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For photos, please visit Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow: http://rubbisheatrubbishgrow.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/lolivier-telok-ayer-st/Hell-ow everybady, Ms Atas is back from her Europe tour! Check out my facebook constant updates from Effiel Tower, Leaning tower, etc. My Australian Boyfriend came for a visit and I wanted to bling him to a high crass place but I wanna be considerate too, and go for lunch, cheaper. I’m considerate, not cheap oooook? I iz Ms Atas, got $$. So did some prelim research on HGW and found this restaurant with high approval rate, not 100% approval but good enough, not everyone can have 100% approval rating like me.When I was there, I was shocked. Gasp! I put my limp-wristed hand on my real boobs to clam myself down. The restaurant is situated at Singapore Hokkien Association and I thought all dialect associations are in dingy shophouses. This one so modern and so bright! Brighter than the moon moon moon. Hokkiens are as atas as Ms Atas? I don’t dink so!The second shock I had was the decor of the restaurant. Expensive restaurants are suppose to be dark and sexy and the outside people cannot look in but this one is open concept with full-pane glass panels. OMG, I need more makeup!The 3-course set lunch ($25++) is awwwfully limited. Appetizer: choice of soup or salad; Main: choice of fish or beef; and fixed dessert. Naturally, my Australian Boyfriend and I picked the same things because our two hearts are one.Aiyo, cannot, this simply cannot do. The mushroom soup had a thick film of oil floating on it – and its color was green. The 150days grainfed angus beef fillet was wayyyy overcooked–i requested for medium-rare–and tasted more pan-fried than grilled. The profiteroles were forgettable.The service wasn’t top-notched. We hadn’t even finished our soup yet and the beef came. You know lah, I iz Ms Atas, got tiny mouth.We spent $60 but there are other places which could serve better food at the same price. continue reading
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Level4 2010-12-26
We went to L'Olivier for the first time to celebrate Dad’s birthday. It was really a wonderful dining experience, totally satisfy our craving for good french food. It is located along amoy street, opposite the Thia Hock Keng temple. For people who have not heard of it, it would be quite hard to locate the restaurant. The restaurant looks comfortable and classy, with bottles of wine decorating the restaurants. We had bread for a starter, it tasted soft and moist, a great appetiser to kick off a meal. Next was the mushroom soup, it was smooth and tasty. The mushroom was well grinded for the smooth texture. For my mains, I had the white cod fish. The fish was very fresh and there was no fish stench at all. Even my mom who doesn’t really like to eat fish agrees so too. The price was around $50 per person, which was reasonable for a fine dining experience. Overall, it was wonderful. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I've heard some raves about this place and they also happened to have 1-for-1 uob set meal promotion($68++). With that, it urged me not to miss out and attracted me to give it a try.We were greeted by a small but posh and beautiful interior restaurant. Wine glasses decorated the fine ambience. A friendly waiter escorted us to our seats with the menu. I was amazed by the wide choices of varieties. Sometimes at fine dining restaurants, we'd only be given a choice for the main course, usually beef or seafood. However at L'Oliver, we were allowed to choose our main course among approximately 6-8 choices and same for the dessert. It was a three-course meal and we were first served with Soup, it happened to be Pumpkin for soup of the day and I love pumpkin, so personally it was definitely damn good. The complimentary bread basket they served consisted of 3 varieties: plain, whole grains and cranberry. I love how sweet and juicy the cranberries in the bread were. Dipping them in olive oil and vinegar was so yummy.I choose the sirloin beef steak, and the serving was really generous. Juicy and tender, red colored beef juice were oozing out as it was sliced. My boyfriend took the pork chops, I didn't actually try it so I can't say my stand but he complimented that it was well-marinated except that it looked rather inferior in size compared to mine.I had a lava chocolate cake that was served with raspberry sorbet and garnished with strawberries. The lava chocolate cake was simply heavenly rich and the cocoa flavor was intense. I couldn't finish the cake but the lava chocolate was so good I practically polished the fudge off the white dining plate. My boyfriend on the other hand, chose the creme brulee. Though being a self-confessed chocolate lover, the creme brulee was frankly and surely more addictive. It was all smooth, silky, creamy, luscious and caramelized. Oh, caramelized, it was such a sweet treat that tempted us wanting more.We also ordered a bottle of red wine to go with. Overall it was a lovely experience. In fact, my boyfriend and I dined there for a second time on my dad’s birthday celebration. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)