. We can request for less spicy if required. Nice and smooth tofu to go with a bowl of white rice.BaoPork Cracklins Bao S$13.00Crispy pork cracklins with fermented beancurd sauce comes in two pieces only. I enjoyed the crackling skin and the soft tender pork texture in it. However, I would prefer more sauce in it as the pork taste bland in its own.Rice & NoodlesUni Pasta S$24.00Uni Pasta with cream sauce and there are bits of uni traces on this plate of pasta. I find it too creamy but others find it just nice. Thus, the taste is quite subjective based on individual preferences.Shrimp Garlic Noodles S$16.00Stir-fried noodles with shrimp and garlic. Nothing much to rave with it but this plate of noodles are nicely prepared and the shrimps are fresh and big.DessertBanana Egg Roll S$10.00Banana spring rolls served with coconut sorbet was just nice for 5 of us. The coconut sorbet was refreshing and compliments well with the crispy spring rolls and soft banana texture in it. I would say it is a creative way to enjoy ‘pisang goreng’.The dining experience was pleasant as the service staffs are well-trained. They are polite and put on a smile to customers. The foods here are innovative and inspired with fusion style. I would visit again for the foods and services here.Sub-total bill was S$201.50 but we managed to enjoy 15% off by using UOB credit card. Thus, the final amount was S$211.32 inclusive of 10% service charges and 7% GST. The amount includes our drinks as well. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)