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I purchased 3 vouchers from JuzToday and went there on a Sunday for lunch. The location is very far from MRT, so if you really want to come, you better find the nearest bus to there. When I reached there, I am very shocked and confused because the owner (or maybe the staff?) all spoke in Chinese (they are all PRC and I don't really know how to speak Chinese). The restaurant turned out more to be kopitiam-style. For hotpot, you will be seated indoors with aircon. If you want steamboat and grill BBQ, you must sit outside.As mentioned from other reviewers, the meats and everything are not really fresh. The noodle is cold, the vegetable is cold, everything is cold, taste not nice and very limited choices and option. I tried the ma la soup (feels like drinking oil and we stopped drinking the soup after a while. Please don't choose this soup! On the other hand, the herbal mutton soup taste yummy! :>Another good thing about this restaurant is the yummy chili crab! So at least that makes up for some of the disappointment. But still my advice: please don't eat there. There is much better steamboat grill restaurant in Bugis (Tan Quee Lan Street) or Chinatown etc with the similar pricing. continue reading
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Level1 2013-05-10
This restaurant is near Geylang Lor 13, the environment is not nice, there is no air-con, and most of tables are outside, near the road;But it didn't affect out taste, the hotpot is very Traditional and Spicy, there are many choices for Meat and vegetables.Specially, it can provide fresh crab to cook, when we put the crab into soup, its feet still moving.That's a fantastic experience to eat hotpot in the air, drinking beers and talk with friends, the environment is noisy but clean and relax. I've made reservation at the restaurant this weekend, will have fun again with friends.Tip: If you can't stand the temperature outside, I will suggest not to choose it; If you like nature, relax feeling, please try. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I've purchased a Streetdeal coupon for a discounted price for steamboat buffet at this eatery. What used to be $20+ was going for $15+. So, I brought my parents down and the experience wasn't pleasant! The staff, who are PRCs, were only interested in serving fellow PRCs! First off, when we were ushered to our seats, we were told to fill up an order form for the steamboat items we would like to have. On the form, it was stated that each customer would be given 1 live crab. I asked a staff whether this was true and he said this was unavailable for online offers, and nothing further. Since the coupon stated that there would be black pepper crabs, I asked another staff about it and she said it would be a cooked dish. Such discrepancy in information to customers! So, we made our orders and proceeded to collect other vegetable items for the steamboat. The display of these items were ugly - white boxes! I felt like I was picking out food scraps from a shoe box! The sauces available weren't exactly tasty, including the cooked items! They didn't even have my safe choice - sweet chilli sauce! I ended up using the light sauce only. The meat items that we ordered were served in a trolley, and I was thankful I ordered only 1 serving per item (quantity rather large). The meat slices we got weren't the machine-sliced type, so forget shabu-shabu meat. What we were served were chunks of meat. The fish meat tasted best as it was very tender (probably from my superb steamboat skills! ). No shout about the other items but I must mention the meatballs. Though they were hand-made, they were absolutely HORRIBLE! Beef tasted like lamb (stinks!) and the pork balls stank too! There were white ones which I figured were fish balls (not our usual type) and these were alright. We had to pick out all the other balls and threw them away as they stank up the whole soup base! (On this note, I must warn all brave souls if you intend to opt for the Tom Yam Soup base, do remove the chilli padi early before they render your taste buds useless! Having mentioned this, the customers at the table beside me added chilli padi! Madness!)So did I get my Black Pepper Crab? Oh yes, but only after another group of PRC customers got theirs. How did this happen? The moment it was served in the common area, a staff told those guys to quickly take the crabs before others do. Outright biasedness! When I glanced over, I oso noticed they were served the machine-sliced meat! Plus another table was given live crabs! All were PRCs, except me and my parents! That's it! I am never going to patronise this eatery again, and this fury will probably make me boycott other eateries (owned/ ran) by PRCs for a while! (No photos since I'm HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDING this eatery!)Total Cost: Steamboat Buffet - $15.80 per pax (Streetdeal) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)