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As the Creator of the Original and the Best Black Pepper Crab of Singapore, Long Beach has created many renowned dishes such as Drunken Prawns with VSOP Brandy, BBQ Golden Phoenix fish, Renowned Crispy Duck during the 1980s, signature dish Golden Stripe Lobster and House Speciality Prawn. Long Beach is also the first restaurant to bring in seafood where initially was never served but has now become popular favourites. These include the Razor Clam, Abalone Conch, Mouse Cowrie, Tiger Sea Mantis, Geoduck, Alaskan King Crab, Robin Triton Clam, Japanese Hokkikai Clam, Alaskan Hokikai and many more. continue reading
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Air Flown Live Alaskan King Crab Blanched Live Prawn Live Drunken Prawn with Herbal Soup Whole Abalone in Superior Oyster Sauce (3 Head) Crispy Whitebait Fish with Salt & Pepper Chicken in Fruit Sauce
Review (14)
Level3 2014-03-13
One afternoon we went to Long beach Dempsey for lunch. Because it is a casual lunch we did not order the famous crabs. the captain recommended the special tofu with seaweed powder which I find the taste quite weird. I have no idea what the mixed inside the Tofu which makes it taste like the tofu has gone bad. Than came the salted egg prawn which to my surprise it used salted egg whites instead of salted egg yolk to fried the prawns. I have never tasted this dish with egg whites. All restaurants use salted egg yolks. The whites makes the prawns very saltish and simply not edible. When we feedback to the captain. he said salted egg prawns is like that one ;( the fried kang kong is also quite disappointing. There are no sambal chillis in it only a few dry shrimps. The fried rice is fortunately "normal" but no surprise and not worth the value we are paying for. Total cost $90 for 2 pax. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-03
First time ever eating crab porridge! Honestly it was a very novel experience. The porridge and crab go very well together! The crab with its crustacean taste and roe flavours the porridge very well. The porridge absorbs all the juices from the crab and so the rice grains are all very tasty and delicious. The crab is not overcooked and remains moist and juicy!!! Crab prices are seasonal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-27
Was out at dempsey on a thursday nigh and boy was it a mad full house. And I'm with a lil girl who doesn't have the most patience in the world.we decided to stake out an information board. which sadly isn't updated and picked out long beach. Made a call and told them we would like a table as long as it didn't take more than half an hour.By the time we strolled over and got to the counter, we were second in line, for some reason. The trick to this is - CALL. don't just appear to stand in line. It was a late dinner at 9pm we only had three dishes, tofu with house special sauce, salted egg yolk prawns and scallops and spinach. We also ordered a fried rice.The scallops were big and firm. and the spinach was fried just right. slightly crunchy and definitely still green. even in that darkness. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-12
Long Beach has its long history in Singapore which has more than 66 years of experience. It is also a chain of restaurants operating in the island. The premium seafood restaurant that serves wide range of quality fresh seafoods for customers to choose from. Anyway,it was a treat from my boss and exclusively for ladies only. So basically all the ladies in my company are out for the night for the dinner.We went to one of the branch located at Dempsey Road.It was pack with customers and bookings throughout the night. We have 12 of us and one of them only take HALAL foods so she ordered food from the next restaurant.All photos taken using iphone 4s so do bear with the quality.Fried you tiao with mayonnaise and it is crispy at the outer and smooth in the inner.Love having it with mayonnaise sauce.Cereal prawn which they commented fresh.We also have the spicy chilli crab which we have it with the man tao.Their man tao is different from the one we always had it. This is more like western style but the taste is still the same old man tao taste.Fried Kangkong with cuttle fish. This is something new as we never tried fried kangkong before and it turned out just nice. It was their new recommendation.The presentation of the dish is attractive too.Salted egg crab which i prefer more salted egg with it. This one is a bit dry but the crab flesh meat is very fresh and it is in big size.Followed by the steam fish which the meat is very smooth and the steaming is just nice.Marinated chicken essence which taste delicious.Total damage SGD494++ and i must say Longbeach is a good choice for seafood place.Reservation is required when you pay a visit to this branch. The restaurant is crowded with customers. Overall ,it is a nice dinner with good laughter. continue reading
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Level2 2012-10-01
Headed down to the Longbeach at Dempsey with my family as it was my parents' wedding anniversary. My family has a few favourites at Longbeach: -The crispy fried chicken- Wasabi mayo prawns- Steamed fishThe wasabi prawns remain a hot favourite of mine and I was practically in heaven when I bit into the fried yet succulent prawn that was coated in wasabi mayo. It was served with strips of honeydew which made the prawn taste even sweeter when you eat it together.The crispy chicken and steamed fish are regular items that we usually order when at Longbeach. They won't disappoint! On top of those 3 dishes we also ordered iron plate tofu and xiao bai cai in a thick mushroom broth. It's a little pricey for food that could be eaten elsewhere but we had good service and a lovely ambience so it was well worth the money. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)