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From Singaporean favourites to expertly prepared modern Chinese dishes, Long Jiang present sumptuous cuisine against the backdrop of the panoramic ORTO’s park view. Besides main dining hall, private dining rooms and spacious open alfresco terrace options are also available for private events and outdoor lovers. The restaurant can be transformed into stylish and memorable venues for every occasion, be it family gathering or corporate events. continue reading
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Cantonese Style Pan-seared Black Iberian Pork Durian Pengat filled Bamboo Charcoal Cup Live Prawn in Tomato Assam Curry Steamed Patin with Preserved Vegetable, Pickle Chilli and Ume
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Level4 2017-09-30
Long Jiang Chinos Situated in the heart of the north, Long Jiang Chinos lies within the quaint and serene ORTO in Yishun, formally Bottle Tree Park. Situated right beside the pond, Long Jiang Chinos brings exquisite and hearty seafood dishes in the surroundings of lush greenery.Established in 2014, the restaurant is an establishment by Long Jiang Culinary, which has years of experience in the culinary industry.As it is currently mid-autumn seasion, do check out their mooncakes available for sale in Takashimaya, NEX, Tampines Mall, Vivocity, Lot1 and Junction 8. Or just head down to Long Jiang Chinos at ORTO to enjoy some delightful Chinese cuisine with your mooncakes!This classic and timeless Teochew traditional mooncake is extremely crispy on the edges with melt in your mouth textured yam paste. These are some of the biggest Teochew mooncakes I’ve ever seen! The single yolk version gives the sweet yam a good mix of pleasure and premium taste. All these “orh nee” yam paste mooncakes are low in sugar. So you can savour without the fear of overdosing on calories from sugar.When visiting Long Jiang Chinos, be sure not to miss out on its most heart warming dish – Seafood Hotpot ($128). Curated specially by the chef with observance to the different preferences of a family, this dish was born to suit the likings of all ages within a family. Since then, the high raved Seafood Hotpot has since become a signature dish of the restaurant.Using only premium selection of fish, whole Soon Hock is simmered slowly under a bed of cabbage, ensuring that the fish will not be overcooked while you savour the soupy goodness of the hotpot. Consisting of an assortment of live prawns, clams and squid, these catch of the seas come together to make the ultimate hearty Seafood Hotpot.The chicken broth was so flavourful and really addictive and the broth is refillable! So don’t be afraid to drink up as much as you like!Long Jiang Chino’s Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe ($44.80) is rich, yet not overpowering on the senses. Bee hoon is first specially prepared by the chefs. A homemade stock is reduced and slices of cheese are added. Speak about infusing oriental cuisine with the west! The dish is completed with two whole Indian mud crabs atop. Overturn the shell of the crab and generous, crab roe is unravelled. Start your meal right with these crispy and delicious Har Chou! Filled with generous ingredients and really freshly fried!One interesting thing to note about this dish here is, unlike most eateries that serve the fried fish skin with a salted egg sauce, that turns the skin soggy after awhile. At Long Jiang Chinos, they use real salted egg but fried up! continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-21
The place used to called Bottle Tree because of the bottle shaped trees growing in the place. After been bought over by a China company, it renamed Orto Park with a number of new restaurants in it. One of the restaurants is Long Jiang Chinos which offers seafood cuisine in Chinese style. There is both aircon and non aircon dine in area. The aircon area requires a minimum spending of $600, which I do not think the family will spend so much for a simple dinner together. So we end up in the non aircon area but under the shade. One can also choose dining in the non aircon area by the large pond, but it could be quite dark with poor lightling.Assorted Seafood, Fresh "Huai Shan", Old Sixties Golden Stock 海鲜准山六十年代金汤 ($24)The soup is rich and full of flavours with lots of seafood such as fish slices and prawns in it.Deep Fried Prawn, Salted Egg Yolk, Milk Crust ($20)I order this as I like anything salted egg yolk. However I could not taste any salted egg yolk in this dish. It looks like cereal prawns and kinda of reminding of a certain restaurant's Butter Pork Ribs. The juicy prawns are coated in a layer of white powder. Interesting.Steamed Sea Bass, Spring Onion Soy Sauce ($4.20/ 100grams)The fish is not very big at 800grams. Looks not bad but has lots of bones in it."Teochew" Style Braised Pork Belly, Crispy Shredded Yam ($16)Although the meat looks quite fatty but it has a melt in the mouth texture. Interesting having it with the crispy yam which adds texture to the otherwise soft dish.Wok Fried Fine Bean, Crispy Shredded Yam, "Guangzhou" style ($14)I have never eaten fried bean served in such a fancy way. Tastes crunchy and cripsy.Homemade Dancing Tofu ($14)It looks plain deep fried bean curd topped with white fungus and other vegetables. The bean curd is stuffed with a savoury minced meat mixture. The bean curd is quite smooth too.Avocado Purée, Gula Melaka Ice Cream ($8)It is rich and not too sweet for a dessert. I feel that the gula melaka ice cream is a bit too light and overwhelmed by the avocado's taste.Almond Chocolate Glutinous Rice Ball, Adzuki Bean "Feng Ge" Soup ($5)It looks normal except that the rice ball is stuffed with chocolate which I do not quite take to it.Durian Pengat filled Bamboo Charcoal Cup ($9)It is actually durian puree served in crispy pastry cups. Interesting concept, but cannot taste the charcoal taste in the cup.Poached Baby Pear, Aloe Vera Osmanthus Jello ($6)The jelly is refreshing and light to end a meal with.Overall the food is not bad. Service is quite good too, with the staff giving us good recommendation. At first we plan to order other desserts after the meal, but after being after certain desserts take at least 15 minutes to be made. So we end up ordering the above. The place is not crowded although we are dining during weekend. Remember to keep the receipt from the restaurant to redeem for free parking if you drive to the restaurant. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)